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Since they took the job, they needed to find out more about it.

After all, they were going abroad this time and they needed to learn Language Y before they went to Country Y.

Although York would make the arrangements, it wouldnt do them any harm if they learned it themselves.

Therefore, a few days before they carried out the task, Jiang Liluo and Si Jin stopped going to work and Gu Ning hired a teacher to teach them Language Y.

Given Jiang Liluo and Si Jins abilities, they could learn some simple words and phrases within several days.

After York took the criminal away, Gu Ning didnt ask him whether he had gotten any useful information from the man, but Leng Yuanqian still told Gu Ning about the result.

The killer targeted York, but he was a local citizen, so he hadnt been sent from abroad.

As for the mastermind, they didnt conduct a further investigation, because it was a transnational case.

They couldnt do anything and York said that he could handle it on his own.

As for the man who planted the bomb, he was directly sentenced to death.

York didnt know who the mastermind was yet, but he had a name in mind.

Anyway, he had to go back home to deal with it.


As for the wounded and dead, because the incident was caused by York, he had to pay the compensation.

However, only insiders were aware of that, the crowd only knew that it was paid by the government.

The government didnt release the details of the explosion, only saying that it was done by a criminal.

The majority believed it, because there were officials there that day so it might have been for revenge.

Two days later, York was leaving for Country F.

Gu Ning took Jiang Liluo and Si Jin to see him, then they left together.

Time flew and it was only three days away from Master Lengs birthday party.

Before that, all the invitation letters were sent out.

If the guests were in the capital, their invitation letters would be sent home.

If not, they would receive a call before the invitation letter was delivered.

After all, all the guests needed an invitation letter to get into the hall.

They wouldnt welcome uninvited guests.

Top events like that were very attractive so it was unavoidable that people who wanted to climb up the social ladder might try to sneak inside.

Many people of wealth and power disdained those who had low status, but some people could still become successful by riding on their coattails.

The Leng family didnt want people without an invitation letter to get in, but it was not to stop them from getting into this circle, it was for the sake of the Leng family.

Therefore, the invited guests could only come with their family members.

They werent allowed to bring friends with them and this birthday party would be held at the Leng familys mansion.

The other three major families werent invited.

Actually, if it was a grand birthday party, they should be invited although they were competitors of the Leng family.

No matter how much they hated each other, they remained polite to each other on the surface.

At least, they wouldnt argue with each other once they met, so it was necessary for them to keep in touch.

During these years, no matter which major family held an important event, the other major families would be invited whether they decided to go or not.

Even if the other major families didnt go, they would send a gift, as was etiquette.

However, this time, the Leng family didnt want to invite too many people, so they only sent invitation letters to close friends and supporters.

Before long, they learned about Master Lengs birthday party.

It was quite normal that they didnt receive an invitation letter, but they were unhappy about it.

The Rong family wasnt affected, but the Yuan family and the Chang family were displeased.

They didnt have much interest in the party, but they felt ignored and embarrassed by the Leng family.

Even though the Leng family didnt have that intention, as the top families in the capital, it was embarrassing that they werent invited.

It was an entirely different matter if they didnt want to go after they were invited.

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In the Yuan family… All the family members were home.

Master Yuan was sitting on the sofa unhappily.

“Hump, Leng Weihua is so arrogant.

How could he not invite us”

“The Rong family and the Chang family arent invited either.

I think the Leng family just want to have a small party so only people in their faction have been invited,” said Yuan Wenye.

Yuan Wenye was the first to hear about the Leng familys birthday party and he passed on the news to Master Yuan after he came home.

Master Yuan was still displeased, but he couldnt do anything about it.

The Chang family had the same feeling.

The birthday party would be held the next day, so Leng Shaoting came back in the afternoon.

Once Leng Shaoting got back, he asked where Gu Ning was.

When he heard Gu Ning was in her company, he didnt go to the siheyuan right away.

Instead, he went to pick Gu Ning up first.

As soon as Leng Shaoting showed up at the headquarters of the Shengning Organization, he attracted a lot of attention from the crowd.

Even though it wasnt his first visit and most of the staff were already familiar with him, they were still stunned whenever he came.

When Leng Shaoting walked towards the elevator, a beautiful, tall young woman walked out.

The moment she saw Leng Shaoting, her eyes lit up.

Leng Shaoting was the most handsome man she had ever seen!

Without hesitation, the woman deliberately twisted her ankle in front of Leng Shaoting and fell onto his body.

Seeing that, Leng Shaoting avoided her.

He didnt care about women at all.

To be specific, he only cared about Gu Ning.

Other people were surprised when the woman did that, but they also gloated over her misfortune.

This man was their bosss fiancé!

The woman only did that because she didnt know that Leng Shaoting was Gu Nings fiancé, otherwise she wouldnt have been so stupid.

After Leng Shaoting avoided her, the woman directly fell to the ground.

However, Leng Shaoting didnt stop and continued to walk.

The moment the woman hit the ground, she screamed in pain.

She didnt expect Leng Shaoting to avoid her, so she quickly got angry.



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