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Not only Jing Yaorongs family needed to leave, even his loyal subordinates had to go with him.

Although they did nothing wrong, there was a new patriarch now.

Under Jing Yunyaos pressure, no one dared to resist.

The people who were staying actively carried out tasks assigned by Jing Jining.

“Jing Jining, you…” Jing Yunchan still couldnt accept it, but she didnt know what to say.

“What If you dont want any trouble, leave now.

If you dare to make things difficult for us again, I wont be gentle with you,” said Jing Jining.

“You…” Jing Yunchan was mad, but she was indeed scared of Jing Jining and dared not to say anything again.

Within an hour, Jing Yaorongs family, the youngest elder, and the housekeeper moved out of the Jing familys house.

Jing Jining didnt care where they went afterwards.

Next, Jing Jining picked a new man from the south yard to be the housekeeper and to deal with the following trifles.

Jing Yaorong and Senior Mrs.

Jing were carried out of the Jing familys house, because one was dying and one was seriously injured.

Jing Yaorong was seriously injured, but he was still alive, while Senior Mrs.

Jing was about to breathe her last.

Many people were outside the Jing familys house, waiting to see what happened.

So when they saw Jing Yaorong and Senior Mrs.

Jing being carried out, they were all amazed.

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They knew that Jing Yaorongs family would suffer once Jing Yunyao and Shangguan Yang came, but they were still surprised by the scene.

What was more surprising was that Jing Yaorong was deprived of all of his abilities and had become an ordinary man.

“Jesus, the Jing familys patriarch lost all of his abilities.

It must be extremely painful for him!”

“Right, its so difficult to cultivate right now.

There arent many masters in the Yuan Ying Period.”

“Yeah, but I think he deserves it.

I dont have any sympathy for him.”

“Me too.

From this, I can be sure that Jing Yunyaos disappearance that year must have something to do with him.

And he played an important role in it, otherwise Jing Yunyao wouldnt have punished him so seriously.”

“I agree.”

Hearing peoples discussion, Jing Yaorong was so angry that he even wanted to pass out since people were gloating over his failure.

“But Mrs.

Jing is dying.

Im afraid shes…”

“Shut up!” Upon hearing that, Jing Yunchan snapped at them.

Although she was clearly aware that Senior Mrs.

Jing was dying, she didnt allow other people to mention it.

It sounded like a curse.

After being snapped at by Jing Yunchan, onlookers stopped talking about Senior Mrs.


“Oh, have they been chased out of the Jing family” someone asked.

“I think so.

If I came back to take revenge, I wouldnt allow my enemies to stay either.”

“Since the Jing familys patriarch has been chased out, who will take over the position”

“I think it should be Jing Yunyao.

She seems to be at a high level, and she also has Shangguan Yangs support.”


The person who supervised Jing Yaorong and the others moving out heard the onlookers discussion, so he announced.

“The Jing familys new patriarch isnt Miss Yunyao, but Lord Jining.

Because Miss Yunyao needs to deal with her own business, shell only be assisting Lord Jining in the future.”

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Hearing that, everyone was amazed.

The first idea that appeared in their mind was that Jing Yunyao would be the new patriarch, but unexpectedly it was Jing Jining.

Anyway, even though it was Jing Jining, no one thought it was a bad idea.

After all, Jing Jining had a good reputation.

Compared with the patriarchs of other families, he was a little weak, but he had Jing Yunyao and Shangguan Yangs support.

Although they didnt know Jing Yunyaos exact level, they knew that Shangguan Yang was a master.

As long as Shangguan Yang supported the Jing family, no one would dare to take advantage of them.

The Yin family and the Dongfang family sent people to collect the news.

When the two patriarchs of the two families heard what had happened, they had mixed emotions.

They were happy to know what happened to Jing Yaorong, but the Jing family had Jing Yunyao and Shangguan Yangs support now, which was hard for them to accept.

For so many years, the Jing family was almost left behind among the four major families, but now they had Shangguan Yangs support.

It made the other families feel that the Jing family would surpass them, which wasnt pleasant.

However, what could they do about it They were afraid of Shangguan Yang and couldnt change the result anyway.

Although Jing Yaorong was no longer a cultivator and couldnt stay in the cultivation world, Jing Yunfei took him to a small yard because he was seriously injured.

They could only deal with the following issues after Jing Yaorong recovered.

After Jing Jining finished making all of the arrangements, the food was ready in the south yard, so they went to have a meal together.

Anyway, everything went smoothly this time, so he didnt need Shangguan Yang and Gu Nings help, which wasnt beyond their expectations.

After all, Jing Yunyao was at a very high level so it couldnt be easier for her to defeat Jing Yaorong.

Back then, if the eldest elder and the second elder stood out for Jing Yaorong, Gu Ning would join the fight.

As for Shangguan Yang, he would wait till Jing Yunyao was at a disadvantage.

If Jing Yunyao, Leng Shaoting, and Gu Ning were fighting against Jing Yaorong, the housekeeper, and the three elders, it wouldnt be very likely for them to win, but they wouldnt easily lose either.

Shortly after Jing Yaorongs family was chased out of the Jing family, Jing Yunyan received the news outside.

Jing Yunfei asked Jing Bingjie to call Jing Yunyan, who was absent, so he learned about everything.

Jing Yunfei did that because he wanted Jing Yunyan to come back to the cultivation world as soon as possible.

After all, Senior Mrs.

Jing was dying so he should come back to see her for the last time.

However, Jing Yunyan didnt go back to the cultivation world when he received the news.

Instead, he directly went to the Leng familys house, trying to pay the Leng family back.

At this time, Jing Yunyan lost control of himself, so he didnt think about what would happen to them after he did that.

Even though he knew it was a bad choice, he was reluctant to accept what had happened.

However, once he was close to the Leng familys house, he sensed two cultivators nearby.

He was greatly surprised.

Didnt Jing Yunyao and the others leave for the cultivation world Why were there still cultivators in the Leng familys house


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