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After saying that, Gu Ning ignored them and turned to look at the two girls.

“Why dont you stay with us” she said.

She also understood that the two girls could be in danger because the three men might take revenge and she was the cause.

“Thanks!” The two girls were terrified, so they agreed to stay with Gu Ning, but they were still worried and wondered whether they should go to City Gang.

Therefore, one of the girls asked Gu Ning, “Do you think the three men will cause trouble for us after we arrive at City Gang Its their country after all.

I wonder if we should just change our plan.”

“I dont think its very likely, but Im not sure.

If you want to change your destination, let me pay for you.

I caused it anyway so I should take responsibility,” said Gu Ning.

They didnt know if the three men would make things difficult for the two girls, but they could never be too careful.

As a result, if the two girls wanted to change their flight, Gu Ning would pay the fee.

Whether they returned or changed the tickets, they would suffer a big loss.

“No, no, we didnt mean that.

You stood up for us, so we should be grateful.

We disliked the men from Country R as well.

They should learn a lesson.

If we need to change our tickets, well pay the fee on our own,” said the girl at once.

She was very reasonable, so she wouldnt place the blame on Gu Ning.

They wouldnt return kindness with ingratitude.

“Then will you go to City Gang or do you want to go somewhere else” asked Gu Ning.

The two girls exchanged glances asking for the others opinion.

In the end, they decided not to go to Country R.

As for their new destination, they already had other choices in addition to City Gang, so it wasnt a difficult decision for them to make.

“Well fly to Yi Zhou instead,” said a girl.

“Great!” The other girl agreed.

Therefore, they decided to go to Yi Zhou.

“Go change your tickets now,” said Gu Ning.

“Sure,” said the two girls, then they immediately went to the reception desk, and Gu Ning followed.

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Although they didnt want Gu Ning to pay the fee for them, she would.

“You dont need to go with us.

We can deal with it.” When the two girls saw Gu Ning following them, they understood her intention.

“Its fine.

Ill just go over and have a look,” said Gu Ning with a smile.

“Um, you really dont need to go with us.

We can handle it,” said the girl again.

“Ill just go over and have a look.” Gu Ning replied.

The two girls didnt believe her, but Gu Ning insisted, so they said nothing further.

If Gu Ning wanted to go there they couldnt stop her.

Therefore, Gu Ning followed the two girls to the reception desk and finished the formalities.

When they went to pay the bill, Gu Ning did it before them.

No matter how they tried to stop her, she didnt take a step back.

In the end, the two girls thanked Gu Ning again.

“Happy travels! Be careful when youre outside,” said Gu Ning finally.

“We will.

Thank you so much!” The two girls thanked Gu Ning.

Gu Ning gave them a smile, then turned around and walked away.

“Hey, are you Miss Gus friends” When Gu Ning was gone, an employee at the reception desk asked them with excitement.

Hearing that, the two girls denied it.

“Were not.”

However, the excitement on the employees face gave them the impression that Gu Ning wasnt ordinary.

Accordingly, they were curious about her identity.

“You look so excited.

Do you know who she is” asked a girl.

“Of course, shes so popular! But I cant tell you much about her right now.

You can search for her information on the Internet.

Her name is Gu Ning,” said the receptionist.

She couldnt chat with them for long, otherwise her colleagues might tell on her, which would affect her job.

Without delay, the two girls searched for news about Gu Nings on the Internet.

After reading news about Gu Ning, they were both astonished.

To their surprise, Gu Ning was such an important figure.

She hadnt just helped them out, she also paid the fee for changing their tickets.

Jesus, they had a stroke of luck today! It was a shame that they failed to recognize her.

“I didnt know about her at all.

It seems I should catch up with the hot topics on Weibo.”

“Wow, we were so lucky today.

I wish I had known her identity earlier.

We could have asked to take photos with her!”

“Oh my, Im too excited.

I must share the exciting news on my WeChat moments.”

“Me too!”

As they said that, they directly opened their WeChat and typed furiously.

They mainly said that they didnt recognize Gu Ning after they had met her coincidentally today.

They had an argument with several men, but Gu Ning helped them out and even paid the fee for changing their tickets.

Once they posted it, they received many thumbs-up and likes.

Many of their friends were jealous of them.

Normally, only a few people would give them a thumbs-up and like, so it proved that Gu Ning indeed had great influence.

When Gu Ning got back to her seat, it was time for them to board.

Along the way, Gu Ning could always feel the malicious looks from the two men from Country R, but she couldnt care less.

Anyway, after they got aboard, they sat separately, so Gu Ning no longer felt their gazes.

The flight landed at the airport of City Gang when there were only a few minutes till 8 pm

Because Gu Ning and the others had space to store their stuff, they put everything in it.

They didnt have to go collect their baggage, so they directly left.

Before they arrived, a member of the Red Flame was already waiting for them and it turned out to be Xu Jinchen.

Right after they walked out, Gu Ning sensed someone watching her.

She didnt bother to glance around since she knew it had to be the two men from Country R.

Anyway, she didnt care about them.

After meeting Xu Jinchen, they directly left.

Xu Jinchen had rented a car and came to fetch them.

Once they left, those men who were constantly watching Gu Ning followed.

Xu Jinchen noticed them as well.

Because he didnt know Gu Ning was the target and thought that he had been discovered, he got upset.


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