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Although Chang Kaixuans father was in the study, his shout was so loud that his wife in the next bedroom heard him, but she didnt come over.

“Its late now!” said Chang Kaixuan with reluctance.

“So It wont be sincere if you do it tomorrow.

Do it right now, so that you can win their forgiveness.

Remember to show that you know youre wrong.

Promise that you wont do it again.

Beg them to give you a chance,” said Chang Kaixuans father.

He was furious because it was hard to educate his son.

“Fine!” Chang Kaixuan didnt dare to argue against his father.

No matter how reluctant he was, he had to change his clothing and visit the Fan family.

At that moment, Fan Junxin and Fan Yayue were on their way back home.

Once they were in the car, Fan Yayue cried, but she didnt cry loudly.

Fan Junxin understood that Fan Yayue was heart-broken, so he said nothing.

She needed time to release her sadness.

Fan Junxin didnt ask her until they were about home.

“Are you sure you want to completely cut off your relationship with Chang Kaixuan”

After witnessing what Chang Kaixuan did, he didnt want Fan Yayue to be with Chang Kaixuan any longer, but it was Fan Yayues own affair, so he couldnt make the decision for her.

He needed to ask her opinion.

“Yeah, were not good for each other.

Were just fair to middling.

He betrayed me today and took it for granted.

Obviously, he has done it many times before.

Its impossible for him not to socialize with women normally, but I can accept it because its not too much.

But I honestly cant accept what he did today.

I must cut off my relationship with him.

But if dad still wants to support the Chang family, I wont say anything.

After all, politics are complicated, and this is just my own affair,” said Fan Yayue.

She was very considerate, because she didnt want her father to be affected.

“Dont be silly.

Even if we dont support the Chang family any longer, there are many other families that want to draw us over to their side.

Father was willing to support the Chang family because you were Chang Kaixuans girlfriend.

Now the Chang family is in a very bad situation.

Several of their family members are in trouble.

Im afraid theyre in a serious crisis.

So, if you dont want to be with Chang Kaixuan any longer, father surely will stop supporting them,” said Fan Junxin.

Hearing that, Fan Yayue cried more bitterly.

She thought her father supported the Chang family for benefits, but unexpectedly her father did it for her.

“Alright, stop crying now.

Since you have decided to break up with Chang Kaixuan, we can talk about it with our parents after we get home.

Given the situation the Chang family is in right now, its better for us to leave them,” said Fan Junxin.

“Sure,” said Fan Yayue, suddenly feeling very relieved.

After they got home, Fan Junxin told their parents everything and their parents were furious too.

They also comforted Fan Yayue.

They didnt have to side with the Chang family.

As soon as they left the Chang family, there would be many other families that wanted to draw them to their side.

In addition, given the current situation, it wouldnt be good for them to stay with the Chang family, so it wasnt a bad thing for them to leave the Chang family.

Hearing her fathers words, Fan Yayue felt much better.

Right at that moment, Chang Kaixuan came.

Seeing Chang Kaixuan, Fan Yayues parents were very angry.

Her father angrily scolded him.

“What are you doing here Youre not welcome.

Get out!”

Because there were already injuries on Chang Kaixuans face, Fan Yayues father didnt punch him again.

After all, Fan Junxin had already beaten Chang Kaixuan, it wasnt right for him to do it again.

Chang Kaixuan was mad after being criticized by Fan Yayues father, but in order to win their forgiveness, he tolerated it and said, “Im sorry, Mr.


I promise I wont do it again.

Please give me a chance.

I really love Yayue.”

“Love If you really loved Yayue, you wouldnt have hurt her like this.

Im afraid its not your first time, right It just wasnt exposed until today,” said Fan Yayues father mockingly.

He didnt believe Chang Kaixuans words at all and believed that Chang Kaixuan couldnt control his desire.

It definitely couldnt be his first time.

“No, I didnt.

I was just a little drunk today.

And the woman seduced me, so I…” Chang Kaixuan said softly.

He was drunk and the woman seduced him What a typical excuse for mens cheating on their partners!

However, there were no idiots nowadays, so no one believed his excuse.

“Bulls*it! Do you think well believe that,” said Fan Yayues father in anger.


Fan, Im really sorry.

Please give me a chance, alright” Chang Kaixuan was unwilling to argue with Fan Yayues father on that, because he had a sexual relationship with many women, but he just did it for fun, he would never get together with them.

From the beginning he knew he would marry Fan Yayue.

For all kinds of reasons, Fan Yayue was his best choice.

“No!” Fan Yayue opened her mouth, glaring at Chang Kaixuan.

“I feel disgusted to see you right now.

Get out.

I dont want to see you again, and its impossible for me to forgive you.”

“Yayue, Im sorry.

Cant you forgive me once I wont do it again.” Chang Kaixuan begged, but he felt aggrieved in his heart.

His father forced him to do it, otherwise he wouldnt have come.

“No way.

No!” Fan Yayue said furiously.

After that, she said to Fan Junxin.

“Junxin, can you kick him out I dont want to see him again.”

The second Fan Yayue finished speaking, Fan Junxin walked to Chang Kaixuan.

“Will you leave by yourself, or do you want me to kick you out” he said in a tough tone.

“You…” Chang Kaixuan could barely control his emotions now.

He felt they were out of line, because he already apologized and begged them, but they still refused to forgive him.

However, it wasnt their duty to forgive him just because he apologized.

If an apology could make up for everything, the police and the law would be meaningless.

Chang Kaixuan couldnt stand the humiliation, so he said nothing and left without hesitation.

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