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After Chang Kaixuan left, the Fan family felt better.

Fan Yayue was totally exhausted and sank to the sofa, which scared her family members.

“Im fine.

Im going back to my room now.” Fan Yayue immediately comforted her family.

In order not to worry them, she had to be strong.

“Dont lie to us.” Fan Yayues mother choked and cried out.

Her daughter had just suffered a painful betrayal, so as a mother it broke her heart.

At the same time, Chang Kaixuan called his father after walking out of the Fan familys house.

Because it wasnt a surprising result, Chang Kaixuns father accepted it, but he still felt disappointed.

Because Chang Kaixuan failed to win their forgiveness, he thought the Fan family might be the suspect.

“Dad, I think they set the trap.

They know were in a crisis, so they want to get rid of us.

Theyre shameless…”

Hearing that, Chang Kaixuans father was furious.

“Seriously Who do you think you are If you didnt cheat on Yayue, would she break up with you”

“Dad, Im your son.

Shouldnt you defend me” Chang Kaixuan was unhappy that he was being criticized.

“Dont be dumb.

Whether or not its a trap set by the Fan family, you made the mistake.

Dont blame other people for your own mistakes.

Reflect on yourself.

If it happens to Chang Kaixian, he wouldnt blame other people.

He would admit it.

If your grandfather could hear your words, he would pass out in anger!” Chang Kaixuans father scolded.

Because it was Chang Kaixuans fault, he couldnt blame the Fan family.

Even if it was a trap set by the Fan family, they only wanted to see whether Chang Kaixuan would betray Fan Yayue.

They wouldnt pay a woman to sleep with Chang Kaixuan.

Therefore, it was Chang Kaixuans fault.

Although the Chang family had done many illegal things for power and money, it didnt mean that they had no sense of shame.

They couldnt blame the Fan family for Chang Kaixuans betrayal.

“Why are you always comparing me with Chang Kaixian Dont you care about my feelings at all” Chang Kaixuan lost his temper.

He hated it when they compared him with Chang Kaixian.

He had had enough of it.

Because Chang Kaixuan got emotional all of a sudden, he hit the steering wheel and an accident happened.

The car suddenly lost control and rushed towards the sidewalk, then slammed into a big tree.

Because Chang Kaixuan was driving with fluctuating emotions, the speed of the car was very high.

The entire front of the car was deformed in the collision, and the airbag on the drivers seat popped out.

Chang Kaixuan was also severely shaken.

Luckily, it was very late now, so there werent many pedestrians, otherwise innocent people would have been injured.

“Kaixuan” Chang Kaixuans father was scared when he heard the sound.

He immediately stood up from his chair and raised his voice to call Chang Kaixuan.

However, Chang Kaixuan was unconscious, so he couldnt answer.

After not receiving an answer, Chang Kaixuans father went out at once.

At this time, the Chang family were asleep, so Chang Kaixuans father woke nobody.

He didnt want the other family members to know, so he didnt talk to them about it.

Although it would be exposed tomorrow, he still decided to keep it a secret as long as possible.

The most important thing he needed to do now was to deal with the car accident.

Chang Kaixuans father didnt know his exact location, but he knew that Chang Kaixuan just left the Fan familys house, so he shouldnt be far from there.

After Chang Kaixuans father arrived, the police also arrived to clean the accident scene.

A while later, Chang Kaixuan was taken away by an ambulance.

Therefore, Chang Kaixuans father went directly to the hospital.

Chang Kaixuan was seriously injured.

His head was hit so he suffered a moderate concussion.

One of his ribs was also broken.

His body was squeezed in many places, and his muscles were damaged, but fortunately he survived.

It would just take him half a year to recover.

It wasnt what Chang Kaixuans father wanted to see, but it was already the best result that he was only injured instead of killed.

Because it was a car accident, Chang Kaixuan had to pay for all the loss.

In the Fan family.

“Oh, I havent asked Yayue who sent her the message.

Its obviously a trap for the Chang family.” An idea dawned on Fan Junxin.

Hearing that, their father nodded.

“Right, it seems someone wants to weaken the Chang family.”

“Although what the Chang family has been through these days seem to be accidents, I think its a scheme,” said Fan Junxin.

That was his idea, but there wasnt evidence.

“I agree.

Although I dont know how the mastermind made it happen and though the Chang family cant find any evidence, I dont think theyre just accidents.” Fan Yayues father agreed.

It was too strange.

It seemed to be an accident, but it made people feel as if it was a scheme.

“Dad, if its a scheme, who do you think the mastermind is” asked Fan Junxin.

The Leng family was a suspect, but he didnt think it was likely.

“Before the Chang family got in trouble the Leng family encountered something bad.

What the Leng family has encountered is obviously a scheme, so its easy to connect what the Chang family has been through with the Leng family.

What the Leng family has encountered might have something to do with the Chang family, but I feel that what the Chang family ran into has nothing to do with the Leng family.

Anyway, we dont know the truth.

Moreover, other families and forces could also be involved.

They might have schemed against the Leng family, then the Chang family, and made other people believe what the Leng family has encountered has something to do with the Chang family, so that the Leng family would pay the Chang family back,” said Fan Yayues father.

Other people also had that idea, because it made sense.

“Well, I think the Chang family must have suffered a great loss this time.

The Leng family has lost nothing.

Leng Shaoming is fine and Leng Shaojia is also back,” said Fan Junxin.

“Among the four major families, the Leng family is the strongest.

Its very hard to hurt them,” said Fan Yayues father.

He never doubted the Leng familys abilities.

“How about us Should we side with the Leng family” asked Fan Junxin.

He thought it wasnt a bad idea to support the Leng family.

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