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Without delay, Lin Fei called Xiao Kai.

Once Xiao Kai answered the call, Lin Fei said, “Is it convenient for you to talk”

“Wait a second, I need to go out.” Xiao Kai and his friends were in the private room.

Since Lin Fei asked him that question, it must be something important, so Xiao Kai decided to go out to have the conversation.

After walking out of the private room, Xiao Kai asked Lin Fei, “Alright, what is it”

“Xiao Kai, its your freedom if you want to make friends with someone.

I shouldnt judge you or interfere, but Zheng Shuo is really not a good choice.

His familys business, Chengfeng Real Estate, might have caused the accident that happened at Shenghua Real Estates construction site.

Kong Lixuan has already been taken away by the police.

The final result isnt out yet, but I trust Gu Ning,” said Lin Fei.

He said that, not because he wanted to stop Xiao Kai from making friends with Zheng Shuo, but because he felt that he had to let Xiao Kai know about Gu Nings grudge with Chengfeng Real Estate.

Xiao Kai had to know what he shouldnt do.

If Xiao Kai was close to Zheng Shuo, it would be impossible for him to have a good relationship with Gu Ning.

After all, no one would be willing to be friends with their enemys friend, even if that person did nothing.

“Do you mean Shenghua Real Estate is owned by Gu Ning” Xiao Kai asked in surprise.

He had heard the news, but didnt know that Shenghua Real Estate was also owned by Gu Ning.

He also had no idea that the accident was caused by Chengfeng Real Estate.

Because he knew very little about Shenghua Real Estate, he thought the accident was caused by their own issues.

After all, not many real estate companies had a high standard of quality.

Anyway, since Kong Lixuan was taken away by the police, it was extremely likely that Chengfeng Real Estate played a role in the accident.

“Yes, Shenghua Real Estate is owned by Gu Ning.

I didnt tell you this to stop you from making friends with Zheng Shuo.

Its your own affair and I have no right to interfere, but as your friend, I should let you know the danger behind it.

Alright, I need to go.” As soon as Lin Fei finished, he hung up on Xiao Kai.

After the call, Xiao Kai didnt return to his private room at once.

Instead, he searched for news about the accident that happened at Shenghua Real Estates construction site.

He soon saw the video of Gu Ning answering some reporters questions at the construction site.

Although he met Gu Ning for the first time today, he was willing to trust her because of the good reputation which her companies had.

He barely knew Gu Ning and had no idea whether they could be close in the future.

If he cut off his relationship with Zheng Shuo right now, it would be unreasonable.

After all, the Zheng family had done nothing bad to the Xiao family.

However, he intended to form a close relationship with Gu Ning, so he decided to cut off his relationship with Zheng Shuo after thinking about it carefully, but he might still meet Zheng Shuo once in a while.

He disliked Zheng Shuo, but it wasnt important.

Sometimes, he expanded his connections because of their usefulness not for preference.

After getting back to the private room, Xiao Kai said nothing and continued to have fun.

He only paid less attention to Zheng Shuo.

Anyway, a large group of them were having fun together, so Zheng Shuo didnt notice anything was wrong.

Before long, someone read the news on his phone.

“Oh, Zheng Shuo, people are talking about your family businesss scheme against Shenghua Real Estate on Weibo.

Do you know about the accident The manager of your familys company has already been taken away by the police.

Is it true” asked someone.

Once he asked that, the whole private room fell into silence.

Zheng Shuo was shocked and argued at once.

“No way! Thats impossible.”

He had heard about the accident that happened at Shenghua Real Estates construction site, but he didnt know that it was caused by his familys company.

Chengfeng Real Estate was owned by his family, but he wasnt working in it, so he had no idea about details.

Actually, even if he was working in his familys company, his father wouldnt tell him many details.

He would only be informed when Kong Lixuan was arrested.

Anyway, since the dirty secret was exposed, it was highly likely for it to be true, but even if it was true, he didnt think it was wrong.

He only felt that it was a business competition and the loser should bear the result.

However, if people believed it was a scheme, it would be different.

And the news had gone viral, which filled him with fury.

He has double standards because he didnt want his competitors to fight back when he attacked them.

It wasnt a secret that Chengfeng Real Estate had a bad reputation, so Chengfeng Real Estate could really have something to do with the accident.

So even though Zheng Shuo denied it repeatedly, people were still suspicious of him.

“If not, itll be the best.

After all, Shenghua Real Estate has powerful support,” said the man with embarrassment.

Because of Zheng Shuos presence, he was unwilling to say too much, otherwise they might have a fight.

Although they thought it wasnt a good idea to talk about Chengfeng Real Estate right in front of Zheng Shuo, someone got curious about Shenghua Real Estate.

“Whos supporting Shenghua Real Estate”

“Shenghua Real Estate is a subsidiary of the Shengning Organization in the capital,” said Xiao Kai.

He didnt want to mention it, but he had to mention it since they brought it up.


Hearing that, they were all surprised and Zheng Shuo was really upset.

He didnt expect Shenghua Real Estate to be a subsidiary of the Shengning Organization.

If Chengfeng Real Estate really caused the accident, then his family…

Suddenly, Zheng Shuo panicked.

He didnt know whether Chengfeng Real Estate really caused the accident.

If it was true, did his father know that Shenghua Real Estate was a subsidiary of the Shengning Organization

Even though he felt his father should know, he still wanted to ask.

Thinking of that, Zheng Shuo didnt want to stay there any longer, so he made up an excuse and left.

Once he was gone, everyone began to discuss it.

“Do you think the accident has something to do with Chengfeng Real Estate”


“If so, Chengfeng Real Estate is in serious trouble this time.”


“Chengfeng Real Estate has done too many bad deeds.

Why cant they behave It seems they wont stop until theyre all put in jail!”


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