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However, unconsciously, Wang Xinyan wasnt confident while she was saying that.

She added, “Its your honor that Im interested in you!”

Hearing that, Leng Shaoting frowned with intense dislike in his eyes because he felt disgusted by Wang Xinyans words.

“This is my man.

Stay away from him,” Gu Ning threatened looking at Wang Xinyan coldly.

“You…” Wang Xinyan was mad and green with envy.

She couldnt accept the fact that this extraordinarily handsome man was Gu Nings boyfriend.

“Get out of our way.

Its our dinner time, and Ill beat anyone who stands in my way when Im hungry,” Gu Ning added.

She didnt want to waste time arguing with Wang Xinyan.

“You…” Wang Xinyan panicked under pressure from Gu Ning.

Leng Shaoting was afraid that Gu Ning was starving, so he gave them a cold glance and said, “Get out of here right now!”

Hearing that, Wang Xinyan and her friends were all frightened and left right away.

There were two boys in their early twenties, but they werent as arrogant as Wang Xinyan.

Facing Leng Shaoting who had an air of great power, they didnt dare to resist at all.

After that, Leng Shaoting looked to the manager.

The manger trembled in fear and stammered, “Um, I-Ill tell the waiter to come in now.” Then he walked out without delay.

Wang Xinyan didnt realize that she had been driven away until she was outside of the private room.

She felt so embarrassed, but didnt dare to walk inside and face Leng Shaoting.

“Lets go dine in another restaurant!” Wang Xinyan said airily, pretending that she didnt care.

“Is she one of the Wang Family” Leng Shaoting asked Gu Ning, although he already had an affirmative answer himself.

“Yes,” Gu Ning answered.

Leng Shaoting didnt ask further, but had his own plan.

Before long, a waiter came inside.

Gu Nings and Leng Shaotings appetite werent affected by what had just happened, and they ordered all the specialties.

When the waiter left, Leng Shaoting took out a box the size of his palm, handing it to Gu Ning.

“This is for you.”

“What” Gu Ning was confused.

Is this jewelry again She thought to herself, but when she opened the box, she was shocked by what was inside.

There was a delicate handgun in the box.


“The previous one is just a normal gun, and you cant carry it with you, but you can carry this new one.

There is firearm license under it, so its legal,” Leng Shaoting said.

Leng Shaoting didnt know that Gu Ning always put her gun in her telepathic eyes space, and no one would find out, but she was still deeply touched by Leng Shaotings considerate behavior.


Before Gu Ning could finish, Leng Shaoting interrupted her.

“You dont need to thank me.”

Since Leng Shaoting said so, Gu Ning didnt continue, but kissed him lightly on his lips.

Leng Shaoting was turned on by Gu Nings kiss.

If they hadnt been in a public place, Leng Shaoting wouldnt have let her go easily.

Although Wang Xinyan felt frightened under the pressure of Leng Shaoting, she still called someone to help her beat them.

Therefore, when Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning left the restaurant after they finished the meal, they saw that some people were following them.

They knew without a doubt that Wang Xinyan must have sent them to get revenge.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting exchanged a knowing glance and walked ahead as usual.

They didnt care about those men behind their backs, because they were barely comparable to them.

City Teng was a charming ancient town with a beautiful night view and a pleasant bustle.

Thus Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting planned to have a tour around, especially on the antique street.

They walked towards the underground parking lot, followed by several men.

The parking lot was dimly lit and there were few people, thus it was the perfect place for them to attack Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting.

The minute that Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting arrived at the parking lot, the men immediately dashed ahead.

They surrounded them when they saw that there was no one around.

Leng Shaoting wanted to punch those men, but was stopped by Gu Ning.

Gu Ning glanced over the five men in her sight and asked slowly, “Did Wang Xinyan send you here”

She already had the answer, but deliberately asked them to collect evidence.

A bald man laughed, “Since you know who youve annoyed, you should know that you should have stayed away from the Wang Family.”

“Oh, then what do you want to do next” Gu Ning asked, but she didnt seem scared at all.

“Well, Miss Wang ordered us to rape you first, then cut your face with a knife.

As for this man; if you agree to be Miss Wangs boyfriend, you can be safe.

Otherwise, youll be ruined too,” the bald man said.

Leng Shaoting was in a rage now, especially when they said that they were going to rape Gu Ning.

He couldnt wait and kicked the bald man with great force just as he finished his sentence.

The bald man was kicked several meters away and fell onto the ground heavily, moaning in pain.

It happened too fast for the other four men to react.

They actually didnt fight a lot, and couldnt kick a man away at all.

Thus they were all terrified when Leng Shaoting did that easily before their eyes.

Leng Shaoting fixed his eyes on them like he was going to kill them all.

They were trembling in fear and unconsciously stepped backwards to hide.

Even then, they couldnt hide from Leng Shaotings attack.

Within seconds, Leng Shaoting had punched the four men down, and they now all groaned with pain on the ground.

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