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“I think it must be the Chang family,” said Yuan Wenyue in an affirmative tone.

He was full of hatred for the Chang family.

“Although we all believe its the Chang family, he hasnt confessed yet.

We dont have evidence, so we cant go to see the Chang family right away.

But this man targeted Leng Shaoming, so we can share the news with the Leng family.

I dont think the Chang family can keep its position this time,” said Yuan Wenye.

Since the man targeted a member of the Leng family, they would definitely get the Leng family involved.

At that moment, Yuan Wenye disdained the Leng family for failing to catch the payer.

He thought the Leng family was very powerful, but it turned out he was wrong.

He didnt know that the Yuan family was able to catch the man because the Leng family wanted the Yuan family to get involved.

If Yuan Wenye knew, he wouldnt dare to disdain the Leng family.

“I thought the Leng family would be more efficient than us, but they failed to catch the man who bribed Chen Yunheng,” said Yuan Wenye mockingly.

“Given the Leng familys abilities, they shouldnt be unable to catch the man.

Did the Leng family lose interest in it because they have something more important to deal with” Yuan Wenyue thought it was impossible for the Leng family to fail to catch the man.

Although they were enemies, he didnt think the Leng family was weak.

“Oh, do you think the Leng family cant find the man” Master Yuan sneered.

He felt that his two sons werent very smart.

Hearing that, both Yuan Wenye and Yuan Wenyue were struck dumb for a second.

Then they turned to look at Master Yuan with one accord.

“Did the Leng family do it on purpose” Yuan Wenyue asked at once.

Yuan Wenye also realized that might be the case.

Thinking of that, Yuan Wenye and Yuan Wenyue had a premonition.

In that case, did the Leng family deliberately drag the Yuan family into trouble

“Right, were obviously involved in this matter, but the Leng family didnt come to see us.

It means that the Leng family has already found out that the Chang family, instead of us, was the mastermind.

We dont know whether the Leng family has evidence, but they might know whos behind Chen Yunheng.

However, since Chen Yunheng said hes a member of the Yuan family, the Leng family wanted us to do the investigation.

Perhaps the Leng family hasnt found out whos behind it, so they want us to do it.

They simply want the Yuan family to be involved and cause us trouble,” said Master Yuan.

Although Master Yuan was very displeased, he didnt blame the Leng family for it because the Leng family did it for a reason.

After all, it was the man, not the Leng family, who dragged the Yuan family into trouble.

Both the Yuan family and the Leng family were victims.

Even if the Leng family didnt do that, the Yuan family would still punish the man who dragged them into trouble.

“The Leng family is so evil.

How could they get us involved in this matter” Yuan Wenye said angrily.

He wasnt as smart and sophisticated as Master Yuan.

“I think its normal.

After all, its not the Leng family who dragged us into trouble.

Even if the Leng family knows that the mastermind is the Chang family, they dont have evidence.

If they had evidence, they wouldnt waste their time.

Because they dont have evidence, no matter how suspicious they are of the Chang family, they cant do anything about it.

Other important families could be guilty too.

Sometimes, the main suspect might not really be the mastermind.

Anyway, were the Leng familys enemy.

If someone said we did it no one would doubt them.

Otherwise the Chang family wouldnt have gotten the man to drag us into trouble,” said Yuan Wenyue.

He was smarter than Yuan Wenye.

Hearing that, Yuan Wenye realized that it was the answer, but he felt jealous of Yuan Wenyue at the same time.

Yuan Wenyue saying it aloud made him look stupid.

There was competition among the brothers in the Yuan family.

If they wanted to earn Master Yuans approval, they had to learn how to stabilize their position in the family.

Now the rules were different.

The eldest son might not be able to take over the family, only the strongest person would be the heir.

A large family needed a capable heir to keep it influential.

“Yes, thats the case.” Master Yuan nodded.

“What happened to Master Chang and his eldest son seems to be an accident and there is no evidence to prove its not, but I have a feeling that it must have something to do with the Leng family.

However, thats just my feeling.

Perhaps the Chang family caused the Leng family trouble first.

Anyway, there is no clue that it was done on purpose.

We cant say anything about it without evidence.

We have to keep ourselves out of unnecessary trouble.

Its a key moment now so we should focus on our own business.”

“They might be suspicious of us and other families too for what has happened to them.

If the Leng family and the Chang family are in conflict, the mastermind can benefit from it without using much effort,” said Yuan Wenyue.

“Right,” said Master Yuan.

He looked at Yuan Wenyue with satisfaction.

Seeing that, Yuan Wenye was upset and felt even more uncomfortable.

He was worried that Master Yuan preferred Yuan Wenyue to him.

In order to attract Master Yuans attention, Yuan Wenye said at once, “Do I need to talk with Leng Yuanqian about that”

“Sure, no one is an idiot.

No need to feel him out when you go to see him.

Just be straightforward.

Itll be better,” said Master Yuan.

“Sure, I understand,” said Yuan Wenye.

Afterwards, Yuan Wenye directly contacted Leng Yuanqian.

At that moment, it was 8 pm, so everyone was free.

The Leng family was aware of the situation the Yuan family was in, so Leng Yuanqian understood why Yuan Wenye called him.

He answered it because that was what he was waiting for.


Leng, do you have time Can we talk” Yuan Wenye asked in a flat tone.

“What is it” asked Leng Yuanqian.

Although he knew, he still needed to ask.

“Its about the car accident Leng Shaoming was in,” said Yuan Wenye.

He didnt think much about Leng Yuanqians intention of asking him that question.

“Of course, do you want to have the talk face to face or on the phone” asked Leng Yuanqian.

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