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He ignored the content directly like Tang Yaxin had done, and enlarged the pictures to check the female in them.

Qi Ziyue relaxed as well after he figured out that this Tang Aining wasnt the one that they knew, but he was amazed by the content afterwards.

“What This woman cut out over 30 pieces of jade continuously Its so incredible!”

“What” Hearing that, Tang Yaxin was shocked too.

Although the Tang Family wasnt involved in the jewelry industry, they heard a lot about stone gambling.

It was a highly risky business, but this woman could cut out over 30 pieces of jade one after another.

They doubted its authenticity, but were still amazed.

In City G, a friend of Master Bais called him after the shocking news.

They were both jade lovers, so they shared a lot of news concerning jade.

After hearing the news, Master Bai was more than shocked now.

He believed that the woman was Gu Ning because she was the only one who had such an outstanding ability of stone gambling that he knew of till now.

Master Bai finished the conversation with his friend in a hurry, and looked it up on the Internet.

When Master Bai saw those pictures, he was sure that the woman was Gu Ning.

Although the two didnt resemble at all, he had met Gu Ning after she changed her clothing, thus he was certain that he was right.

This girl is truly unbelievable! Master Bai thought to himself.

How come her judgments are so correct every time

Master Bai called Gu Ning at once.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting were on the way back to the street of stone gambling at this time.

Seeing that the caller was Master Bai, Gu Ning understood that he must have read the news.

“Hi, Grandpa Bai,” Gu Ning said.

“Hi, I heard the Queen of Jade has cut out over 30 pieces of jade in City Teng.

It was you, right” Master Bai asked.

“Yes,” Gu Ning didnt hide the truth.

“Jesus!” Master Bai was shocked.

“You really amazed me this time! Its so unbearable! And why didnt you leave the high quality jade for me I can pay you!”

Master Bai was a little mad.

Gu Ning didnt know what to say, but tried to explain, “Grandpa Bai, please dont worry.

Ive already saved many pieces of high quality jade for you! Theyre even better than those Ive cut out in City Teng.”

In fact, Gu Ning had several raw materials which contained jade with thicker power than the top-level jade she had already cut out.

“Really That will be so nice! When will you be City G again” Master Bai was thrilled, and couldnt wait to meet Gu Ning.

“Ive been busy recently, and Im afraid that I wont be coming to City G until the holidays are over,” Gu Ning answered.

“Fine.” Master Bai was disappointed.

Gu Ning chatted with Master Bai for a while longer.

Master Bai reminded her to be careful because City Teng was well-known for its high crime rate and was located at the border of the country.

Although Gu Ning wasnt an ordinary girl and was excellent at kung fu, she should still take good care of herself.

Master Bai called Master Yan and Master Fu without delay after he hung up the call with Gu Ning.

Master Yan and Master Fu were also shocked, but Master Bai told them that Gu Ning was busy, so they didnt call Gu Ning directly.

Gu Ning went to Zheng Pengs store later.

Zheng Peng had already sold the rest of the raw materials to other shops at a low price.

There were two machines left in the store, so Gu Ning directly took it, along with her raw materials, to the factory building.

Zheng Peng told Gu Ning that those hoodlums from the Qing Gang had come to his store and apologized to him.

Gu Ning believed in Zheng Pengs character, but she still reminded him to be loyal to her.

Otherwise, the Qing Gang could cause him more trouble.

Zheng Peng was clearly aware of that, and he would never betray Gu Ning.

Then Gu Ning transfer five hundred thousand yuan to Zheng Peng for the redecoration of this store.

They would make alterations to this store and paint the walls.

The counter would be kept where it was.

And the pantry as well as the lounge would be set to the side of the counter.

Gu Ning told Zheng Peng to buy a whole new set of sofas with more seats.

In Gu Nings eyes, furnishing was very important, because it left the first impression on guests.

The shop board would also be changed into Colorful Jade Provider Office .

Those small changes were finished within a day.

After that, Gu Ning told Gao Yi and Qiao Ya to put the raw materials along with the machines onto the second floor of the factory building.

It was already 7 pm when they finished placing the raw materials correctly.

Gu Ning told Gao Yi and Qiao Ya to guard the factory tonight, and that they would change the locks tomorrow.

Gao Yi and Qiao Ya of course wouldnt disobey Gu Nings order.

There were supermarkets and diners in this factory area, so Gao Yi and Qiao Ya went to dine together in a small restaurant and bought daily necessities in a supermarket.

There were plenty of rooms in the factory building, so they stayed in the same room for tonight.

“What do you want to eat now” Leng Shaoting asked Gu Ning after they left the factory area.

“Well, since were in City Teng, we have to try its specialties!” Gu Ning replied.

“Sure,” Leng Shaoting said.


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