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When Leng Yuanqian read Leng Shaomings message, he jumped up from his chair in horror.

Although Leng Shaoming told him he was fine, he was still worried.

Without delay, he called Leng Shaoming.

He couldnt be relieved until he heard Leng Shaomings voice.

Once his phone rang, Leng Shaoming answered it.

“How are you right now” asked Leng Yuanqian.

Even though he understood it wasnt convenient for Leng Shaoming to receive a call at this moment, he just wanted to know his condition.

“Im fine.

Im just slightly injured,” said Leng Shaoming.

From Leng Shaomings voice, Leng Yuanqian could hear that he was fine.

“Great, Im so glad that youre fine.

Dont worry, Ill conduct an investigation right away.”

“Sure.” Leng Shaoming replied.

If Leng Yuanqian could do that, it would be more efficient than if he did it.

“Dont tell grandfather and mother yet.

I dont want them to be worried,” said Leng Shaoming.

“If you keep it a secret from them, theyll blame you if they learn about it later.

And itll be on the news sooner or later.

Im home so Ill tell them later.

You survived, but youre still injured.

Were going to come see you,” said Leng Yuanqian.

His son was injured and sent to the hospital, so he had to go to see him.

“Alright.” Leng Shaoming agreed.

Afterwards, they hung up.

Leng Yuanqian didnt go out right away, but called his henchman and ordered him to investigate the car accident.

After giving the order, he finally walked out of his study and went downstairs.

Then he told Master Leng and Jiang Shuyuan about the car accident.

Fortunately, Leng Shaoming was just lightly injured and survived.

However, Master Leng and Jiang Shuyuan were still scared.

They immediately said that they needed to see Leng Shaoming.

Leng Yuanzhen and Yu Yin would go with them as well.

Leng Yuanqian didnt tell them that the car accident might be a scheme, because he wasnt sure yet.

Although Leng Yuanqian told them Leng Shaoming was only lightly injured, Master Leng was still anxious.

Therefore, he called Gu Ning and told her about it.

If it was possible, he hoped that she could give him some pills.

Even though Leng Shaoming was only slightly injured, Leng Yuanqian wanted him to get better as soon as possible.

After hearing the news, Gu Ning said that she would go with them.

Although she barely spent time with Leng Shaoming, Leng Shaoming was a member of the Leng family after all and Master Leng wanted her to go.

At that time Jing Yunyao was with Gu Ning, so she joined them after hearing Gu Nings conversation with Master Leng.

Gu Ning told Master Leng to go there first and she and Jing Yunyao would come later.

It was Saturday, but Leng Shaoting was busy with work, so only Gu Ning and Jing Yunyao went.

Leng Shaoming quickly reached the hospital.

After calling Leng Yuanhan, Leng Shaoming also told his secretary about what happened.

After all, he was injured now, so he needed his secretary to deal with things for him.

Therefore, by the time Leng Shaoming and Zhan Zhiyin arrived at the hospital, his secretary was already waiting for them.

Zhan Zhiyin had come to see Leng Shaoming many times before so his secretary was familiar with her.

Leng Shaoming didnt tell his secretary that the car accident might be a scheme, but his secretary had the same idea.

However, because his secretary wasnt at the scene of the accident, he didnt have a strong feeling about it.

Originally, Leng Shaomings secretary thought they were seriously injured and Leng Shaoming was just being tough by saying that he was only slightly injured, but after seeing them, he was sure that they werent seriously injured.

They could get out of the car on their own and didnt need other people to support them, which proved that they were fine.

Precisely because of that, Leng Shaomings secretary was very shocked.

After all, they were knocked off the bridge by a big truck, falling into a deep river.

It seemed that they had good luck!

Anyway, it was for the best that they werent seriously injured.

Once Leng Shaoming and Zhan Zhiyin arrived, they had a medical examination.

Due to their high status, they received priority.

However, it wouldnt affect other people, so it wasnt a big deal.

After the medical check, they were sure that they were indeed only slightly injured.

However, they still needed to stay in the hospital for treatment.

If they didnt receive good treatment the injuries could become serious.

Leng Shaoming and Zhan Zhiyin stayed in a VIP ward with two beds.

Normally, female and male patients would all stay in the same ward, unless you asked for a single ward.

However, there were two of them, so it wasnt convenient for them to stay in a single ward, so they asked for a ward with two beds.

Afterwards, they talked about the compensation.

Because the police didnt think about whether it was really an accident or a scheme, they took it as an accident.

Leng Shaoming allowed them to do that because he needed evidence to prove it was a scheme.

Because the truck driver had a very good attitude and was willing to pay the compensation, Leng Shaoming didnt make things difficult for him and let his secretary deal with it.

Leng Shaoming and Zhan Zhiyin didnt use much money in the hospital, so dozens of thousand yuan would be enough, but their car, which was in the river, was expensive and cost at least a million yuan.

It was useless after it fell into the river, so the truck driver needed to pay for that too.

After the police and the truck driver left, the Leng family and Gu Ning arrived at almost the same time, then they went to see Leng Shaoming.

They didnt know Zhan Zhiyin was also inside until they went in.

However, they soon learned that they were in the car accident together and that Leng Shaoming was only slightly injured because Zhan Zhiyin protected him.

Otherwise, Leng Shaoming would have been seriously injured.

Therefore, the Leng family was very grateful to Zhan Zhiyin who said that she was more than willing to help.

Only Gu Ning and Jing Yunyao clearly knew that Zhan Zhiyin actually saved Leng Shaomings life.

Zhan Zhiyin was injured internally now and was actually in a worse condition than Leng Shaoming, but ordinary people couldnt see it.

As a result, Gu Ning told Leng Shaoming to take a power crystal first.

Given his condition, a power crystal was enough, but it wasnt enough for Zhan Zhiyin.

However, in front of the crowd she still took out a power crystal and gave it to Zhan Zhiyin.

Then she held her hand and secretly put magical power into her body.

“Thanks.” Zhan Zhiyin thanked her.

“Youre welcome,” Gu Ning said.


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