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“Marry him, marry him!”

Before Gu Ning came back to her senses, she heard everyones excited encouragement around her.

Gu Ning wouldnt hesitate to marry Leng Shaoting, so she immediately took the flowers.

“Of course.”

The second Gu Ning finished speaking, thunderous applause sounded, then Leng Shaoting took out a diamond ring and put it on her finger.

Afterwards, he straightened up to hug Gu Ning and lightly kissed her lips.

There were many people watching them, so Gu Ning flushed a little.

In fact, Leng Shaoting was also embarrassed.

Otherwise, he would have given her a long and passionate kiss.

However, if he didnt give her a kiss, it wouldnt clearly show his affection for her.

“Jesus, I thought that it was just a birthday party.

I didnt expect it to be a proposal.

Thats so romantic!,” said Su Anya enviously.

Every girl wanted to have a romantic proposal, since it was a very important part of their marriage.

“Yeah, it was such a big surprise!” Yu Mixi chimed in, filled with envy.

It was not only them, all the young girls there were deeply touched.

Even though Xu Jinchen and some of the others knew that Leng Shaoting was going to propose, Zi Beiying and the others had no idea since Leng Shaoting and his comrades didnt share the news with their girlfriends.

They had a very close relationship with Gu Ning, so they had to be careful.

“Mu Ke, you didnt know” Chu Peihan squinted at Mu Ke, looking dangerous.

Even if Mu Ke knew and didnt tell them, it was very normal, but she was still displeased.

“I didnt know!” Mu Ke explained hurriedly.

He honestly had no idea.

He really thought it was just a birthday party.

After all, this was the first birthday party they held for Gu Ning.

They didnt think it was wrong to keep it a secret because they wanted to surprise Gu Ning.

Many people were touched by that scene, but the Tang family felt a little sad.

Leng Shaoting proposed to Gu Ning, so they would be formally engaged after a while, then they would get married after two years.

Gu Ning didnt spend much time with the Tang family and yet she would soon marry into another family, so they found it a bit upsetting.

The Leng family understood that the Tang family was in a bad mood currently, so they comforted them.

“Tang, I understand your feelings right now, but were open-minded.

We dont think that daughters cant go back to their parents homes after they are married.

Both the Leng family and the Tang family are Ningnings homes.

She can spend festivals at the Leng family and the Tang family as she wants.

Or we can travel together.

Even if they want to spend the festivals without us, they can enjoy their life.

What do you think” Master Leng said to Tang Haifeng.

He was a very considerate old man.

Hearing that, the Tang family cheered up.

“Right, its a different era now.

It might have been difficult for a girl to go back to her parents home after she married into another family in the past, but Ningning will always be a member of our Tang family.

Shes always welcome to come home,” said Tang Haifeng.

In his eyes, sons and daughters should receive the same treatment.

Even though Gu Ning was marrying into another family, the Tang family would always be her home.

Therefore, although Tang Yunrong married into another family, she could still come back and stay in the Tang familys house.

And whenever the Tang family held a party or an important gathering, they would call Tang Yunrong back.

As a result, in the Tang family, the in-laws got along well with each other.

They didnt care much about their own interests, and they were willing to help and support one another.

That being the case, it was impossible for them not to be close.

Afterwards, they had a banquet.

Although there werent many of them, it was a large number.

About a dozen of the Leng familys members, a dozen of the Tang familys members, Leng Shaotings eight comrades and their girlfriends, and Gu Nings friends were all present.

They added up to about fifty people.

Accordingly, the dining table in the dining hall wasnt large enough to accommodate all of them.

So the elders went to have dinner in the dining hall, while the younger people had a buffet outside.

In fact, it wasnt a bad thing.

Without the elders, the younger people could enjoy themselves.

They couldnt have as much fun when the elders were present.

Before the meal, everyone took out their presents for Gu Ning.

“Boss, happy birthday! And also, happy proposal!” Chu Peihan congratulated.

She didnt know how to describe it, so she directly said happy proposal.

Since Chu Peihan said that, the others followed her.

Although it ought to be Leng Shaotings words, Gu Ning didnt care and accepted their congratulations.

After dinner, the Tang family had to go home.

They wanted to spend more time with Gu Ning, but they had to go back to take care of Tang Jiayu.

Tang Jiayu was too little to travel a long distance, so they didnt bring him with them.

Babysitters were looking after him, but Tang Yunfan and Gu Man didnt feel comfortable with that.

After all, they all had their own business to deal with tomorrow.

If it werent Leng Shaotings proposal, they wouldnt have all come together.

In that case, the Leng family didnt keep them.

All of them were very busy, so they understood.

Leng Shaoting asked Xu Jinchen to take their friends to have fun at another place.

He and Gu Ning needed to send Tang Haifeng and the others to the airport first.

Then they would meet up later.

Because the Tang family came in their private jet, they could leave at any time.

After Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting sent the Tang family away, the Leng family went back to their home too.

Only a few young people stayed and adjourned to another place.

The entire Leng family except for Leng Shaojia came, even including Leng Shaoming.

Leng Shaoming told Zhan Zhiyin about the party, so she had come with him.

There were about thirty of them, which was a large group.

“If we go to a clubhouse together, will people think were going to cause trouble” Gu Anna asked curiously.

“Its very normal.

A schoolmates reunion is usually about twenty people,” said Xu Qinyin.

“Fine!” Gu Anna lost interest at once.


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