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“You were sympathetic As far as I know, you barely know each other in the company.

Youre only normal colleagues.

Why do you have such a deep sympathy for him And youre always stingy.

You even refused to pay the medical bill when your wife was in the hospital.

I dont think you can sympathize with Kong Lixuan and even secretly use the public funds to help him.

Stop joking with me!” Gu Ning sneered.

Before Manager Wang came, Gu Ning told K to collect information about him, so she learned a lot about him.

Hearing that, Manager Wang was surprised.

He didnt expect Gu Ning to know so much about him.

He indeed didnt have a close relationship with Kong Lixuan and they were just normal colleagues.

When they met each other in the company, they only exchanged greetings.

When his wife was sick, he even refused to pay the medical bill.

It was impossible for him to secretly help Kong Lixuan with the public fund.

Because he didnt know how much Gu Ning found out about him, Manager Wang had to be careful.

“What Why cant you explain that” asked Gu Ning, then she sneered.

“Chairman Zheng, we all know that youre the mastermind.

No matter how you try to deny it, its the truth.

Since you dared to do that, you should take responsibility.

Honestly, if youre willing to admit it, you might receive a lighter punishment.

As long as you give a public apology and pay the compensation, you might have a chance to save yourself.

But if you refuse to admit it, you might be seriously punished…” Gu Ning stared at Zheng Shenghui.

She was willing to give Zheng Shenghui a chance, not because she was kind, but because there was no need to catch all of them.

“Chairman Gu, I told you that if you want to put me in jail, show me the evidence.

Without evidence, you cant do anything to me even if you sue me,” said Zheng Shenghui.

Although he had a feeling that he couldnt get away with it, no one knew what would happen until the final result was out.

“Fine, if so, I need to show you something, Chairman Zheng.” Gu Ning wasnt mad and only shrugged.

Afterwards, she took out her phone which had evidence of Zheng Shenghuis tax evasion on the screen.

Zheng Shenghui got nervous when Gu Ning said that.

Did Gu Ning really have evidence

He suddenly became anxious.

Holding the phone, Gu Ning walked to Zheng Shenghui.

Zheng Shenghui wanted to avoid it, but had to look at the screen.

After he read it, he rounded his eyes in horror and his face turned pale.

“You…” He raised his head to look at Gu Ning.

How did Gu Ning get that Where did she get it

What was it

The other people there were confused, but didnt dare to ask about it, but from Zheng Shenghuis reaction, they could see that it wasnt simple.

“Chairman Zheng, there is no need for you to fool me.

I dont want to put all of you in jail.

As long as you give a public apology and pay the compensation, I can keep it a secret.

I just want you to pay for the damage to my reputation and my loss.

If you refuse to do that, Im afraid I can only expose your dirty secrets,” said Gu Ning in a light voice even though she was committing coercion and bribery.

“What if you set me up” Zheng Shenghui asked subconsciously.

If the evidence of his tax evasion was exposed, it could cause a more serious problem than his scheme against Shenghua Real Estate.

If he admitted to framing Shenghua Real Estate, the maximum compensation would be no more than ten million yuan, but if his tax evasion was exposed, it would be hundreds of millions of compensation, and he could be imprisoned.

As for his reputation, it would also cause greater damage if his tax evasion was exposed.

And there were other problems in his company too.

He didnt know whether Gu Ning had found out about it.

“I always keep my word.

As long as youve heard something about me and my company, you should know that Im not a backstabber.

And do you think you have another choice even if you dont trust me I can decide whether to expose it or not.

If I didnt want to give you a chance, I could expose your dirty secret right away.

There is no need for me to waste time,” said Gu Ning.

Zheng Shenghui didnt know what to say.

It was true that Gu Ning could easily expose it whether he admitted it or not.

If she didnt want to give him a chance, she could have exposed it already without ever meeting him.

He wasnt completely convinced by Gu Nings words, but he was left with no choice right now.

After all, he had broken the law.

The other people got some clues from Gu Nings conversation with Zheng Shenghui.

Gu Ning must have evidence of Zheng Shenghuis crimes, so Zheng Shenghui was scared.

After hesitating for a long while, Zheng Shenghui finally opened his mouth.

“Chairman Gu, Im sorry.

I harbored grudges against Shenghua Real Estate after you bought the land I wanted.

So I forced Kong Lixuan to frame Shenghua Real Estate.

I can make a public apology and pay the loss I caused to Shenghua Real Estate.”

Hearing that, the other people were all surprised.

They werent surprised that Zheng Shenghui was willing to admit it, but that Gu Ning was able to make him do it so easily.

Anyway, since Zheng Shenghui confessed to his crime, it would be easier for them to settle the case.

“Great, then you need to hold a news conference to make a public apology.

After we calculate the loss, you can pay us the compensation then,” said Gu Ning.

“Sure,” said Zheng Shenghui.

He was anxious and wanted to ask Gu Ning about the evidence of his tax evasion, but he gave it up in the end.

It wouldnt change anything anyway.

Therefore, he could only hope that Gu Ning would keep her word.

“Oh, I also want you to stay away from Kong Lixuans family,” said Gu Ning.

She said that, not to protect Kong Lixuan, but because she hoped that the innocent people could be left out of this mess.

Nevertheless, Kong Lixuan was extremely touched.

He felt very grateful and regretted framing Shenghua Real Estate.

Zheng Shenghui was embarrassed, but he still agreed.

“Of course.”

Even if Gu Ning didnt say that, he didnt dare to do anything to Kong Lixuans family right now.

After that, Gu Ning and the others walked away and left it to the police.

Since they were willing to make a public apology and pay the compensation, they wouldnt be put in jail.

In the car, An Guangyao asked, “Boss, what did you show Zheng Shenghui Why is he willing to admit it”

An Guangyao didnt think it was evidence of his scheme, but something else.

“Its evidence of his tax evasion.

I threatened him and told him to either make a public apology and pay the compensation, or Id expose his dirty secret.

After thinking about it, he confessed to his crime,” Gu Ning said frankly.


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