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In that case, it must be Lin Shiwei who betrayed him.

Why wasnt Lin Shiwei afraid of his threat

Kong Lixuan fell into silence.

“Is this your voice” asked the policeman, but the answer couldnt be more obvious.

All of them could hear Kong Lixuans voice from the recording.

Kong Lixuan said nothing.

“Kong Lixuan, answer my question,” said the policeman seriously.

“You cant say its me just because of this recording.

Many people have a similar voice.” Even though there was solid proof, Kong Lixuan still refused to admit it.

He still hoped that he could get away with it, but unfortunately his trembling voice betrayed him.

“Fine, since you insist on saying that, we can show you the surveillance video of your meeting with Lin Shiwei.

There isnt any sound, but there is your face.

We can let a lip language expert explain it for us,” said the policeman coldly.

Hearing that, Kong Lixuan fell silent once more.

He realized it was meaningless for him to deny it again, but he was reluctant to admit it.

“Kong Lixuan, was this your own idea, or is there someone supporting you behind the scenes” asked the policeman.

Kong Lixuan was ordered to do it, but they needed more evidence.

Kong Lixuan said nothing.

“Kong Lixuan, dont think that you will be fine by remaining silent.

There is solid proof, and you cant get away with it.

If you tell us who the mastermind is, you might receive a lighter punishment.

If you plan to carry the crime on your own shoulders, be ready to be punished seriously.

And since we can find out what you did, it isnt difficult for us to find out who the mastermind is.

Its just a matter of time,” said the policeman.

“Go conduct an investigation then!” said Kong Lixuan.

Kong Lixuan decided not to give in until the last moment.

Although he knew he would be put in jail, he still had hope that his boss would come and help him out.

After all, Chengfeng Real Estate was influential in City D.

Most importantly, he was afraid that his boss would get revenge on his family if he betrayed him.

In fact, he had been threatened into doing bad things.

Lin Shiwei and the other two workers received a few million yuan, but he didnt have much money.

An Yi was waiting at the door of the restaurant at 5:40 pm, while Gu Ning and the others came at about 5:50 pm.

Seeing Gu Ning, An Yi greeted her excitedly then he exchanged greetings with Leng Shaoting.

When they were about to go inside, Xiao Changchun arrived and ran into them.

“Been a while, Uncle Xiao,” said Gu Ning.

“Hi, Governor Xiao.” Leng Shaoting and An Guangyao said hi to Xiao Changchun.

“Nice to see you, Mr.

Leng, Executive An.” Xiao Changchun smiled at them politely.

He didnt put on any airs, because he was aware of Leng Shaotings family background.

After exchanging greetings with Leng Shaoting and An Guangyao, Xiao Changchun turned to look at Gu Ning.

He pretended to be mad and said, “Ningning, why didnt you call me when you came to City D”

Gu Ning smiled.

“I came because of a business deal.

Uncle Xiao, I actually planned to call you after it was done, but I unexpectedly ran into Director Zhou.

Director Zhou then spoke about you and mentioned that we should have a meal together.”

When she mentioned Zhou Kequan, Gu Ning observed Xiao Changchuns reaction.

Although Zhou Kequan told her that he had heard a lot about her from Xiao Changchun, which meant they had a good relationship, Gu Ning wanted to be sure.

Upon hearing Zhou Kequans name, Xiao Changchun showed disdain, but it wasnt sincere.

“Did you give him anything good Hes so mean.

Why does he want to buy you a meal at such a fancy hotel”

Given his attitude, he had to know Zhou Kequan very well, which meant they were either very close or did not get along with each other, but Gu Ning could feel that they were very close.

“Uncle Xiao, it seems you know Director Zhou very well.”

“Of course, weve known each other for dozens of years,” said Xiao Changchun disdainfully, but obviously they were close friends.

Knowing that, Gu Ning was relieved.

She had actually been slightly worried that Zhou Kequan might make things difficult for Xiao Changchun.

After that, they walked inside.

As the host, Zhou Kequan arrived earlier than his guests, but he wouldnt order until they came.

Therefore, when Gu Ning and the others walked in, Zhou Kequan immediately stood up to welcome them.

“Miss Gu, may I know who this gentleman is” After they sat down, Zhou Kequan asked.

“This is my fiancé.

His surname is Leng.

His name is Leng Shaoting.” Gu Ning introduced.

“Oh, its your fiancé! Mr.

Leng is very handsome.

You two are a perfect match,” said Zhou Kequan.

It wasnt just him trying to be courteous since both Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning were good-looking.

Although he didnt know Leng Shaotings family background, he could see that he wasnt an ordinary man.

Leng Shaoting was pleased and wore a vague smile.

Afterwards, Gu Ning saw that Zhou Kequan and Xiao Changchun were indeed close friends from their interaction.

They didnt hesitate to embarrass one another, but it wasnt a big deal.

“Oh, what are you doing in City D” asked Xiao Changchun.

He believed it had to be important since Gu Ning came over in person.

“An accident happened at Shenghua Real Estates construction site, so I came to deal with it,” said Gu Ning.

“How is it going now” asked Xiao Changchun.

Although he knew Gu Ning could solve the problem, he still wanted to ask about it out of concern.

Gu Ning didnt keep it a secret and told him everything.

Xiao Changchun was aware of many dirty secrets and he had been through many schemes before, but he was still mad after hearing what happened.

“Chengfeng Real Estate is really troublesome.

This isnt the first time that they caused trouble,” said Xiao Changchun angrily.

Chengfeng Real Estate was a famous company in City D, but it had a bad reputation.

Houses built by them were always of bad quality.

However, as long as they didnt cause serious trouble, the government wouldnt bother to be involved.

“No matter who dares to cause me trouble, I wont let them get away with it.

Ill see how the police handle it tomorrow,” said Gu Ning.

“If you need me, feel free to let me know,” said Xiao Changchun.

Although Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting could easily solve the problem, City D was out of their ambit.

It would be easier for them to deal with it if a local official helped.


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