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“Hi,” said Jing Yunyao.

She wasnt as cold as before, but she didnt smile, she only replied politely.

Afterwards, they went to eat together and Jing Yunyao left when she finished.

She returned to the siheyuan first to change her clothes, then she went out.

This time, Jing Yunyao went to the Dai familys house by herself.

The Dai family lived in a luxurious block with tight security.

Without the house owners guidance, no outsiders could get in, but it couldnt be easier for Jing Yunyao to go wherever she wanted.

Outside the Dai familys house, Jing Yunyao saw Master Dai ambling in the yard.

She took out her phone and called Master Dai first.

After all, she couldnt intrude.

She came to talk about something serious with Master Dai, not to cause the Dai family trouble.

However, before Jing Yunyao finished dialing, she saw Master Dai suddenly collapse to the ground.

People around him were scared and immediately ran over.

“Go, go get the pill.

Master is having a heart attack!” shouted one of them.

Without delay, a person ran back into the house.

Seeing that, Jing Yunyao put down her phone and went to the gate of the Dai familys house.

There were guards at the gate, so Jing Yunyao had to break in.

Because it was an emergency, Jing Yunyao couldnt waste time.

Several guards immediately came to stop her.

“Hey, who are you get out.”

However, it was impossible for them to stop Jing Yunyao.

In the blink of an eye, Jing Yunyao went to Master Dais side.

Even the two people who supported him didnt realize that a stranger had come over.

The next moment, Jing Yunyao took out a power crystal that Gu Ning had given her and helped Master Dai take it.

She carried some power crystals which Gu Ning gave her.

Although she didnt need them, they might come in handy if any accidents happened.

And now they were of great use.

The people who supported Master Dai didnt realize what Jing Yunyao did until the pill had already been squeezed into Master Dais mouth.

“Who are you What did you put into our masters mouth”

“It can help him,” said Jing Yunyao.

However, no one believed her.

After all, she was a complete stranger to them.

“Guards, catch her! She just put something strange into masters mouth.

What if any accidents happen” Someone snapped at Jing Yunyao at once.

At that moment, several guards ran over and wanted to catch her.

Unfortunately, it was impossible for them to catch Jing Yunyao.

Jing Yunyao easily avoided them.

Afterwards, the Dai familys security guards ran out, but they failed to catch Jing Yunyao too.

Half a minute after taking the power crystal Master Dai suddenly opened his mouth.

“Stop it.”

Master Dai recognized Jing Yunyao.

No matter why Jing Yunyao visited the Dai family, he quickly felt better after taking her medicine and he was full of energy now.

The pill was much better than his own medicines.

Hearing Master Dais words, they stopped.

“Hi, Master Dai.” Jing Yunyao greeted Master Dai.

“Nice to see you, Mrs.

Leng.” Master Dai responded.

Originally, everyone stayed alert, but they were much more relaxed after seeing Master Dais attitude towards Jing Yunyao.

Finally, the person who ran to get Master Dais medicine came along with Master Dais daughter-in-law and youngest daughter.

“Dad, are you alright” Mrs.

Dai and Miss Dai asked worriedly.

They didnt notice Jing Yunyao at all.

“Im fine, thanks to Mrs.

Leng,” said Master Dai.

Hearing that, Mrs.

Dai and Miss Dai turned to look at Jing Yunyao.

Although they hadnt met Jing Yunyao before, they had heard about her.

“Thank you so much, Mrs.

Leng.” They thanked Jing Yunyao.

They didnt know what exactly had happened, but they ought to thank Jing Yunyao since Master Dai said that she had saved his life.

They couldnt ask much in front of Jing Yunyao.

“My pleasure,” said Jing Yunyao.

“Thank you so much for your help, Mrs.


If you dont mind, why dont we have tea in the house for a while” said Master Dai.

Master Dai didnt think much about Jing Yunyaos sudden appearance.

He thought that she had just passed by.

“Why not!” said Jing Yunyao.

Master Dai was slightly surprised when Jing Yunyao agreed so quickly.

He thought she would say no.

Did she pay them a visit for a reason

Before figuring out the truth, Master Dai didnt think further about it.

There was no grudge between the Dai family and the Leng family, so he wouldnt assume that Jing Yunyao had bad intentions.

After that, Jing Yunyao followed Master Dai into the living room.

Master Dai then ordered a servant to pour tea for Jing Yunyao.

“In fact, I came here this time to talk about something important with you, Master Dai.

Can we talk privately” said Jing Yunyao.

Master Dai was surprised, but wasnt shocked, because he had already guessed.

Since Jing Yunyao came here for a purpose, he gave a nod.

After all, she had just saved his life.

Moreover, he also wanted to know why Jing Yunyao came to see him.

He knew it must have something to do with the Leng family, but he wouldnt know until they had a talk.

Given the Leng familys reputation, they shouldnt be scheming against the Dai family.

“Please, Mrs.

Leng, we can go to my study.” Saying that, Master Dai stood up and took Jing Yunyao to his study.


Dai and Miss Dai exchanged a glance.

They were curious about what Jing Yunyao wanted to talk to Master Dai about, but they had to wait till Jing Yunyao was gone.

In the study, Jing Yunyao spoke.

“Master Dai, please allow me to be honest.

Its actually on Master Lengs order that I came to see you.

Whether or not you agree with what Im going to say next, please keep it a secret.”

In fact, as long as the Dai family wasnt dumb, they wouldnt turn the Leng family down.

After all, the Leng family was helping them.

Anyway, it was necessary for Jing Yunyao to be honest from the very beginning.

“Sure, I wont tell anyone.” Master Dai answered.

He had many guesses, but he felt the Leng family might want to draw the Dai family to their side.

He had no idea that the Leng family would help the Dai family get to higher status.

Given their current relationship, it was impossible.

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