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Saying that, Zheng Shenghui turned to glare at Kong Lixuan and angrily questioned.

“Kong Lixuan, what do you want to do Why did you hurl the blame at me Ive never treated you unfairly.

Why do you have to frame me like this”

Facing Zheng Shenghuis glare, Kong Lixuan felt guilty, but he couldnt change his confession now.

“Chairman Zheng, you threatened me with my family.

You forced me to bribe workers from Shenghua Real Estate to replace their bricks with unqualified bricks.

It wouldnt do me any good.

Why would I do that” said Kong Lixuan in annoyance.

Thinking of that, he felt very aggrieved.

“Do you have evidence to prove that I threatened you with your family and forced you to bribe workers from Shenghua Real Estate If you dont have evidence, its slander!” said Zheng Shenghui.

Because Lin Shiwei had a recording of his conversation with Kong Lixuan, Zheng Shenghui was afraid that Kong Lixuan might have done the same thing.

Therefore, he didnt have much confidence when he questioned Kong Lixuan.

“It was you! You were displeased when Shenghua Real Estate got the land you wanted, so you decided to scheme against them.” Kong Lixuan suddenly lost control of his emotions and roared.

It was Zheng Shenghuis order, so he was reluctant to carry all the blame.

Most importantly, he was forced to do that.

If he was greedy and did it for money, he wouldnt be as mad if Zheng Shenghui wanted to make him a scapegoat, but it wasnt the truth.

He was threatened and forced into doing that from the very beginning.

Therefore, even though he gave in, he was still mad at Zheng Shenghui.

And now Zheng Shenghui placed the blame on him, filling him with anger and aggravation.

“What I was displeased that Shenghua Real Estate took the land I wanted Thats ridiculous.

Its very normal for peers to compete against each other.

Whether I won or lost, its not uncommon.

I have other choices as well.

There is no need for me to do that.

Stop slandering me.

I thought its just a mistake you made.

Youve done a lot for Chengfeng, and I planned to share the responsibility with you, so that your family can pay less, but you dont regret it at all and even want to drag me into trouble.

Its really heart-breaking…” said Zheng Shenghui, seeming really disappointed.

“Without your permission, how can I get four million yuan from the finance department” Kong Lixuan argued.

“Im about to investigate that! How did you get four million yuan from the finance department Why did the manager agree to give it to you” Zheng Shenghui asked angrily as if he was the victim.

“You…” Kong Lixuan was so mad that he suddenly didnt know what to say.

What Zheng Shenghui just said was complete nonsense.

“If so, tell the manager of the finance department of your company to come over,” said Gu Ning.

She knew that Zheng Shenghui must have fully-prepared before he came.

Even if the finance manager came, the man would only be another scapegoat.

Anyway, it was an insider, so he needed to come.

“Sure, let me call him right now.” Zheng Shenghui agreed with alacrity.

Then he immediately took out his phone and called the manager of the finance department.

However, no one believed that he was innocent so it had to be his arrangement that he would call the manager of the finance department to come over.

Before the manager came, they had a while to rest.

About twenty minutes later, the manager of the finance department for Chengfeng Real Estate came and they returned to the interrogation room.

“Manager Wang, after our investigation, we found that Kong Lixuan took four million yuan out of the bank account of the finance department.

Can you tell us what happened” Upon seeing Manager Wang, Zheng Shenghui questioned him angrily.

Hearing that, Manager Wang was startled, then apologized.

“Im sorry, Chairman Zheng, I have a good relationship with Manager Kong.

His friends kid has leukemia and he needed money, so I lent the money to him.”

“Youre lying!” Kong Lixuan argued emotionally.

“Manager Kong, you…” Manager Wang turned to look at Kong Lixuan resignedly.

He wanted to say something, but didnt finish.

“Do you need so much money for the medical treatment” asked Gu Ning.

“No, but Manager Kong said he needed money for something else.

He promised to pay me back at the end of this year, so I lent it to him,” said Manager Wang.

“Oh, arent there rules in Chengfeng Real Estate Can the finance department lend four million yuan without anyones permission” Gu Ning laughed at them.

Obviously, she didnt believe it.

“Chairman Zheng, do you believe it Do you think his words are persuasive As a chairman of a large company, I dont think you should believe such bullsh*t.”

Zheng Shenghui was extremely embarrassed.

He knew that no one would believe it, but he didnt know what else to do.

He only needed a scapegoat, so he could get out of this mess.

“Chairman Gu, whats your opinion then Do you believe Kong Lixuan and think that I forced him to scheme against Shenghua Real Estate” Zheng Shenghui angrily questioned.

“If so, show me the evidence.

As long as you have evidence, I wont deny it again.”

“Kong Lixuans confession isnt enough to prove that you forced him to scheme against Shenghua Real Estate, but Kong Lixuan has no motive to do that.

Chairman Zheng, on the other hand, I think you have a strong motive.

Manager Wang shouldnt be dumb so he knows that he cant give Kong Lixuan four million yuan without his leaders permission.

After all, its a crime to use public money without permission.

I dont think he wants to go to jail.” Gu Ning paused and turned to ask Manager Wang, “Manager Wang, do you want to go to jail”

Hearing that, Manager Wang panicked.

He obviously didnt want to go to jail, but he couldnt betray Zheng Shenghui.

Therefore, he replied.

“Im not dumb and I dont want to be put in jail.

Im just sympathetic.

When Kong Lixuan encountered trouble, I didnt think much and lent the money to him.”


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