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The next moment, he thought that it should be Leng Yuanqian.

Leng Yuanqian must have survived and was calling to let him know.

Afterwards, Master Leng answered it and asked in a trembling voice, “Is this Yuanqian”

He prayed to the God that it would be Leng Yuanqian.

If not, he honestly didnt know how to face it.

The others in the car got nervous once they heard what he said, and Jiang Shuyuan asked right away, “Is it Yuanqian”

On the other side of the phone, Leng Yuanqian heard Master Lengs voice trembling.

He knew that they heard about the explosion and were worried about him, so he immediately replied.

“Yeah, its me.”

“Yuanqian, are you alright” Hearing Leng Yuanqians voice, Master Leng felt extremely relieved.

Although he didnt know about Leng Yuanqians condition yet, at least Leng Yuanqian was still alive.

“Im fine.

Im not injured at all.” Leng Yuanqian comforted Master Leng.

“Really Youre not lying to me” Master Leng couldnt believe it.

He didnt want Leng Yuanqian to be injured, but the explosion was too dangerous.

How was it possible that Leng Yuanqian could be fine He thought that Leng Yuanqian was saying that just to comfort him.

However, if Leng Yuanqian really wasnt injured at all, it would be great.

Before Leng Yuanqian said anything, Gu Ning opened her mouth.

“Grandpa Leng, Uncle Yuanqian is indeed fine.

Im here with him!”

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When Master Leng heard Gu Nings voice, he was struck dumb for a second, then totally relaxed.

Since Gu Ning was there, Leng Yuanqian would definitely be fine.

“Great, were coming.

We should be there in about twenty minutes,” said Master Leng.

This was the first time that he thought the capital was too large.

They had to spend so long on the road wherever they went.

“Sure!” Gu Ning replied.

Because Master Leng and the others were already on the road, she couldnt stop them from coming.

They wouldnt really be relieved until they saw Leng Yuanqian with their own eyes.

After hanging up, Master Leng felt much better.

“Dad, hows Yuanqian now” Jiang Shuyuan didnt hear their conversation, so she was still very anxious.

“Ningning is there.

Yuanqian is fine,” said Master Leng.

Knowing that Leng Yuanqian was fine, Jiang Shuyuan was also relieved.

At the same time, she had mixed emotions.

She now felt even more ashamed of what she had done to Gu Ning.

She had schemed against Gu Ning many times before, but Gu Ning was so nice and had helped them again and again.

“Ningning brought good luck to our family,” said Leng Yuanzhen in amazement.

Because of Gu Ning, Leng Shaoting became more easy-going, Jing Yunyao came back, Jiang Shuyuans father was saved, and Leng Yuanqian survived.

“Right!” Master Leng agreed on that and felt very touched.

Before long, the police came and immediately took action to save people.

Because it was a very important case and several senior and foreign officials were involved, the mayor and officials of the Public Security Department came in person.

Seeing so many important figures, everyone guessed that there were more important people in the clubhouse, otherwise they wouldnt have come in person.

Afterwards, the crowd excitedly talked about it, guessing whether the people inside had survived.

Most of the people believed that it was impossible for them to survive.

After all, the explosion was sudden and caused a strong impact.

It had damaged a third of the building.

Before Master Leng and the others arrived, the rescue team found Leng Yuanqian and other officials.

Because it was their key task to save Leng Yuanqian and the other officials, the rescue team made full use of every second.

Actually, many of them didnt think that Leng Yuanqian could have survived, because the explosion occurred where he was.

He must have been heavily hit by the force of the explosion.

Several people who were near the explosion were already killed, let alone people who sat right by it.

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However, when they saw that Leng Yuanqian and the others were completely fine, they were totally shocked.

They thought that he would be seriously injured even if he wasnt killed, but unexpectedly, he wasnt injured at all.

Moreover, they werent hit by any falling debris and there was enough space for them to move and breathe normally.

They had unbelievably good luck!

Perhaps they had done many good deeds before that they were blessed!

The rescue team immediately removed the rubble and pulled them out.

When the crowd saw Leng Yuanqian and the others walk out safely, they were all amazed.

“Jesus, they arent injured at all.

They are only covered in a little dirt.”

“Right, its amazing! Its a miracle! The explosion was so strong that a part of the building directly collapsed.”

“Yeah, but I didnt expect to see Secretary Leng here.

He must have done many good deeds before, for him to have such good luck today.”

“I agree.”


As soon as Chu Peihan saw Gu Ning, she got rid of Han Chenglins hold and rushed forward.

However, she was stopped by the security guards whose duty it was to protect Leng Yuanqian and the other officials.

Although Chu Peihan wouldnt hurt anyone, she wasnt allowed to go inside.

After all, Leng Yuanqian had a very high status, and they couldnt bear the result if he was injured by anyone.

Seeing that, Gu Ning walked out at once and Chu Peihan gave her a big hug.

“Gu Ning, youre finally out.

Im so glad to see that youre ok!”

Even though she knew that Gu Ning was safe, when she saw her with her own eyes, Chu Peihan still burst into tears.

“Alright, alright, Im not injured.” Gu Ning hugged Chu Peihan and comforted her.

Han Chenglin and the others walked over as well.

After seeing that Gu Ning was fine, they finally felt relieved.

Those senior officials, on the other hand, went to care for Leng Yuanqian and the other important figures.

“Marquis York, Im so sorry for this terrible incident.” The mayor apologized.

Although Gu Ning had already walked away, she still heard the mayors words and felt slightly surprised.

She knew that York had to have been born in an influential family, but she didnt expect him to be a marquis, which was extremely important!

As for todays explosion, York Yalling didnt get mad or blame anyone, because he clearly knew that he was the target.

Therefore, Leng Yuanqian and the others were only dragged into trouble because of him.

In fact, York Yalling felt a little guilty about that, but he couldnt say it aloud.

Right afterwards, the Leng family came.

They didnt feel completely relieved until they saw that Leng Yuanqian was really fine.

Master Leng and Leng Yuanzhen got out to go see Leng Yuanqian, while Jiang Shuyuan and Jing Yunyao waited in the car.

Jiang Shuyuan had just cried a lot and her eyes were swollen, so she didnt go over.


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