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“Of course, Uncle Xiao, well let you know if we need your help,” said Gu Ning.

After the meal, they separated.

Gu Ning didnt go to see the police in person, because An Guangyao would do that.

An Guangyao planned to book accommodation for Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning, but Gu Ning declined.

They could do it on their own.

After all, they had the Black Card for Shengshi Hotel and the Huangdeng Hotel so they could stay in the two hotels for free.

There was no need to bother An Guangyao.

Since Gu Ning didnt need it, An Guangyao said nothing further.

Because Leng Shaoting was with Gu Ning, they decided to stay in the Shengshi Hotel so An Guangyao drove them there.

It was still early and they had just finished dinner, but they had nothing to do, so they went to the hotel early.

After driving Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting to the hotel, An Guangyao sent An Yi back to his school.

Right when Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting walked into the hall of the hotel, they saw a familiar face, Lin Fei.

The moment Gu Ning saw Lin Fei, Lin Fei also noticed her.

He was surprised, then got excited.

After that, Lin Fei excused himself from his friends.

He told them to wait for him for a while, then he walked over to chat with Gu Ning.

Watching Lin Fei coming over, Leng Shaoting was displeased.

He hated it when young men tried to be close to Gu Ning, but he couldnt stop Gu Ning from making friends.

In addition, Gu Ning always kept an appropriate distance from other men.

Therefore, Leng Shaoting said nothing even though he was unhappy.

“Hi, Gu Ning, been a while! I didnt expect to see you here.

Is this your fiancé” Lin Fei greeted them.

He knew Leng Shaoting was Gu Nings fiancé because he read news about them on the Internet.

Hearing Lin Feis question, Leng Shaoting was cheered up because he could see Lin Fei had no intention of stealing Gu Ning from him.

“Hi, yes I am Gu Nings fiancé, Leng Shaoting.”

He introduced himself, not out of politeness, but because he wanted to take the initiative.

“Nice to meet you, Mr.


Im Lin Fei, Gu Nings friend.” Lin Fei greeted Leng Shaoting at once.

At this moment, a young man walked over and said mockingly, “Hei, Lin, is this your friend Why dont you introduce her to us”

As the man said that, he leered at Gu Ning.

Seeing that, Leng Shaoting was mad and wanted to punch the man, but he curbed his anger.

Hearing the mans words, Lin Fei was also angry.

“Whats wrong with you Are we familiar”

“Come on, Lin Fei, how could you say that Were both Kais friends.

Arent we friends too” said the man with displeasure.

Then he turned to stare at Gu Ning and beamed.

“Hi, beauty, Im the heir of Chengfeng Real Estate, Zheng Shuo.

Very nice to meet you.”

Upon hearing the name Chengfeng Real Estate, Gu Ning squinted in annoyance.

Although this man was innocent, she disliked his gaze on her.

Leng Shaoting wanted to walk away with Gu Ning, but he gave up when he heard that the man was the heir of Chengfeng Real Estate.

Given his understanding of Gu Ning, she would seize this chance and do something.

“Chengfeng Real Estate It doesnt have a good reputation.

Will I get in trouble if people find out that I know you” said Gu Ning, looking down her nose at Zheng Shuo.

Zheng Shuo got angry and coldly stared at Gu Ning.

“Miss, please dont damage my familys companys reputation.

Or I wont be polite to you even though you are Lins friend.”

Although Zheng Shuo was attracted to Gu Ning and wanted to flirt with her, he wouldnt tolerate it if she dared to damage his familys companys reputation.

Actually, it was because Gu Ning was right that he got so angry.

“Really What can you do” Lin Fei laughed at him.

He didnt know that Chengfeng Real Estate had a bad reputation, but he honestly disliked Zheng Shuo, especially after seeing his bad attitude towards Gu Ning.

Although Zheng Shuo had the idea of teaching Gu Ning a lesson, he was not comparable to Gu Ning.

“You…” Zheng Shuo was angry.

He didnt think Gu Ning could be more influential than him.

Instead, he believed that Lin Fei wanted to protect them.

He wasnt scared of Lin Fei, but he was reluctant to mess with him because he would get in trouble as well if there was a grudge between them.

Moreover, Lin Fei had a better relationship with Xiao Kai than him and he didnt want to offend Xiao Kai.

Nevertheless, he was really mad at Lin Feis mocking.

“Lin Fei, dont think Im scared of you just because I tolerated you a few times,” said Zheng Shuo angrily.

“Show me what you can do!” Lin Fei said arrogantly.

Anyway, Gu Ning was here, so he wasnt afraid of Zheng Shuo.

“You…” Zheng Shuo was furious and his eyes showed extreme hatred.

It seemed as if he was going to punch Lin Fei the next moment.

Right at this moment, someone interrupted them.

“Hey, Lin Fei, Zheng Shuo, what are you doing here”

It was a young man who was about twenty-four years old.

His name was Xiao Kai.

As Xiao Kai shouted at them, he walked over.

When Xiao Kai saw Gu Ning, he only felt that she looked familiar, but couldnt remember who she was.

“Lin Fei, this girl looks very familiar, but I cant remember who she is.

Do you know her” He asked Lin Fei by Lin Feis ears.

Although Xiao Kais voice was low, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting still heard him clearly.

It wasnt strange that he knew her.

“Shes Gu Ning.

Ive talked to you about her,” said Lin Fei.

Xiao Kai was surprised and got excited at once.

He greeted Gu Ning and said, “Nice to meet you, Miss Gu.

Im Lin Feis friend, Xiao Kai.

Ive heard a lot about you, but this is the first time Ive seen you.

Im so sorry for not recognizing you.

Its such an honor to meet you!”


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