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Jing Yunchans husbands family agreed with her.

“Right, she might ask us for more money than the actual loss.

What if she deliberately asks for a higher price” Jing Yunchans mother-in-law supported her.

“Do you think the jewelry can take the force released by a cultivator” Jing Jining sneered.

Hearing that, everyone was struck dumb and didnt know what to say.

Jewelry undoubtedly couldnt absorb the force released by a cultivator.

Even an ordinary person could easily damage the jewelry.

“Slap!” Jing Yuelans father slapped her and criticized her angrily.

“How could you do that to our family Who told you to smash the stores Why couldnt you think of the result before you did it”

It was a heavy slap, and even Jing Yunchan almost stumbled when she supported Jing Yuelan.

Instantly, Jing Yunchan shouted, “Liang Hongfeng, how could you slap Yuelan Yuelan is already seriously injured…”

Liang Hongfeng was Jing Yuelans father.

“Why cant I slap her She caused serious trouble.

How can you still defend her This is the good daughter you raised Im busy with business normally, so you should educate the kids.

Dont spoil them.

Look at her now! Shes spoiled!” Liang Hongfeng was mad.

He rarely lost his temper in front of Jing Yunchan.

Because he married into the Jing family and lived in the Jing familys house all the time, he needed to behave himself in the Jing family.

Therefore, whenever they argued, he wouldnt get really mad.

If he dared to shout at Jing Yunchan, Jing Yunchan would tell on him and he would be criticized.

For years, he had lived a painful life, but the Liang family got a lot of help after he married into the Jing family.

As a result, he had to tolerate it most of the time.

However, now Jing Yunchan had lost the Jing familys support and there was nothing for him to be afraid of.

He could vent his anger on them as he wanted.

“I…” Jing Yunchan wanted to argue against him, but didnt know how.

She dared to embarrass her husband after they got married because she was born in the Jing family and the Jing family backed her, but now she had lost her connection with the Jing family and didnt dare to argue with him anymore.

Besides, Jing Yuelan had indeed made a terrible mistake, and she needed the Liang familys help.


“Shes a burden! Shes not married yet, but we have to pay so much money for her.” Jing Yunchans mother-in-law swore.

She never liked Jing Yuelan, because Jing Yuelan was a girl and had the same surname of the Jing family.

It made her feel as if Jing Yuelan wasnt a member of the Liang family, even though they forced Liang Hongfeng to marry into the Jing family back then.

Because they stood in awe of the Jing family, they had a good attitude towards Jing Yunchan.

They didnt dare to show their disdain for them until now.

However, now that the Jing family no longer backed Jing Yunchan and Jing Yuelan, they didnt need to care about their feelings.

Upon hearing that, Jing Yunchan was mad.

“Mom, how could you say that”

Actually, Jing Yunchan was aware that Old Mrs.

Liang never liked Jing Yuelan, not just because she was a girl, but because Jing Yuelan didnt have the Liang surname.

Old Mrs.

Liang only liked the sons of her eldest son and third son.

In the past, Jing Yunchan couldnt care less about that because she was a member of the Jing family, but now the Jing family refused to back her.

She could only hope that the Liang family would support her daughter, Jing Yuelan.

“Why cant I say that She belongs to the Jing family, not our family, so we wont pay a cent for her,” said Old Mrs.


“Yuelan is also the Liang familys granddaughter.

How come she doesnt belong to the Liang family” Jing Yunchan was angry.

If the Liang family didnt pay the bill for them, she wouldnt be able to get so much money.

“Because her surname is Jing, not Liang,” said Old Mrs.

Liang disdainfully.

“It cant change the fact that shes also the Liang familys granddaughter.

Shes related to you by blood,” said Jing Yunchan.

Jing Yunchan didnt have that thought before, but now she had to say that.

“I told you I dont think shes one of us,” said Old Mrs.

Liang in a tough tone.

Old Mr.

Liang said nothing, because he had the same idea.

However, for the sake of his good image, he didnt want to argue with Jing Yunchan.

At the same time, the wives of the Liang familys other sons were gloating over Jing Yunchans misfortune.

Their families werent comparable to Jing Yunchans, so they were always jealous of her, but they didnt dare to go against her.

Now they werent afraid of Jing Yunchan any longer, so they dared to gloat over her misfortune publicly.

However, Old Mrs.

Liang and Old Mr.

Liang were present, so they didnt dare to say anything.

“You…” Jing Yunchan was so angry that she couldnt finish a sentence.

Jing Jining was also losing patience.

He immediately interrupted them.

“Alright, I just came to tell you about the damage.

Gu Ning will have an exact number in a few days.

Ill come to talk with you about the compensation at that time.”

“Yuelan is seriously injured.

There must be an explanation for that!” Jing Yunchan argued.

She felt Jing Yuelan was badly injured and it was enough to pay the bill.

“She went to cause Gu Ning trouble first, so thats the price for her own rude behavior.

As for the damage she caused, she needs to pay compensation,” said Jing Jining.

“Its not fair!” Jing Yunchan was still reluctant to accept it.

“Not fair Gu Nings stores have been smashed for no reason.

She suffered a great loss of goods and business.

Is it fair for her You think your daughters injuries are more serious than her loss, but she cares more about her own business.

If you dont pay for it, Ill go to Tiandaozong for justice!” said Jing Jining.

Upon hearing the name Tiandaozong, Jing Yunchan lost her courage.

If Tiandaozong got involved, the consequences could be a lot more serious.

Jing Jining didnt want to argue with them any longer, so he turned around and walked away.

After he was gone, Old Mr.

Liang opened his mouth.

“You should deal with it on your own.

The Liang family wont be involved.”

Saying that, he turned to glare at Jing Yuelan.

Jing Yuelan was scared and shrank a little.

“No child of the Liang family behaves like you.

Youre the Jing familys spoiled child.

You have a bad reputation, but you never learn or change.

You have even become more rude over time.

I allowed you to live with us for Hongfengs sake.

I dont want our familys reputation to be damaged as well!”

Although the Liang family benefited a lot from the Jing family after Liang Hongfeng married Jing Yunchan, the Jing family chased Jing Yaorong out after all.

Old Mr.

Liang still accepted Liang Hongfeng simply because Liang Hongfeng was his son.


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