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“I know.

You wont hate me, right” Xu Jinchen smiled with satisfaction.

He now knew that Zi Beiying wouldnt push him away even if he was a little rough.

However, she was afraid that he wouldnt take responsibility if they really had sex.

In that case, she would be hurt, so she wasnt fully-prepared to sleep with him.

Anyway, it was hard to be fully-prepared for that.

They would naturally make love since they were deeply in love.

In addition, he didnt really need his girls agreement to have sex because girls were normally shy.

If they said yes right away, it would make a man feel that they were easy.

Therefore, if he had to wait till Zi Beiying gave him a nod, he might have to fight back his desire for a whole year.

As a result, he had to summon up his courage and took the initiative.

“You…” Zi Beiying wanted to argue with Xu Jinchen, but she was unwilling to hurt him.

Even if she argued with him, it wouldnt be what she really wanted to say.

Xu Jinchen could hardly control himself right now.

A beauty was right under him and they were nearly naked.

It was impossible for him not to have sex with her.

Therefore, Xu Jinchen kissed Zi Beiying while he caressed her body.

Zi Beiying trembled a little, feeling quite nervous, especially when Xu Jinchens hand touched her chest.

She struggled a little, but didnt use much force.

She was willing to let him touch her.

Although Xu Jinchen could barely control himself, he was still very gentle.

After seeing that Zi Beiying didnt struggle heavily, he gradually penetrated her.

Afterwards, Zi Beiying totally gave in to the sex.

She stopped struggling and began to enjoy it.

She didnt come back to her senses until she felt pain from her sensitive part.

“Oh, it hurts…” She subconsciously shouted.

Xu Jinchen was startled and couldnt believe that he just had sex with Zi Beiying.

He got excited and nervous at once.

Because Zi Beiying said that it was painful, Xu Jinchen gently comforted her.

“Its slightly painful at the beginning, but itll be fine in a while.”

The moment he finished speaking, he became as gentle as possible.

“Xu Jinchen, you…” Zi Beiying was embarrassed and wanted to criticize him, but she didnt know what to say.

If she struggled a lot, Xu Jinchen wouldnt be able to continue.

Therefore, she did nothing.

She was willing to have sex with him, but she was still a little displeased, so she wanted to push Xu Jinchen away.

She didnt use much force.

Its just a fit of pique, she didnt really want to push him away.

Xu Jinchen pressed Zi Beiying down, so she was unable to push him away, then he comforted her.

“Dont worry, Ill take responsibility.”

“I dont believe it.

Men are full of lies.” Zi Beiying was still slightly unhappy.

She understood that Xu Jinchen was serious, but she just wanted to argue with him.

“If youre willing to marry me, we can get the marriage license tomorrow,” Xu Jinchen suddenly said with a serious expression.

“You…” Zi Beiying was struck dumb.

She knew Xu Jinchen meant it, but she wasnt mentally-prepared yet.

In fact, she knew she and Xu Jinchen might get married one day.

After that, Xu Jinchen didnt give Zi Beiying the chance to talk again.

He directly kissed her and continued to penetrate her.

At the beginning, Zi Beiying felt it was indeed uncomfortable, but she gradually started enjoying it.

Anyway, they already had sex, so there was no need for her to struggle further.

It was so enjoyable that both of them couldnt stop until they were exhausted.

Gu Ning and her friends got up at 3:40 am, then gathered at the hall of the hotel at 4 pm.

They were going to watch the ceremony of raising the flag.

The national flag was the symbol of a country and the pride of a nation.

It brought people not only glory, but also a patriotic complex.

The flag-raising ceremony outside Tianmen every day was very grand, spectacular, and exciting, so many people came to the capital to appreciate it.

The flag-raising ceremony started with the rising of the sun.

Because it was summer now, the sun rose at about 5 am, so they left at 4 am.

The hotel they stayed at wasnt far away from Tianmen, so they only needed to spend about a dozen minutes on the road.

However, because of their excitement and eagerness, they left the hotel at 4 am.

When they arrived, it was about 4:20 am, but there were already many people on the square waiting for the ceremony to begin.

At 4:50 am, the flag-raising ceremony began, and everyone was full of excitement.

It was so impressive!

After watching the flag-raising ceremony, Gu Ning and her friends went back to the hotel for breakfast.

They would go to have fun after breakfast.

There were many famous views in the capital, but they had visited many of them, so they wouldnt go there again.

They chose some places they had never visited before.

Only Su Anya and a few people didnt study in the capital, so they didnt have much interest.

“Hey, Peihan, its not often for us to meet.

Why dont you call your boyfriend out” said Hao Ran.

“Hes really busy, and youve met him before,” said Chu Peihan.

Han Chenglin was busy filming recently, and wasnt in the capital, otherwise she would have called him over last night.

“When we met him last time, he wasnt your boyfriend yet!” said Su Anya.

Because Han Chenglin was her idol, she really hoped that they could meet again.

“Well, hes busy filming somewhere else.

If he was in the capital, I would have called him over last night,” said Chu Peihan.

Although she seemed to be enjoying herself, she actually missed Han Chenglin badly, but Han Chenglin was an actor, so he needed to work in different cities.

They rarely saw each other.

When Han Chenglin had a vacation, Chu Peihan had to work.

Because their romantic relationship wasnt public, Han Chenglin couldnt come to see her.

They could only spend a bit of time together in the evening.

It was tiring.

It was just the beginning.

After they got busier at work, they would have less and less time to meet each other.

Because of that, Chu Peihan had asked Han Chenglin whether he would betray her if they were apart for a long time.


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