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It wasnt unbelievable if that was all they could do.

After all, people with great skills could do the same thing, but Kirk told him that the two girls easily kicked over a car, which was incredible!

He couldnt believe it, but there was no need for Kirk to lie to him.

“Well, since you failed, then so be it,” said the Chang familys eldest son.

He decided not to work with Kirk any longer.

Because Kirk failed, he wouldnt continue to help him.

“So be it I cant accept that.

Because of you, Ive suffered a great loss.

They werent killed, but they were all disabled.

I was paid back by them and Im seriously injured now.

I wont make a full recovery for several months.

Im talking to you with my last strength.

You should hear that Im very weak now and yet you did nothing! Do you think its possible that Ill accept that” Kirk was angry and said mockingly.

Hearing that, the Chang familys eldest son frowned, feeling unhappy about Kirks response.

“What do you want to do” the Chang familys eldest son asked him in anger.

“Fulfill your promise.

I helped you.

Although I didnt succeed, I paid a heavy price for it.

You cant kick us to the curb when weve outlived our usefulness,” said Kirk.

The Chang familys eldest son was furious.

He was angry, but agreed that Kirk was right, so he didnt turn him down right away.

“I can give you money as compensation,” said the Chang familys eldest son.

He was unwilling to fulfill his promise, because Kirk failed to carry out the task.

The Thomas family failed and paid a heavy price because they didnt have the abilities.

Why should he pay for that

He should give them compensation, but he wouldnt do what he had promised before.

He thought money was enough.

Anyway, they had their own ideas, and their ideas were both reasonable, so neither of them were willing to yield.

“Money Do you think we lack money” Kirk found it ridiculously funny.

He was too rich to care about money!

The Chang familys eldest son became even angrier and said in a tough tone, “You did help us, but you failed.

How can you expect me to fulfill my promise Its unfair to me.

After all, I benefit nothing from it.

I can pay for your loss, but I wont do what I promised previously.”

“No, thats your problem.

I want you to do what youve promised.” Kirk was determined as well, because he only wanted the Chang familys cooperation.

“If so, Im afraid we cant reach an agreement,” said the Chang familys eldest son.

“Great, if you dont accept, Ill tell the Leng family everything.

I have evidence in my hands, so theyll definitely believe me once I tell them the truth,” Kirk said to threaten the Chang familys eldest son.

“You…” The Chang familys eldest son was angry, but he was also threatened by Kirks words.

He was really afraid that Kirk would tell the Leng family that he was the mastermind.

The Chang familys eldest son had to say that Kirk was malicious, but he had to think of an excuse.

“If so, I cant disappoint you, but I need to tell you that my family is already in a crisis.

Im afraid the Leng family is already suspicious of us.

We also failed to carry out a task.

Yesterday, I encountered a car accident.

I was seriously injured and Im in the hospital now.

Im also talking to you with my last strength.

Last night, my father passed out suddenly as well.

Hes still unconscious now.

If you dont believe me, you can send your people over to check.

Its not a secret,” said the Chang familys eldest son.

He tried to get rid of Kirk with the terrible situation the Chang family was in right now.

Once the Chang family was of no use, Kirk would lose interest in them.

“What” Hearing that, Kirk was very surprised.

He didnt expect the Chang family to go through so much.

Due to his surprise, he was hesitant to force the Chang family to help him.

They were also in a crisis so they could barely do him a favor.

However, they were only injured, not dead.

After they recovered, they could fulfill their promise.

Therefore, Kirk said, “No problem, we dont need to rush.

You can recover first.

We can talk about it after you are well.”

The Chang familys eldest son was so angry that he could barely speak, but Kirk sounded determined, so he was left with no choice.

He would see what he could do.

Afterwards, they hung up.

The Chang familys eldest son didnt dare to vent his anger by smashing his phone to the ground until they finished the call, but he wasnt strong enough and the phone didnt break.

Unfortunately, due to his big movement, the injuries on his body were pulled, causing him a lot of pain.


Chang, who was outside, heard it and immediately came in to check on his condition.

“Are you alright” Mrs.

Chang asked nervously.

Without delay, she ran towards her husbands patient bed.

“Ouch…” His face distorted in pain.


Chang wanted to ring the service bell at once, but he stopped her the moment she touched it.


“Why” Mrs.

Chang paused and turned to ask him confusedly.

“Im fine,” said the Chang familys eldest son.

“But you…” Mrs.

Chang was worried when she saw that he was in pain.

“I told you Im fine.

Didnt you hear me” The Chang familys eldest son snapped at Mrs.



Chang was unhappy that he vented his anger on her, but he was injured, so she didnt bother to argue with him.

She just left him on the bed and went to sit down on the sofa.

The moment she sat down, she saw the phone on the ground and realized why her husband suddenly lost his temper.

He must have been angered by the call.

In that case, Mrs.

Changs anger faded a lot.

She wouldnt talk to him for the time being, and didnt go to pick the phone up for him either.

The Chang familys eldest son became lost in his thoughts after he felt a little better.

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