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“Can I see you Its better to talk about it face to face.

How about XX teahouse” asked Yuan Wenye.

It was very important so they had to have a meeting.

“Sure, right now” asked Leng Yuanqian.

“Yes.” Yuan Wenye replied.

Once Leng Yuanqian hung up, he told Master Leng about that before leaving home.

The Leng family wasnt afraid the Yuan family would hurt Leng Yuanqian, but it was still possible that the Yuan family would do something to him.

Therefore, when Leng Yuanqian went out, he took three bodyguards with him in case any accidents happened.

One of the bodyguards served as his chauffeur.

At the same time, Master Changs eldest son heard the news that the man who paid Chen Yunheng was caught by the Yuan family.

And it filled him with anxiety.

Although he trusted the man or he wouldnt have ordered him to do that, he was afraid that the man might betray him if the Yuan family tortured him.

However, no matter how anxious he was, he could do nothing right now.

If the man really betrayed him, he would deny it.

Only Master Chang and he were aware of that, so he should be fine as long as he denied it since his father was unconscious.

He made the decision, but still felt nervous because he didnt know what would happen in the end.

Half an hour later, Leng Yuanqian met Yuan Wenye.

Yuan Wenye arrived five minutes before Leng Yuanqian.

Because it was Yuan Wenye who wanted to see Leng Yuanqian it wasnt a big deal for him to wait a while.

Normally, he would feel disdained if someone kept him waiting, it could even anger him, but Leng Yuanqian didnt keep him waiting for too long, otherwise he would be mad as well.

“Have a seat, please, Mr.


Once Leng Yuanqian walked inside, Yuan Wenye greeted him but didnt stand up.

He was unwilling to be in a lower position than Leng Yuanqian.

Actually, it was already very nice of him that he was polite to Leng Yuanqian.

Leng Yuanqian didnt care about Yuan Wenyes attitude.

They were both polite to each other on the surface.

Without delay, Leng Yuanqian sat down.

They came with bodyguards, but their bodyguards all waited outside.

Only Leng Yuanqian and Yuan Wenye were in the room.

After they sat down, they didnt immediately start talking about business.

Instead, they asked a waiter to serve dishes to them first.

When the waiter finished pouring tea for them, Yuan Wenye asked him to leave, then he started speaking about the business.


Leng, lets be honest here.

I dont want to waste time.

I bet the Leng family must have heard the news that we found the person who paid Chen Yunheng to assassinate Leng Shaoming.

Although the man insisted on saying that its the Yuan familys order, it has nothing to do with us.

The Leng family must know something about it, since you didnt come to see us.

Both of us are victims, so I think we need to work together to deal with this problem.

What do you think”

Because it indeed had nothing to do with the Yuan family, Yuan Wenye was very frank.

“Yes, although Chen Yunheng said its the Yuan family, we didnt believe him.

But without evidence, we were still suspicious of you.

We didnt want to jump to conclusions, so we didnt go to see you,” said Leng Yuanqian.

He didnt mention that the Leng family was suspicious of the Chang family and that the Chang family was actually the mastermind.

Even if they needed to talk about that, Yuan Wenye should bring it up.

“What has the Leng family found out till now” asked Yuan Wenye.


Yuan, you can be honest with me.

What do you want” Leng Yuanqian said.

Since Yuan Wenye came to see him, he decided to let Yuan Wenye do more.

Yuan Wenye understood Leng Yuanqians intention.

Although he was displeased, he didnt argue with him over that.

“If so, lets be straightforward.

My family thinks that it was the Chang familys scheme.

The man who paid Chen Yunheng has a close relationship with the Chang family.

And they are distant relatives.

Were not very sure, because it might have been done by other families.

Because the man has refused to tell us the truth we dont know yet.

Anyway, both of our families are involved, so I think its better for us to do the interrogation together.”

After all, it had a lot to do with the Leng family, so the Yuan family wouldnt do the job alone and let the Leng family benefit from it without doing anything.

Moreover, if the Yuan family did the interrogation on their own, outsiders might not believe it because they might believe the Yuan family threatened the man to place the blame on the Chang family.

“Sure.” Leng Yuanqian agreed because the Leng family was indeed involved in this.


Leng, may I know how youll deal with it after we know who the mastermind is” asked Yuan Wenye.

He wanted to seize this chance to unseat the Chang family and support another family from his faction to rise to a higher status.

However, it wasnt easy for the Yuan family to unseat the Chang family alone, so they needed the Leng familys help.

If the Leng family was willing to work with them to unseat the Chang family, the Leng family would do the exact same thing as them.

The Leng family also wanted another family in their faction to take over the Chang familys seat.

It was unavoidable for them to have a competition, but the result remained unknown.

Anyway, he had always wanted to get rid of the Chang family.

“Of course well deal with it according to the law,” said Leng Yuanqian.

He wouldnt tell Yuan Wenye the Leng familys real plan, Yuan Wenye could either believe him or he could figure out the Leng familys purpose.

All of them were very smart, so it wasnt strange if Yuan Wenye figured it out.

Leng Yuanqian wasnt really worried about that.

Yuan Wenye didnt believe Leng Yuanqians words at all, but he couldnt say much about it since Leng Yuanqian was unwilling to tell him.

He had to be patient and wait till they were sure the mastermind was indeed the Chang family.

However, he had to be prepared for it.

Their talk was almost over at this point, so Leng Yuanqian stood up and left.

Because it was late, they couldnt go to interrogate the man who paid Chen Yunheng.

They agreed to do that the next day at noon.

Once Leng Yuanqian was gone, Yuan Wenye called his father and shared the result with his family.

The Yuan family wasnt surprised by Leng Yuanqians answer, but they didnt believe that he would really deal with it according to the law.

The Leng family must be prepared to replace the Chang family with another family.

After all, what the Chang family had done to the Leng family this time was unacceptable.

They didnt know that what happened to Leng Shaojia also had something to do with the Chang family, but they held that suspicion.

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