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“To be honest, I dont really like Zheng Shuo, but hes a friend of Kai and Yang, so I cant say much about it.”

“Right, I have the same idea.

It has nothing to do with his relationship with Chengfeng Real Estate, hes just a troublesome guy.”

“Alright, alright, lets drop this topic.

No matter what, hes a friend of Kai and Yang.

Well see him again.” Someone stopped them at once.

Even though he disliked Zheng Shuo as well, they shouldnt talk about Zheng Shuo in front of Xiao Kai and Yang.

“Fine, since you all dont like him, we wont spend much time with him in the future.

However, he has done nothing harmful to us after all, so we cant kick him out or he might become our enemy.

There is no need to cause ourselves trouble,” said Xiao Kai.

He didnt realize how much his friends disliked Zheng Shuo until this moment, but he didnt blame them, because he also had a bad impression of Zheng Shuo.

Once Zheng Shuo left the clubhouse, he called his father.

Currently Zhang Shuos father was restless at home because he had heard that Shenghua Real Estate was owned by the Shenghua Real Estate and knew that he messed with someone he shouldnt have.

If he had known that Shenghua Real Estate was owned by the Shengning Organization, he wouldnt have dared to scheme against it.

After all, Chengfeng Real Estate was barely comparable to Shenghua Real Estate.

Now he could only hope that Kong Lixuan wouldnt betray him.

After Kong Lixuan was caught, he sent his secretary to learn about the situation.

Kong Lixuan worked for his company, so he ought to find out about it even if it had nothing to do with him.

Even though Kong Lixuan hadnt confessed to the crime yet, it was hard to say what he would do in the future.

After all, Shenghua Real Estate wasnt just a real estate company, it was also a subsidiary of the Shengning Organization.

And the chairman of the Shengning Organization had come to deal with it in person.

Seeing Zheng Shuos call, Chairman Zheng answered it in an annoyed tone.


“Dad, does the accident that happened at Shenghua Real Estates construction site have something to do with our family” Zheng Shuo asked.

Even though he believed there was a connection, he still hoped it wasnt true, otherwise Chengfeng Real Estate would be in serious trouble.

“Of course not!” Chairman Zheng denied it at once.

Although Zheng Shuo was his son, he wouldnt be honest.

He was afraid that his son couldnt keep secrets.

Anyway, even if his son found out, he wouldnt admit it and would place the blame on Kong Lixuan.

Not many people would believe it, but he didnt care.

No matter how Chairman Zheng denied it, Zheng Shuo refused to believe him, but he couldnt argue with his father.

At the same time, he guessed that his father might have a solution and wouldnt drag him into trouble.

As the heir of Chengfeng Real Estate, if Chengfeng Real Estate was in serious trouble, he wouldnt be able to live a good life any longer.

After all, he relied on his family to live.

“I just met the chairman of the Shengning Organization at the Shengshi Hotel.

I didnt know who she was until my friend introduced her to me.

I only said hi to her, but she seemed mad at me after finding out that Im the heir of Chengfeng Real Estate,” said Zheng Shuo.

“What You just met the chairman of the Shengning Organization Shes a friend of your friend” asked Chairman Zheng.

Even though he didnt care about who Gu Nings friends were, he didnt want Zheng Shuos friends to stay away from him after finding out that Chengfeng Real Estate had something to do with the accident that happened to Shenghua Real Estate.

It wasnt good for their familys future.

After all, they might need those rich heirs help.

“Um, theyre not really my friends, they are Xiao Kais friends,” said Zheng Shuo.

He wasnt familiar with Lin Fei, and they had only met a few times.

Because they didnt get along, they rarely spoke.

Therefore, they werent really friends.

Knowing that Lin Fei had a relationship with Gu Ning, he had to admit that he was jealous of Lin Fei.

How could Lin Fei form a relationship with Gu Ning How

Although he didnt have much interest in Gu Ning, he disliked it because his rivals had a relationship with influential people.

If it was possible, he would like to get to know Gu Ning.

Perhaps he could benefit from their relationship.

If he became Gu Nings friend, he naturally could benefit a lot from their friendship, but if he wasnt her real friend and simply wanted to make use of their relationship, Gu Ning wouldnt bother to pay much attention to him.

“Do they know” asked Chairman Zheng.

“Yeah, they read the news on Weibo first, then told me,” said Zheng Shuo.

“Do they believe it” That was the key question.

“Although they told me that they dont believe it, I think they do,” said Zheng Shuo.

Even though he was a playboy, he wasnt dumb.

He could see their real opinions from their expressions.

Hearing that, Chairman Zheng fell into silence.

He realized that they were losing peoples trust.

Since that was the case, Chairman Zheng said nothing further.

The news about Chengfeng Real Estate and Shenghua Real Estate was still a hot topic on the Internet, and even Gu Nings name was on the hottest topics list, but Gu Ning paid little attention to it.

She and Leng Shaoting had sex shortly after they returned to the hotel.

The next day, at about 9 am, An Guangyao went to the police station for updates.

Kong Lixuan didnt confess to the crime yet, so the police needed to continue investigating to get more evidence.

An Guangyao reported it to Gu Ning.

It wasnt a surprising answer.

Among the evidence K collected, there was no solid proof to prove that it was an order from the chairman of Shenghua Real Estate.

As a result, as long as Kong Lixuan refused to carry all the blame, it was impossible to punish him right away.

When it was nearly 10 am, Lin Fei called Gu Ning and asked her whether she had time for a meal.

Because Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting were free and they were going to have a meal at Shengshi Hotel later, Gu Ning accepted Lin Feis invitation.

Therefore, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting went to eat when it was almost 12 pm.

At their meeting, Lin Fei told Gu Ning about the news about Shenghua Real Estate which he read on Weibo and asked her whether it had something to do with Chengfeng Real Estate.


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