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Jing Yaorong was reluctant to accept it, but there was nothing he could do.

Right at this moment, Liu, Jing Bingjie, Jing Yunfeis son, and many other members of the Jing family arrived.

Only Jing Yunyan, who was out of the cultivation world, and Jing Yunchan, who was with her husbands family, were absent.

When Liu and Jing Bingjie saw Jing Yunyao, they recognized her and immediately realized what was happening.

Instantly, they were filled with fear.

Since Jing Yunyao was here, she must have come for revenge.

She was so strong and had Shangguan Yangs help.

The patriarch was surely going to lose.

If the patriarch lost, they would…

“I just said that I didnt have the intention to kill anyone before today.

However, now I feel that you all must die…” Jing Yunyao paused for a second, then focused on Senior Mrs.


Senior Mrs.

Jing was frightened.

No matter how reluctant she was, she had to face reality.

She was in total despair.

Everyone followed Jing Yunyao and turned to look at Senior Mrs.


Even though Jing Yunyao didnt finish speaking, they knew it must have something to do with Senior Mrs.

Jing or Jing Yaorong.

It couldnt be more obvious.

However, what exactly was the reason They didnt know.

They were confused and curious

“Senior Mrs.

Jing turned to an evil cultivator and tried to kill me and my son.

They seriously injured my son.

He fell into an ocean from high up in the air.

His life was in great danger.

We spent two days searching for him and finally found him.

And when we found him, he was dying…” said Jing Yunyao.

Her voice was full of anger and hatred.

Speaking about it, she still felt scared in retrospect.

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Hearing that, everyone was shocked.

They werent surprised that Senior Mrs.

Jing wanted to kill Jing Yunyao and her son.

They were astonished because Senior Mrs.

Jing dared to work with an evil cultivator.

As a cultivator, it was against the rule of the cultivation world that she worked with an evil cultivator.

Besides, this evil cultivator had seriously injured Leng Shaoting and made Leng Shaoting fall into an ocean.

Leng Shaoting could have died!

Several elders didnt know that the young man behind Jing Yunyao was her son, so they were a little confused.

Anyway, since Jing Yunyao married a mortal, it wasnt strange that they had a son.

Therefore they didnt bother to ask why she had a son.

However, why did Senior Mrs.

Jing turned to an evil cultivator in order to kill Jing Yunyaos son Wasnt Jing Yunyaos son a mortal Did Senior Mrs.

Jing turn to the evil cultivator for help because she couldnt handle it alone

“What” Jing Yanhuas family was stunned.

They immediately turned to look at Leng Shaoting.

Senior Mrs.

Jing went to meet an evil cultivator And the evil cultivator had seriously injured Leng Shaoting Leng Shaoting was even dying He was so strong.

How could the evil cultivator injure him If it was true, the evil cultivator must be at a very high level!

However, how did Senior Mrs.

Jing know the evil cultivator Did she do it through Jing Yaorong

If the evil cultivator was willing to help them kill Jing Yunyao and Leng Shaoting, they must be very close.

“Shaoting, how are you now” Jing Jining walked to Leng Shaoting and asked worriedly.

“Im much better.

Thank you so much for your care, uncle,” said Leng Shaoting.

In fact, he still felt scared when he thought of what he had been through.

During these past few years, no matter how dangerous the situation was, he had never been so scared before.

He now had so many people he cared about and he didnt want to leave them.

After hearing Jing Jining ask Leng Shaoting that question and hearing his reply to Jing Jining, the elders realized that Leng Shaoting was Jing Yunyaos son.

They were extremely surprised, because Leng Shaoting was at a high level and it turned out that he was Jing Yunyaos son.

In that case, the evil cultivator who injured him must have been at an even higher level, otherwise he wouldnt be able to injure a cultivator in the Yuan Ying Period.

The oldest elder and the second elder just said that they wouldnt interfere, so they said nothing.

In fact, they had no position to judge them.

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Unfortunately, no matter how strong they were, they didnt belong to the Jing family, which was a shame.

Anyway, after today, the Jing family would have a new patriarch.

If Jing Yunyao was the Jing familys new patriarch, no one would stand up against her except for Jing Yaorong and the members who were loyal to him.

In addition, after Jing Yunyao became the Jing familys new patriarch, the Jing family would have a better future.

They could become the most powerful family among the four major families within a short time!

Not only would Jing Yunyao and Leng Shaoting help the Jing family become better, but they would also have Shangguan Yangs support.

Thinking of that, the oldest elder and the second elder hoped that Jing Yunyao would be the new patriarch.

Even if she couldnt, Leng Shaoting was also a good choice.

Leng Shaoting didnt have the surname Jing and wasnt the Jing familys immediate family, but it wasnt important as long as he could lead the Jing family to a better future.

Senior Mrs.

Jing didnt argue with Jing Yunyao, because Jing Yunyao had evidence.

It was useless no matter what she said right now.

Jing Yaorong suddenly didnt know what to say.

Actually, he didnt have high hopes for that evil cultivator, so it wasnt surprising that the evil cultivator failed.

However, it was still disappointing.

Why Why couldnt the evil cultivator directly kill Leng Shaoting It was better if one of them was dead than if both of them were still alive.

“I wonder whether it has something to do with the patriarch” Jing Yunyao asked.

She knew it was caused by Jing Yaorong, but she wanted to figure out how much Jing Yaorong loved Senior Mrs.


Would he stay out of this mess, or would he defend Senior Mrs.


After Jing Yunyao asked that question, everyone turned to stare at Jing Yaorong to see what he would say.

Senior Mrs.

Jing panicked, because she felt that Jing Yaorong wouldnt defend her.

She had lived with Jing Yaorong for many years, so she knew him very well.

Therefore, before Jing Yaorong even gave an answer, Senior Mrs.

Jing showed disappointment.

She was right.

“I dont know any evil cultivators.

I was unaware of it.” Jing Yaorong denied it very calmly.

He didnt feel guilty at all after he hurled the blame on Senior Mrs.


Even though Senior Mrs.

Jing guessed that Jing Yaorong might deny it, she was still hurt when she heard his answer.

She couldnt accept it.

“Father…” Jing Yunfei was surprised too.

He didnt expect his father to deny it so quickly, but he had no idea what to say right now.

Jing Yaorong denying it was extremely ruthless.


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