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At this moment, Fan Yayue had no idea what to say.

Watching the heart-breaking scene, she cried and couldnt stop.

Her body even shook a little in anger.

“Chang Kaixuan, if you dont want to be with my sister, just be honest with her.

Why do you have to hurt her like that” Fan Junxin questioned.

“So Dont yell at me.

I just made a mistake that every man makes.

We only had sex.

It doesnt mean were going to be together,” Chang Kaixuan said impatiently, taking it for granted.

As if it wasnt a big deal as long as he didnt accept the woman.

Hearing that, Fan Junxin punched Chang Kaixuan once more.

He just made a mistake that every man would make

It was true that many men in todays society cheated on their partners, but not every man would do that.

And no matter how many men made that mistake, it was wrong.

No one would tolerate betrayal.

In fact, even if some women tolerated it, there had to be a reason for it and they would be mentally unstable.

Watching Chang Kaixuan being punched again, Fan Yayue didnt stop her older brother and her heart didnt ache for Chang Kaixuan.

She loved Chang Kaixuan, so she was furious after being betrayed.

Currently she was too angry to feel sorry for him.

“Fan Junxin, stop it now!” Chang Kaixuan shouted.

He was naked, but directly stood up to fight against Fan Junxin.

Unfortunately, Chang Kaixuan was no match for Fan Junxin, so Fan Junxin quickly controlled him.

No matter how he struggled, he couldnt get rid of Fan Junxin.

“Fan Junxin, let me go.

Arent you afraid the Chang family will pay you back” Chang Kaixuan threatened.

“Whose mistake is it Cant we punish you when you do something wrong Now you even want to pay us back” Fan Junxin found it ridiculously funny.

The Fan family was hardly comparable to the Chang family, but that didnt mean they were afraid of the Chang family.

Even though they were slightly scared, they wouldnt just grin and bear it.

He also didnt think the Chang family would dare to pay him back because of what Chang Kaixun had done.

“You…” Chang Kaixuan suddenly didnt know what to say, because Fan Junxin was right.

“Oh, dont make up any excuses for your betrayal.

Its not a mistake every man will make.

Although many men do, theyre dogs, not real men.

Its your mistake so you must admit it.

Dont put the blame on other people.” Fan Junxin swore.

He believed that he was a good man, so he hated bad men.

“You…” When Fan Junxin implied that he was a dog, Chang Kaixuan got mad, but didnt know what to say.

Although he didnt think it was a big deal, he understood that it was wrong.

If Fan Yayue slept with other men behind his back, he wouldnt accept it and wouldnt hesitate to dump her.

Thinking of that, Fan Yayue opened her mouth.

“We should break up.

No matter how many women you want to sleep with in the future, it has nothing to do with me.”

Chang Kaixuan would dump Fan Yayue without hesitation if she slept with other men behind his back, but he couldnt accept that she wanted to break up with him.

“Do you have to do this I wont do it again, alright”

It was a double standard!

He wouldnt do that again That was impossible.

He only said that to stop Fan Yayue from breaking up with him.

He was unwilling to break up with Fan Yayue, because he really liked her and the Chang family needed the Fan familys support.

Also he only slept with this woman for fun.

He didnt really like her.

Hearing that, Fan Yayue was furious.

Could she forgive him No way!

“If I sleep with other men, would you accept it” Fan Yayue asked directly, but didnt really mean it because she knew Chang Kaixuan wouldnt.

If she did that, he would dump her immediately.

Chang Kaixuan was a self-centered man.

“Of course not.” Chang Kaixuan subconsciously answered, but once he said that, he regretted it.

Even though he wouldnt, he shouldnt say that aloud.

Fan Yayue would only be angrier and insist on breaking up with him.

Fan Junxin punched Chang Kaixuan again and roared.

“Since you cant do that, why would you force her to Who do you think you are”

“Enough!” Chang Kaixuan was also mad.

If he could defeat Fan Junxin, he would have beaten him.

Fan Junxin didnt continue, because he didnt want it to become serious.

“Chang Kaixuan, you must pay for your behavior.

As of today, youre no longer my sisters boyfriend.

And our family wont support your family any longer,” said Fan Junxin.

He wasnt just scaring Chang Kaixuan, he had an important position in his family.

Anyway, there were many other families who wanted to draw the Fan family to their side.

Therefore, even if the Fan family left the Chang family, they werent afraid that the Chang family would pay them back.

After all, the Chang family encountered a lot of trouble recently, so they could hardly protect themselves.

“What” Hearing Fan Junxins words, Chang Kaixuan was shocked.

He didnt expect it to be so serious, so he panicked.

Fan Junxin didnt care.

He pulled Fan Yayues hand and directly walked away.

“Wait a second!” Chang Kaixuan immediately got up, trying to stop them, but before he could do that, they were already gone.

Somehow, there was a group of people watching outside the door.

Most importantly, he was totally naked, so he had to stop and close the door.

The woman who had sex with Chang Kaixuan witnessed everything.

She didnt dare to breathe, because she didnt want Chang Kaixuan to vent his anger on her.

At this moment, she only wanted to put on her clothes and leave, but didnt dare to move.

Seeing that, Chang Kaixuan shouted at her angrily, “Get out now!”

Hearing that, the woman felt as if she was released.

Without delay, she put on her clothing and walked away, but after she was out of the apartment, she didnt look panicked at all.

Instead, she put on an evil smile and showed pride in her eyes.

She was very proud of what she was doing, because it was a scheme.

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