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The next day, Chen Cangyi calculated the loss which came to about 120 million yuan.

At noon, Gu Ning went to the cultivation world again with the list and the damaged goods.

Since she asked them to pay compensation, she would give them the damaged items.

Some of them could be recycled.

For example, broken bracelets could be made into earrings and necklaces.

There were some damaged earrings and necklaces, which could also be sold at a low price.

That could make up for the loss.

Gu Ning wouldnt do that.

She didnt need to carry the burden and she would ask them to pay her the compensation according to the original prices.

The original prices didnt include profits.

However, the cost price wasnt how much Gu Ning bought them for, it was the normal cost price in the industry.

After all, Gu Ning got jade by stone gambling, which barely cost anything, so it wouldnt be much money!

As for the damaged medicines and make-up products, they werent expensive, so the loss was only in the hundreds of thousands of yuan.

In addition, they also had to pay her for the damaged cosmetics departments and decoration, which was about two million yuan.

Although they werent completely destroyed, they had been damaged and needed to be rebuilt, so Gu Ning needed money for that.

Moreover, her employees were injured and needed about a million yuan for compensation and recovery.

Therefore, if Jing Yuelan didnt smash the jewelry store, she would only have needed to pay less than five million yuan.

However, she damaged an expensive jewelry store.

Actually, time was needed for the stores to be fixed, but Gu Ning didnt ask for money for that.

After all, her stores made a lot of money in a day!

Because this was Gu Nings third time in the cultivation world, some people recognized her, but she was a stranger to most people.

Suddenly, two men blocked Gu Nings way.

They werent ugly, but they looked a little aggressive and they were at most average.


“Miss, you dont look familiar.

Have you come from another city” one of them asked.

He appeared to be a gentleman, but he had no sense of respect.

After all, normally, a young man wouldnt stop a girl and ask that on the road.

“It has nothing to do with you!” Gu Ning said coldly, wanting to walk by them.

She was unwilling to waste more time on them.

She could tell with a glance that they were born in rich families and were trying to flirt with her.

Unfortunately, when Gu Ning wanted to avoid them, they caught up to her and stopped her again.

Seeing that, other people walked forward to surround them.

Some people who didnt know Gu Ning had sympathy for her, because it was bad luck that she ran into the two notorious bullies in City Sky.

People who knew Gu Ning, however, knew that the two bullies had bad luck this time, but no one bothered to remind them.

The crowd was waiting to watch a drama.

“Come on, dont be so rude.

Where are you going Let me take you there!” said the other man.

He was leering at Gu Ning disgustingly.

“You better not mess with me, or Ill punch you.

It doesnt matter who you are,” said Gu Ning seriously.

“Oh, really Do you know who we are How dare you talk to us like that”

“Right, in City Sky, no one dared to talk to us in that tone.”

The two men were annoyed by Gu Ning.

They felt it was Gu Nings honor that they wanted her.

How could she reject them

“I told you I dont care who you are.

Ill punch you if you dare to mess with me.” The moment Gu Ning finished speaking, she attacked them.

They were immediately angered when Gu Ning attacked them.

They didnt care that Gu Ning was a girl and fought against her.

They could feel that Gu Ning was stronger than them, but they believed that they could defeat her together.

However, they underrated Gu Nings abilities.

Although Gu Nings level wasnt much higher than theirs, they were not comparable to Gu Ning.

As a result, the two men were quickly at a disadvantage.

It surprised the two men and many onlookers.

Only people who recognized Gu Ning werent surprised.

She was Shangguan Yangs disciple, so she couldnt be weak.

Before long, the two men were completely defeated by Gu Ning.

Although they could fight back, they gave in and stopped attacking her.

However, they were reluctant to accept that result.

One of them asked, “Tell me your name!”

“You can call me Gu Ning, or Qing He.

My master is Shangguan Yang.

Have you heard of him” Gu Ning didnt bother to keep her identity a secret.

Sometimes, her identity could prevent her from getting into trouble.

They had never heard of Gu Ning before, but Qing He was a familiar name, and Shangguan Yang couldnt be more famous in the cultivation world.

Therefore, after Gu Ning told them her name, they were stunned.

This girl was Shangguan Yangs disciple!

The two men didnt dare to meet Gu Nings eyes again.

Gu Ning didnt want to waste more time on them so she directly left and the two men didnt dare to stop her.

Normally, they werent afraid of Shangguan Yang, but they made a mistake and sexually harrassed his disciple.

After Gu Ning reached the Jing familys house, she met Jing Jining who took her to visit the Liang family.

Once she saw him, Gu Ning gave him the number of required compensation.

She also told him that she wouldnt ask them to pay for the loss of business while the stores needed to be rebuilt.

It was the price she would pay for injuring Jing Yuelan!

The Liang family didnt expect Gu Ning to come so soon, but they made it very clear that they wouldnt pay a cent.

Liang Hongfeng and Jing Yunchan would deal with it on their own.

When Jing Yunchan saw Gu Ning, she seemed alert, because she felt it was Gu Ning who caused them to lose a lot of money.

Jing Yunchan was still blaming Gu Ning, and didnt think Jing Yuelan was wrong.

Gu Ning didnt care how they thought of her.

“Thats the list of money you have to pay me.

Its a total of 123.2 million yuan.

I can deduct 3.2 million yuan from the bill, so you only need to pay me 120 million yuan.

Oh, I also wont ask you to pay for the loss of business while the stores need to be rebuilt.

Thats the price I will pay for injuring Jing Yuelan.”


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