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“Great, since Mr.

Thomas agrees, please walk us out,” said Gu Ning.

In fact, they could directly hold Kirk Thomas hostage when they walked out, but they didnt want to make it more serious.

If Gu Ning really did that, it would attract the whole Thomas familys attention.

In that case, there would definitely be a battle.

Kirk Thomas reluctantly nodded again.

After that, Gu Ning let him go.

For the time being, Kirk Thomas didnt dare to play tricks with Gu Ning, because he knew Gu Ning would control him as soon as he made a move.

Gu Ning also understood that Kirk Thomas gave in temporarily, but she didnt care what they wanted to do after leaving the Thomas familys place.

Then a group of them walked out.

When they were walking, Gu Ning told the others to go out first, while she and Kirk Thomas followed behind.

Although there were guards everywhere in the Thomas familys house and the guards all saw them as they walked out, those guards didnt know what was really happening, so they did nothing.

Gu Ning and Kirk Thomas walked side by side.

They were very close, but Gu Ning didnt hold him hostage.

In order to stop Kirk Thomas from shouting for help, Gu Ning threatened him.


Thomas, I hope you know what you shouldnt do at this moment.

Youve witnessed my abilities.

I have guns with me.

If I accidentally injure you, you might live the rest of your life with regrets.”

Gu Ning kept the guns that she took from Kirks bodyguards, but even if Gu Ning didnt have guns, Kirk Thomas was still scared of her.

He wanted help, but didnt dare to shout for help.

He was afraid that he might be killed before his guards came.

Even though he didnt think Gu Ning would dare to kill him, it might happen if she was angered.

Kirk Thomas cherished his life very much and didnt dare to take the risk.

Therefore, at the gate, Gu Ning told the other people to get in the cars first and start the cars.

The ambassador of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was waiting in the car outside.

It wasnt appropriate for him to stand out to deal with this problem, because he didnt know the real cause.

Anyway, he was relieved to see Leng Yuanqian coming out with Leng Shaojia.

However, the ambassador didnt think it was so simple.

He clearly knew it was a trap.

Nevertheless, he believed Leng Yuanqian wouldnt hurt their countrys interests.

After they got in the cars and started the cars, Gu Ning walked out.

She didnt return the guns to Kirk Thomas, but when she walked out, the security system found nothing, which shocked Kirk Thomas.

He had no idea that Gu Ning had a telepathic eye space and all the guns were put in it.

It was impossible for the security system to sense that.

Once Gu Ning got in the car, the car drove away.

The next moment, Kirk Thomas contacted the professional killers in his family to follow Gu Ning and seize a chance to kill them.

The Thomas family secretly kept some private killers, so no one knew they belonged to the Thomas family even if they were exposed.

Although the Thomas family would be the main suspect as long as Leng Yuanqian ended up in trouble, there was no evidence to prove they were guilty.

Because Kirk Thomas ordered his familys killers to do a task, the patriarch of the Thomas family, his father, quickly learned about it.

Their familys killers had to listen to the patriarch and needed the patriarchs permission before carrying out tasks.

The Thomas familys patriarch wasnt home right now since he was called out by the deputy leader.

However, the patriarch was aware of the scheme against the Leng family and approved of it.

Knowing that Kirk Thomas wanted their private killers to kill the Leng familys members, the patriarch called him and asked him about the situation.

Afterwards, Kirk told the patriarch everything, causing him to get angry too, but Kirk didnt say that Gu Ning had saved Kane Thomas after she came to the Thomas familys house.

Therefore, the patriarch agreed with Kirks decision.

Halfway back, Gu Ning and Si Jin noticed that they were being followed due to their acute senses.

It wasnt surprising.

Actually, if Kirk Thomas let them leave safely, it would have been weird!

However, Kirk was still trying to kill them even though it might cause conflict between the two countries.

Gu Ning felt he had to be too angry to stay reasonable.

Although Leng Yuanqian and the others didnt know that Kirks people were following them, they knew that he wouldnt give up on harming them.

They were worried that Kirk might secretly send people to attack them.

Accordingly, when they drove away earlier, Leng Yuanqian asked Gu Ning about that.

Gu Ning replied.

“No need to be afraid.

After all, they will try to attack us first, so we can surely fight back.

I also have a video of our conversation in the Thomas familys house, including the fact that I saved Kirks son.

I think we have justice on our side.”

“What You have a video of it” Leng Yuanqian was shocked, because he hadnt noticed.

The other people were surprised too.

“Yeah, so relax! Si Jin and I can protect us from any danger,” said Gu Ning.

If someone else said that, they might think she was bragging, but they trusted Gu Ning very much.

They had all witnessed Gu Ning and Si Jins abilities.

However, the ambassador doubted that and frowned.

He thought that Gu Ning was being too confident, but Leng Yuanqian and the others said nothing, so he felt he shouldnt question it.

After all, they all trusted Gu Ning.

Leng Shaojia gave Gu Ning a glance once in a while.

She wanted to thank Gu Ning, but felt embarrassed.

Gu Ning could see it, but didnt point it out.

She pretended as if she didnt notice.

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