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When Wei Chuanxun arrived at the hospital, Rong Zechen had just finished applying ointment to his injuries and was resting in a VIP ward.

He was badly injured, but luckily he only had external wounds, so he would make a full recovery after about ten days.

Wei Chuanxun asked him about the situation.

Because Wei Chuanxun already knew abput the woman and was aware of their sexual relationship, Rong Zechen didnt bother to keep it a secret and told Wei Chuanxun everything.

After hearing what happened, Wei Chuanxun was shocked and also thought that it had to be a scheme.

“If its a scheme, it shouldnt be so simple.

Whos the mastermind behind it Whats their purpose I think you should do an investigation as soon as possible, especially about the woman and those men,” said Wei Chuanxun.

“But I dont want my family to know.

Im afraid…” Rong Zechen understood that it was necessary to conduct an investigation, but he was afraid his family would be disappointed in him after knowing about his sexual relationship with such a woman.

“If you dont do it now, it might cause your family serious trouble and the situation will only be worse.” Wei Chuanxun said, “You dont need to let your family know everything.

You can tell your older brother and keep it hidden from your other family members.

Your older brother can help you deal with it.”

After thinking for a while, Rong Zechen had to admit it was the best solution.

Afterwards, he took out his phone and called Rong Jue.

Once Rong Jue answered the call, Rong Zechen told him everything.

Rong Jue was very mad at Rong Zechens behavior and criticized him angrily.

He was an upright man, so he never tolerated dirty deals like that.

If they were a couple, he might not be so mad.

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Anyway, it already happened, so he had to deal with it.

He also agreed that it might be a scheme.

If it was a scheme, the mastermind couldnt just be targeting Rong Zechen, they had to be targeting the Rong family.

Rong Jue was free, so he immediately conducted an investigation after hearing about the situation.

Rong Jue had many abilities, so he quickly found out the truth.

Rong Zechen was indeed trapped, and the mastermind behind the scheme wasnt from other major families, but from their own family, the Rong family.

The group of men who beat Rong Zechen didnt know his family background.

If they had known, they wouldnt have dared to injure him.

Therefore, after Rong Jue caught them, he directly told them about the Rong familys influence.

Those men were scared and told him everything.

In fact, when Rong Jue found them, they were about to run away, which was a part of the plan made by the mastermind.

They didnt want to be caught by Rong Zechens family, but Rong Jue still found them.

The Rong family didnt get along with each other.

They were competing against one another fiercely and many had ambition to control the whole family.

That was why the mastermind behind the scheme against Rong Zechen was their third uncle, Rong Jingtang.

However, Rong Jingtang didnt do it on his own.

Instead, he asked his people to handle it, so Rong Jue found out about Rong Jingtangs involvement through clues.

Rong Jue wouldnt tolerate it.

When they schemed against Rong Zechen, they took many photos and videos to prove that Rong Zechen had fun in bars and slept with the woman.

However, those photos and videos hadnt been sent to Rong Jingtang yet, only to the middleman.

Rong Jue found the middleman as fast as possible, and the man still had those photos and videos because Rong Jingtang wasnt free.

As a result, Rong Jue stopped him before the photos and videos were sent to Rong Jingtang.

When the middleman saw Rong Jue, he was shocked.

He didnt expect Rong Jue to find out so quickly, which meant that the Rong familys eldest son might also be aware of it.

The middleman was scared and had to hand everything to Rong Jue due to his pressure.

The middleman also betrayed Rong Jingtang.

Rong Jue beat the middleman before leaving, but the middleman didnt inform Rong Jingtang after the plan failed.

Because he had betrayed Rong Jingtang, he was afraid that Rong Jingtang might try to kill him.

So without delay, he left the capital.

Although the middleman was injured, he did his best and left, otherwise he might suffer something worse.

The next day, Rong Jingtang called the middleman for the evidence, but was unable to get through to the man.

He called many times, but no one answered, so he began to worry that the middleman might have been exposed.

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If he was exposed, would the middleman betray him

Rong Jingtang was anxious.

He dared to scheme against Rong Zechen, but was also afraid that the dirty secret might be exposed.

Therefore, he sent out another person to check on the middleman.

However, when his people found the mans house, he was already gone.

His people then went to check the surveillance cameras, but was told that the surveillance cameras were broken last night.

As a result, his people tried to collect information using the middlemans ID, but unfortunately there was nothing.

In that case, Rong Jingtang was sure that his scheme might have been exposed.

The middleman was probably caught and ran away.

However, when he got back to the Rong familys house, Rong Zechens parents seemed normal as usual.

It seemed as if they didnt know about it at all.

Did Rong Zechen deal with it on his own

How was it possible He was just a student.

He didnt have the ability to solve this problem.

Rong Jingtang couldnt figure it out, but his wife quarreled with him after coming back home, because she received several photos.

In the photos, Rong Jingtang was in a parking lot with a mother and a son.

He and the woman walked hand in hand with the little boy.

They seemed to be a family.

Therefore, Rong Jingtangs wife believed that he had a mistress and illegitimate son outside.

It was the truth.

When Rong Jingtang saw the photos, he was shocked.

Who gave his wife these photos

Did it have something to do with his scheme against Rong Zechen After Rong Zechen found out, they didnt bother to argue with him face to face, but let his wife know his secret

Thinking of that, Rong Jingtang was furious, but he didnt dare to question it.

Otherwise his wife would find out that he had schemed against Rong Zechen, which would put him in a worse situation.


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