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However, if he wanted to get rid of the addiction, he would have to suffer from it countless times in the future.

He wouldnt really live after being tortured so much.

Chang Kairuis mother was extremely worried, so she said to her husband.

“Honey, Kairui survived this time, but what will happen to him the next time Im afraid he might…”

“Since he can tolerate it this time, I believe he can survive next time.

Dont worry, we will help Kairui,” said Chang Kairuis father.

Although he said that, he was also very anxious.

After all, nobody knew what would happen in the future.

“Why dont we get some drugs If Kairui has a relapse again, we can let him take some if he cant stand the torture.

It breaks my heart when he tries to hurt himself!” said Chang Kairuis mother.

“No, if father finds out hell blame us,” said Chang Kairuis father.

In fact, he also had that idea, because Chang Kairui was in excruciating pain and he felt guilty seeing that.

Because of him, Chang Kairui schemed against Wei Lingfengs son and was paid back.

“Then what should we do” Chang Kairuis mother asked, feeling heart-broken.

She couldnt stand to see her son being tortured.

What should they do Chang Kairuis father had no idea.

Unfortunately, three days later, Chang Kairui had a drug withdrawal relapse again.

This time, Chang Kairuis mother couldnt stay calm and gave Chang Kairui some drugs she had hidden away.

Master Chang was angry and criticized her for doing that, but there was no better way, and he understood that Chang Kairuis mother cared about Chang Kairui.

It was not only Chang Kairuis parents, he also felt bad after seeing Chang Kairuis condition.

Left with no choice, Master Chang gave Chang Kairuis parents an order.

If they continued to give Chang Kairui drugs, he would abandon Chang Kairui.

If Chang Kairui continued to use drugs, he would become a humiliation to the Chang family.

Anyway, he had more male family members than just Chang Kairui so he would only support those who performed well.

Chang Kairui was a playboy, so it wasnt a big deal if he was abandoned.

A week later…

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Leng Shaoting still hadnt contacted Gu Ning.

Gu Ning got worried and gave Leng Shaoting a call, but his phone was turned off.

After that, she called Xu Jinchen, but Xu Jinchens phone was also turned off.

She called Xin Bei next and he answered her call, but he wasnt with Leng Shaoting and the others.

He only knew that Leng Shaoting went abroad to carry out a task.

If so, Gu Ning was relieved, because it was indeed inconvenient for Leng Shaoting to contact her from abroad.

That afternoon, while Gu Ning was in her third class, someone called her.

It was Chen Cangyi, so it had to be something important, so Gu Ning immediately excused herself from the class and walked out.

Their teacher wasnt unhappy about it because Gu Ning was allowed to come and go freely in their school.

And it was something important.

Gu Ning was the pride of the teachers and the school, so she had privileges.

After Gu Ning walked out, she picked it up.

Then Chen Cangyi said in an anxious voice, “Boss, something went wrong.

A woman just smashed our stores.

Shes very strong and none of us can stop her.

We have also been injured by her.

From the surveillance video, I can see that the woman isnt an ordinary person.

Shes extremely strong and has a sword.

She easily damaged a large area by swinging the sword.

I already told K to watch her through the surveillance cameras.

She just entered the eastern district…”

Hearing that, Gu Ning was angry and was sure that the woman couldnt be an ordinary person, but who was it Gu Ning had no idea.

“Send her photo to my WeChat.

And tell K to report her location to me.

Ill go there right now,” said Gu Ning then she walked to the stairs.

Because it was an emergency, she didnt have time to ask for leave.

She would call their head teacher afterwards.

Gu Ning reached the parking lot as quickly as possible, but she controlled herself to within an accepted speed, otherwise it might cause unnecessary trouble.

Therefore, when other people saw how fast she ran, they were surprised, but didnt think it was strange.

After Gu Ning arrived at the parking lot, she took out her phone and read Ks message.

There was a photo of the woman who smashed their stores.

By a glance, she recognized it was Jing Yunchans daughter, Jing Yuelan.

Was it an order from the Jing family, or was it Jing Yuelans own decision

No matter what the reason was, Gu Ning was determined to pay Jing Yuelan back.

Gu Ning quickly drove to the location K sent her.

Luckily, there was no traffic on the road, so she smoothly drove and sped up along the way.

She had good luck and rarely had to wait for the traffic lights to turn green.

There were only green lights along her way, so she only waited for a few seconds.

It had been an hour since Jing Yuelan smashed Gu Nings stores, so it had already gone viral on the Internet.

Because many people saw Jing Yuelan damaging Gu Nings stores, they took videos of it and posted the videos on the Internet.

Therefore, when other Internet users saw it, they were all amazed and scared by Jing Yuelan.

They wondered whether she was stronger than Gu Ning.

However, many people still believed that Gu Ning was stronger, so they discussed whether the woman was afraid of Gu Ning since she damaged Gu Nings stores.

“Shes crazy.

How dare she smash Goddess Gus store!”

“Jesus, I want to kill her.

How could she do that to Goddess Gus store”

“Im so angry! Where is she from Shes so hateful!”

“Where is Goddess Gu Come out, Goddess Gu, beat the bi*ch!”

“Goddess Gu, beat her!”


Gu Nings fans went crazy as well.

They couldnt tolerate the womans behavior and hated her to death.


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