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Normally, people were either jealous of outstanding people or wanted to make friends with them.

Shen Yiling felt no jealousy towards Gu Ning.

She only admired her, because Gu Ning was extremely outstanding.

In addition, for the sake of Jing Jining, she wanted to form a good relationship with Gu Ning.

She loved Jing Jining, so people who were close to him might give her a helping hand if she had a good relationship with them.

“Of course!” Gu Ning didnt turn it down because she had a good impression of Shen Yiling.

Whether they could become friends or not, it wasnt bad for them to keep in touch.

After that, they exchanged phone numbers.

Shen Yiling walked Gu Ning out of City Sky, then returned.

Although it was dark, night was no different from day.

She wasnt afraid of the dark.

Because it was late when Gu Ning got back to the city center, she didnt go to school or the siheyuan, she decided to go to Mid-Levels Mansion.

This was the first time that she had stayed in Mid-Levels Mansion alone.

Leng Shaoting was absent and she felt lonely.

It had been ten days, but Leng Shaoting still hadnt contacted her.

She wondered how his task was going.

Gu Ning took out her phone and called Leng Shaoting.

Even though she knew Leng Shaoting would call her once he had time, she missed him a lot.

However, his phone was still turned off.

Gu Ning couldnt sleep, so she chatted with her friends in the WeChat group.


Chu Peihan was filming most of the time recently.

Although she wasnt the leading actress, she played an important role.

Therefore, she spent most of her time in the crew and rarely had time to chat with them.

At that moment, Chu Peihan had just finished shooting for the night and returned to the hotel for a rest.

She finally had time to chat with her friends.

Everyone asked her whether she was tired.

Although it was tiring, she was enjoying it.

Chu Peihan loved acting and didnt care about the fame and wealth.

Gu Ning had the least time to chat with them, so they focused on her once she joined them.

Especially since the news about her stores just went viral, they were eager to know more about it.

After the news went viral, Gu Ning briefly told them about the situation, but didnt give any details.

She only said that she had a conflict with the girl so the girl came to smash her stores.

Now she had an amount of the total loss and she had met the girls parents.

The girls parents were willing to pay the compensation, but it was a lot of money, so they needed a month to prepare.

“I thought shes strong, but unexpectedly shes so weak.”

“She should be strong, but she is hardly comparable to Ningning.”

Even though Jing Yuelan couldnt defeat Gu Ning, she was very strong compared with ordinary people.

Therefore, Mu Ke and the others didnt take her lightly just because she failed to defeat Gu Ning.

If they ran into her, they would lose.

“The girl has some abilities.

She easily damaged the stores and injured many people.”

“If she doesnt have any skills, she wouldnt dare to mess with Ningning, but Ningning is just so much stronger than her.”

“Youre right.”


A few days later, Leng Shaoting still hadnt contacted Gu Ning, and his phone was still turned off.

As a result, Gu Ning became very worried.

It was Friday when Gu Ning received a call from Jing Yunyao.

Jing Yunyao said that Wei Lingfeng just called her and wanted them to support Leng Shaoting because he had encountered trouble.

Upon hearing that, Gu Ning was nervous.

It seemed that she had been so anxious these days for a reason.

Leng Shaoting was indeed in trouble.

“Is Shaoting alright” Gu Ning asked in a hurry.

She was mostly worried about Leng Shaotings safety now.

“I dont know the details, but he should be fine.

The other members of the Red Flame said that Shaoting went undercover in a mutants organization.

Before he joined, he told his comrades to report it to the president if he couldnt get out within five days.

And he might need our help.

Now it has been a week, so they called the president who called me afterwards,” said Jing Yunyao.

Even though she felt that Leng Shaoting should be able to protect himself given his abilities and that he should be safe, they were still worried about him.

After all, Leng Shaoting went to deal with mutants this time.

If there were only a few of them, Leng Shaoting could handle it, but no one knew how many mutants were there.

No matter how strong Leng Shaoting was, he couldnt survive if there were too many enemies.

Gu Ning realized it was serious, so she became anxious too.

Without delay, she left school and went to meet Jing Yunyao at the siheyuan.

Leng Shaoting was at the edge of Country R, City Gang.

Right after Jing Yunyao called Gu Ning, she booked plane tickets to City Gang.

Because there were only a few direct flights, they needed to transfer and would spend seven hours getting there.

If they took a direct flight, it would only take three and a half hours.

The quickest flight they could take was a direct flight and would take off two hours later.

It was nearly 2 pm and the flight would take off at 4:20 pm, so they would arrive at about 8 pm.

After Gu Ning reached the siheyuan, she directly picked up Jing Yunyao and Shangguan Yang before heading to the airport.

Shangguan Yang would go with them, because Leng Shaoting was involved in a dangerous task this time.

Shangguan Yang believed in Gu Ning and Jing Yunyao, but he was also very interested in mutants and wanted to know more about them.

He could also help Leng Shaoting.

Leng Shaoting was his disciple, so he cared about him.

Gu Ning and the others arrived at the airport at about 2:50 pm.

It was an international airport.

After checking in, it was about 3:30 pm by the time they reached the gate and they would start boarding half an hour later.

They soon found their seats.

Normally, they needed to arrive at the airport one or two hours in advance, so it wasnt that late and there were many people by the gate.

Because it was an international flight, many passengers from Country R were also there.

Although not every citizen of Country R was bad, their country had deep grudges against Country R from the past, so Gu Ning still got annoyed once she heard Language R.

She had a very bad impression of them, and it had never faded over time.

However, she wouldnt bother to argue with or hurt them.


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