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After Kong Lixuan was taken away, the boss of Chengfeng Real Estate was full of anxiety.

He was afraid of being betrayed.

In fact, he had threatened that he would hurt Kong Lixuans family if he did betray him, but he was still worried after Kong Lixuan was taken away.

He dared to scheme against Shenghua Real Estate, but it didnt mean that he was willing to admit it.

If he admitted it, he would pay a high price.

If there were no consequences when someone did illegal things, he wouldnt need to do it secretly.

Instead, he would scheme against his competitors openly.

Now he could only pray that Kong Lixuan would be scared of his threat and wouldnt betray him.

After Kong Lixuan was taken to the police station, he was interrogated at once, but without evidence, Kong Lixuan refused to admit it.

“Kong Lixuan, whats your relationship with Lin Shiwei” asked a policeman.

“Were schoolmates,” said Kong Lixuan.

Since the police arrested him, they had to know something.

Kong Lixuan wasnt dumb so he wouldnt deny it right away.

Besides, Kong Lixuan wasnt sure how much they knew about their scheme.

Did Lin Shiwei confess to the crime Or did the police only have some clues without solid proof Perhaps the police were trying to learn the truth from his mouth.

Therefore, if he directly denied his relationship with Lin Shiwei, it would arouse the polices suspicion.

After all, his relationship with Lin Shiwei wasnt a secret.

Anyway, it couldnt prove anything even though they knew each other.

“Two months ago, you gave Lin Shiwei a bank card with four million yuan in it.

Is that true” asked the policeman again.

Hearing that, Kong Lixuan was startled, then said, “Right, Lin Shiwei encountered trouble and he borrowed some money from me.”

Although Kong Lixuan wanted to deny it, he had to face it since the police had already collected information.

“Why does Lin Shiwei need the money Where did you get the money After our investigation, we dont think you would be able to save so much money given your and your wifes salaries,” asked the policeman.

Kong Lixuan understood that the police had found out that he had given Lin Shiwei a bank card with four million yuan in it.

If so, the police should also know where he got the money by checking the transaction records.

“I borrowed it from our company.

Lin Shiweis son has leukemia and needs a lot of money for treatment,” said Kong Lixuan.

Because the money was transferred into the bank card from an official account from their company, Kong Lixuan gave that explanation.

However, he left solid proof by doing that.

Perhaps he was too confident, or there might be another purpose.

“But leukemia doesnt need so much money for treatment!” the policeman said.

“Its what he wanted.

He said he needed four million yuan, so I lent him that much money.” Kong Lixuan replied.

“Why did you lend him so much money Arent you afraid he cant pay you back” asked the policeman.

“He has a house which is worth about three million yuan.

If he cant pay me back, the court will put his house up for auction,” said Kong Lixuan.

“Do you know Lin Shiwei gave each of his two co-workers a million yuan after accepting the four million yuan” asked the policeman.

“Perhaps his co-workers also need help, so he asked me for so much money!” said Kong Lixuan.

He appeared very calm, but he was actually extremely anxious.

“Really You had no idea about that” asked the policeman.

He didnt believe Kong Lixuans words.

“Yeah, I didnt know about that at all,” said Kong Lixuan.

“After you gave Lin Shiwei money, an accident happened at the construction site of Shenghua Real Estate.

Lin Shiwei and his two co-workers were all involved in this accident.

Can you explain that” asked the policeman.

“Its been two months since I lent money to Lin Shiwei.

I have nothing to do with the accident!” Kong Lixuan immediately denied.

Whether they had evidence or not, he had to deny it.

“But Lin Shiwei said that you gave him money to replace the bricks, which caused the accident.

Do you know that” asked the policeman.

Hearing that, Kong Lixuan got emotional and said, “You cant believe everything he said.

I lent him money so that he could cure his son.

How could he say something like that about me”

Kong Lixuan seemed aggrieved, but he still failed to cover his panic.

Even Gu Ning couldnt be calm and be at ease after doing bad deeds, let alone Kong Lixuan, who was just an ordinary man.

Sometimes, people tend to argue loudly to cover their panic, because it might make them seem innocent.

It was true that people would shout angrily and loudly when they were treated unfairly, but it was still different from the real situation.

The player saw less clearly than the bystander.

“Kong Lixuan, why did you bribe Lin Shiwei to trap Shenghua Real Estate Is it your personal actions Or were you paid to do it” asked the policeman.

He didnt believe Kong Lixuan was innocent.

“I didnt! Lin Shiwei simply wants to drag me into trouble.” Kong Lixuan angrily denied it.

He insisted on saying that he was innocent.

“Kong Lixuan, if you are honest, you might receive a lighter punishment so you better not lie.

If you were not involved, we wouldnt have arrested you,” said the policeman.

“I told you I didnt…” Kong Lixuan denied it once more in annoyance.

This time, he was really mad, because he had denied it again and again, but the policeman refused to believe him.

Even though he was involved in the crime, he had still hoped that he could get away with it as long as he refused to admit it.

“Fine, listen to this recording then,” said the policeman, then he played the recording of their conversation.

Although they had evidence, it was their duty to interrogate Kong Lixuan, which would be recorded.

Like what the policeman said, if Kong Lixuan was honest, he could receive a lighter punishment, but if he had a bad attitude and refused to admit it, he would be seriously punished.

When Kong Lixuan heard the recording of his conversation with Lin Shiwei, he was struck dumb.

He couldnt believe that Lin Shiwei secretly recorded their conversation!


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