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“I came to take revenge.

And I just said that Ill only pay Jing Yaorong back.

If other people arent involved, I wont make it difficult for the innocent, but the Youngest elder was determined to interfere.

Now that the truth has come out, he should leave the Jing family along with Jing Yaorong.

I wont keep someone who tried to kill me in the Jing family.” Jing Yunyao sneered.

“So, let me repeat myself, if you want to stay in the Jing family, you can kill yourself.

Ill let you have a position in the Jing familys ancestral shrine.”

Hearing that, the youngest elder was struck dumb.

He was reluctant to leave, but didnt know what to say.

Although he was an elder, he belonged to a collateral branch of the Jing family.

He had a high position in the Jing family, so he could have a place in its ancestral shrine, but his children and grandchildren couldnt.

“If so, do any of you disagree” asked Bai Lingtian.

According to what Jing Yunyao just said, they should be chased out of the Jing family.

“Im the granddaughter of the Jing family.

I dont want to leave!” Jing Bingjie was reluctant to lose her status and wealth inherited from the Jing family.

She couldnt imagine what her life would be like if she wasnt a member of the Jing family any longer.

“Its not up to you now.” Jing Yunyao coldly stared at Jing Bingjie.

Even though Jing Bingjie was a junior to her, she wouldnt be gentle.

Jing Bingjie was too scared to say a word, and the other people didnt dare to say anything either.

“The eldest elder, the second elder, do you accept that Jing Jining will become the Jing familys new patriarch” Jing Yunyao asked them.

Since they chose to watch from the side earlier, they should be of some use.

Although they chose to watch from the side and seemed unreliable, it had nothing to do with them after all.

It was their personal grudge and the situation was dangerous.

No one would be willing to be dragged into trouble.

As long as they were useful for the Jing family, Jing Yunyao would keep them.

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“We accept it.” Replied the eldest elder and the second elder.

They didnt think that it was unfair.

Anyway, it didnt matter who would be the new patriarch since they would never be that person.

And they knew Jing Jining very well.

He was an upright person, and wouldnt be a dictator like Jing Yaorong.

In addition, not only Jing Yunyao and Leng Shaoting supported Jing Jining, even Shangguan Yang supported him!

Whether they did it for their own sake or for the Jing familys future, they were willing to let Jing Jining be the Jing familys new patriarch.

“Cousin Jining, since youre the new patriarch of the Jing family now, youll deal with the following things,” Jing Yunyao said to Jing Jining.

She was no longer a member of the Jing family, so she shouldnt be deeply involved in the Jing familys affairs.

She only came to take revenge.

“Sure.” Jing Jining nodded, then said, “Its almost lunchtime.

Why dont you go to the south yard with my parents for a rest Tell the kitchen to prepare some food.

We can have a talk after I deal with things here.”

“Right, right!” Jing Yanhua immediately agreed.

“Great,” said Jing Yunyao.

It wasnt over yet, so they couldnt leave right away.

“Head Bai, if you have time, why dont you join us.” Jing Yanhua invited.

“Thanks, but I need to go back to Tiandaozong.” Bai Lingtian declined.

He didnt really need to do that, but the Jing family was busy dealing with their family affairs, so he shouldnt stay.

“Senior Shangguan, if youre free this afternoon, please come to see us at Tiandaozong.”

He invited Shangguan Yang, Jing Yunyao, Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning to see them together.

They were at very high levels, so Tiandaozong would treat them politely.

“Of course, if there is nothing for us to deal with, well pay a visit to Tiandaozong,” said Shangguan Yang.

If they werent in a rush to leave it was necessary to visit Tiandaozong.

If they respected Tiandaozong, Tiandaozong would be willing to do them favors.

That was how they formed a long term relationship.

It wouldnt do them any harm if they could have a close relationship with Tiandaozong.

“Great, see you then,” said Bai Lingtian.

“See you, Head Bai,” said Shangguan Yang and the others.

Afterwards, Bai Lingtian and his people left.

Jing Jining wanted to walk them to the gate, but Bai Lingtian stopped him.

He told Jing Jining to stay and deal with the Jing familys affairs.

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On their way to the south yard, Jing Yanhua said to Jing Yunyao, “Yunyao, is Jining a good choice for the position of the Jing familys patriarch We all agree that youre more suitable.”

They didnt think that only men could be the patriarch, so they would support Jing Yunyao as long as she was a better choice.

“I have no interest in it.

I cant stay in the cultivation world either.

I have many things to deal with in the mortal world, so I think Jining is the best choice,” said Jing Yunyao.

Hearing that, Jing Yanhua nodded.

Although Leng Shaoting was a cultivator, he lived in the mortal world.

He had his job and duties in the mortal world, so he couldnt move to the cultivation world.

And since her son and her husbands family were in the mortal world, it was impossible for Jing Yunyao to stay in the cultivation world either.

“Uncle, dont worry, well come back to the cultivation world to see you when were free.

And my cousin is very talented.

His cultivation has only been delayed a little during these years.

If he can focus on it in the future, hell quickly break through the peak of the Golden Core Stage.” Jing Yunyao understood that Jing Yanhua was worried that Jing Jining might not be a qualified patriarch, but she knew that there was no better choice in the Jing family right now.

Hearing that, Jing Yanhua said nothing further.

He was also willing to believe in Jing Jining.

It was his son, so he would believe in him.

In the backyard, after Shangguan Yang, Bai Lingtian, and the others were gone, Jing Jining asked Jing Yunyan, “Will you leave on your own, or do you want me to have you escorted out”

He wouldnt be gentle if he needed to do that.

Jing Yunyan clenched his teeth and yielded in the end.

“Ill leave on my own.”


Hearing that, Jing Dianyuan and Jing Bingjie exclaimed with reluctance, but didnt know what else to say.

They were aware that they couldnt change it and Jing Yunyan already gave in.

“Go pack up now.

well move to another house,” said Jing Yunyan.

In fact, this result was much better than he thought.

At least, Jing Yunyao didnt kill all of them.

Compared with the worse result, it was good enough that they could live.

He didnt expect to be successful again after this failure, but he still wanted to have a good life.

Left with no choice, Jing Dianyuan and Jing Bingjie had to listen to Jing Yunyan and went to pack up.


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