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“Miss Gu, this is Kong Lixuans confession.

Please have a look.” In the interrogation room, Meng Fan gave Kong Lixuans confession to Gu Ning first.

Kong Lixuan said that he schemed against Lin Shiwei because Lin Shiweis wife was also his schoolmate.

He used to be her admirer so he did it out of jealousy.

Lin Shiwei was the supervisor of the construction site, so he would have to carry the blame if any accidents happened.

As for the money, he could get it back after Lin Shiwei got in trouble because he lent it to Lin Shiwei.

However, unexpectedly, Lin Shiwei had the recording and hurled the blame at him.

It sounded reasonable, but it wasnt convincing.

After all, they had graduated over twenty years ago.

Why didnt he take revenge earlier

Some people could get over grudges, but they would take revenge once they had a chance.

However, Gu Ning and the others who knew it wasnt the truth didnt believe him at all.

After reading the confession, Gu Ning turned to look at Kong Lixuan.

She didnt say anything right away, she just stared at him silently.

It was as if she could see through him.

As a result, Kong Lixuan didnt dare to meet Gu Nings eyes.

“Kong Lixuan, are you sure that this is the truth” asked Gu Ning coldly.

Although she asked that she was very sure that it wasnt.

“I already confessed to the crime.

What do you want” Kong Lixuan asked impatiently.

He had already admitted it, why couldnt they punish him now.

He was unwilling to be tortured mentally any longer.

“Unfortunately, you didnt tell us the truth.

What else do you think we need to do” Gu Ning sneered with determination.

“You cant say that just because you dont believe it.” Kong Lixuan argued, but he lacked confidence.

“Your reaction betrayed you,” said Gu Ning, focusing on him.

“Thats ridiculous!” said Kong Lixuan.

He knew he wasnt calm enough, but he couldnt be completely calm with a guilty conscience.

“Tell me, who asked you to set up Shenghua Real Estate” asked Gu Ning while putting pressure on Kong Lixuan.

It affected not only Kong Lixuan, the other people around them were also affected.

“No one asked me to do that.

It was my own idea,” said Kong Lixuan, doing his best to calm himself down.

“Why did you scheme against my company if you only wanted to set Lin Shiwei up” asked Gu Ning.

“Because Lin Shiwei works in your company, I can only set him up at work.” Kong Lixuan answered.

“Before you did that to Shenghua Real Estate, hadnt you thought about being caught” asked Gu Ning.

“Since I dared to do that, I didnt think I would lose.

Im surprised that Lin Shiwei would betray me,” said Kong Lixuan.

“What can you benefit from that” asked Gu Ning.

“If I didnt scheme against Shenghua Real Estate, I would…” Kong Lixuan subconsciously answered, but he immediately paused before he could finish.

He almost blurted out the secret, so he changed his words.

“I wouldnt have been able to set up Lin Shiwei.”

Even though Kong Lixuan changed his words at once, his reaction still betrayed him.

It was clear that he was lying.

“Really But you seem to be lying.

I dont think you told the truth.

If you didnt scheme against Shenghua Real Estate, what would happen to you Did someone threaten you with your family Do you have to keep the truth a secret, or the mastermind will hurt your family” asked Gu Ning.

She just had that idea because only if his family was in danger would he be determined to keep the truth a secret.

Hearing that, the others realized that that could be the reason.

Kong Lixuan was astonished.

He didnt expect Gu Ning to know.

It was just Gu Nings guess, but Kong Lixuans reaction proved it.

It had to be the truth.

Before Kong Lixuan could say anything again, Gu Ning continued.

“If youre really being threatened with your family, arent you afraid that Ill hurt your family after you take the blame After all, you cant bear the result of the damage to Shenghua Real Estate alone.”

“No, you cant do that…” Kong Lixuan shouted when he heard that Gu Ning could also hurt his family.

“Why cant I Do you expect me to suffer the loss on my own after you caused that much damage to Shenghua Real Estate Do you think its enough after youve gone to jail Your family will have to pay for it too,” said Gu Ning angrily.

“No, you cant, you cant do that!” Kong Lixuan lost control of his emotions.

He was depressed because Zheng Shenghui forced him to scheme against Shenghua Real Estate with his family.

Now Gu Ning did the same thing, which was unacceptable in his eyes.

Zheng Shenghui was the chairman of Chengfeng Real Estate.

“Why cant I Why can he do that to you, but I cant Im the victim,” said Gu Ning in a scary tone.

She was stirring up Kong Lixuans emotions to make him be honest.

Normally, she wouldnt use family to threaten the suspect, but nobody stopped her because it was useful.

“Why Why do you all use my family to threaten me Why” Kong Lixuan almost had a mental breakdown.

“Because you cant pay the price for what you did alone, your family must pay for it too.

But if you tell me who the mastermind is, I promise I wont make things difficult for your family,” said Gu Ning.

Kong Lixuan was still hesitating, but he felt that he was left with no choice at this moment.

Finally, he couldnt stand the pressure and chose to be honest.

“Fine, you win, it was Zheng Shenghui.

He threatened me with my family.

He forced me to bribe the manager of Shenghua Real Estate and replace the qualified bricks with unqualified ones.”

Because everyone knew there was a mastermind behind Kong Lixuans back, they werent surprised to hear his confession, but they were impressed by Gu Nings interrogation skills.

She easily made him confess.

However, they had to admit that Gu Ning was extremely powerful and they all felt extremely stressed.

“Why did he do that” asked Gu Ning.


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