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Unfortunately, no matter how agile he was normally, at this moment, he could hardly move, let alone fight Gu Ning.

The moment he reached out his arm, Gu Ning kicked him down causing him to spit out a mouthful of blood.

The man tried to get up, but only found his limbs had gotten even stiffer.

As long as he moved, the pain was excruciating.

“Do you think you can run away after falling into my hands Even a top assassin is like an ant before me, let alone you,” said Gu Ning disdainfully.

Although she didnt know the mans profession, she guessed he had to be trained.

Not only trained members in killer organizations were called assassins, some people kept by the rich were also involved in such illegal deeds.

They were trained to do bad things for their owners.

The man didnt doubt Gu Nings words.

Even though he wasnt a top assassin, he was skilled and quick, but he was no match for Gu Ning.

Therefore, he believed that even top assassins werent a match for Gu Ning.

They might be able to fight back a little, but they would have the same result as him.

The man didnt want to suffer from excruciating pain, so he yielded in the end and told Gu Ning everything.

He indeed planted the bomb, and he aimed to kill York, but he didnt know who the payer was.

He just received an anonymous call and the order.

As a killer, there was no reason for him to turn it down.

Anyway he never cared about moral standards.

He only checked whether he could complete it.

As long as he could do the job, he would accept the offer.


If the task was successfully done, he would be paid a million dollars, which was about eighty million yuan.

It was a lot for him, so he happily accepted the offer.

Before he took action, he was paid five hundred thousand dollars.

After he succeeded, he would receive the other half of the money.

If he failed, he needed to try again till he killed his target.

If he didnt want to continue after he failed, he needed to return the money.

If he refused to return the money, he would be chased by other assassins, as was the rule in the killer organizations.

Since York was the target, Gu Ning didnt bother to ask more about it.

She directly called Leng Yuanqian and told him everything.

He could pass the information on to York.

Although Gu Ning gave York her name card, she didnt ask for his name card or phone number.

When Leng Yuanqian heard that Gu Ning found the person who planted the bomb, he was very surprised.

He didnt expect that she would be so efficient.

After all, they hadnt found anything yet.

Knowing that York was the target, Leng Yuanqian felt slightly better.

He wasnt gloating over Yorks misfortune, but was happy that the Leng family hadnt been targeted.

No matter how upright he was, he was selfish to some extent.

He cared more about his own family than outsiders.

Since it was caused by York, Leng Yuanqian didnt want to be involved any longer.

He would leave it to York.

Although he was almost injured, he survived after all.

Anyway, the result would be the same whether he or York went to solve the problem.

There was barely a difference.

After that, Leng Yuanqian called York.

York was shocked when he was told that Gu Ning found the person who planted the bomb.

She indeed had superpowers!

Therefore, York admired Gu Ning more than ever.

Although he had a high status, it didnt mean that he was arrogant and took everything lightly.

Instead, in his position, he had to be able to select the right people and form a close relationship with them.

No matter how strong he was, he couldnt rely on himself to build a successful career.

He needed support from skilled people.

After all, many hands make light work.

After that, York immediately contacted Gu Ning.

He asked her where the man was and said that he would send people to take the man away.

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York had noble blood, so there were a lot of people protecting him when he went out.

Some followed him by his side, while some hid in the darkness, making it convenient to do some dirty things.

If they were in public, they would easily be caught.

Now York was going to send his people to take the man from Gu Ning.

Gu Ning told York where she was and his people arrived about fifty minutes later.

They took the man away, then Gu Ning went back to the siheyuan.

While Gu Ning was waiting for Yorks people to come over, K got the result about the explosion.

From the surveillance cameras, K saw the man go into a private room next to Leng Yuanqians.

Although there werent surveillance cameras in the private rooms and K couldnt see what he did inside, the man had confessed to everything he had done.

When Gu Ning got back to the siheyuan, Jing Yunyao was also home.

After Leng Yuanqian learned that York was the target from Gu Ning, he shared the news with the Leng family so the Leng family were very relieved.

Although the Leng family wasnt the target this time, they stayed alert.

After all, they had many opponents, so they might be the next target.

The Rong family, the Yuan family, and the Chang family received the news shortly after Leng Yuanqian and the others were rescued.

They originally thought that Leng Yuanqian would be seriously injured even if he wasnt killed, but unexpectedly Leng Yuanqian was totally fine.

It was unbelievable.

If Leng Yuanqian was killed this time, the Leng family wouldnt only lose Leng Yuanqian, they would also be blamed because of Yorks death.

York was a marquis of Country Y with an extremely high status.

If he was killed in a foreign country, it would be a serious foreign affair.

So if York died with Leng Yuanqian, the Leng family would surely be blamed for it.

The Leng family might be able to bear the result, because York was only hurt because of Leng Yuanqian.

He wasnt directly killed by Leng Yuanqian or the Leng family.

However, it would cause a serious impact on the Leng family.

Currently all the major families had great influence, and it wasnt easy to unseat any of them, unless they killed all the family members and themselves in the end.


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