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Han Jingxue didnt call Chu Peihan right after speaking to Han Chenglin.

She needed some time to persuade herself.

After half an hour, Han Jingxue called Chu Peihan.

Although they had a quarrel, Chu Peihan still answered Han Jingxues call because Han Chenglin told her that he would make Han Jingxue apologize to her.

And she also wanted an apology.

Han Jingxue had to pay for humiliating her.

However, she didnt pick it up until it rang for a long while and Han Jingxue almost lost her patience.

The moment Chu Peihan answered her call, Han Jingxue almost shouted at her, but she curbed her anger after thinking of Han Chenglins words.

“Whos this” Chu Peihan asked.

Even though she didnt add Han Jingxue to her contacts, she knew it was her.

She only pretended that she didnt know in order to annoy Han Jingxue.

“Its me.

Chenglins younger aunt.” Han Jingxue tolerated it.

She knew Chu Peihan did it on purpose.

So although she did her best to curb her anger, she still sounded a little mad.

“Oh, its you.

Didnt you tell me to leave him Why did you call me again Did something happen Or do you want to say the same thing to me again Sorry, I dont want to hear it again.

Please leave me alone,” said Chu Peihan mockingly.

Hearing that, Han Jingxue understood that Chu Peihan was deliberately angering her.

She almost lost control of her emotions, but still calmed herself down.

Then she apologized reluctantly.

“I have to apologize to you for what I said.

Im sorry.”

Once she finished, Han Jingxue hung up on Chu Peihan, because she was unwilling to hear Chu Peihan mocking her.

Anyway, she already apologized, and it was Chu Peihans issue to accept it or not.

Chu Peihan didnt bother to be mad at her.

She wasnt tolerant, but she wouldnt spend energy on people she didnt care about either.

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Actually, after she read Han Chenglins message, her anger went away a lot.

Chu Peihan agreed to have a date with Han Chenglin at 6 pm.

Because Han Chenglin needed to work during the day, they couldnt have a date earlier.

Chu Peihan was forty minutes late when she arrived at the appointed place.

However, Han Chenglin was still waiting in the private room.

Afterwards, Chu Peihan wasted twenty minutes outside.

It was enough to keep him waiting for her for an hour, but she still had a cold expression when she walked inside.

Han Chenglin wasnt exactly surprised when Chu Peihan came, but he was still very happy.

After that, Han Chenglin repeatedly apologized to Chu Peihan.

“Peihan, my aunt has always been like that.

No one likes her in my family.

My parents and grandfather have seen your photos.

I also talked a lot about you to them.

They all approve of us.

They even asked me to bring you home,” said Han Chenglin.

“Why did you talk about me to your family There is nothing between us,” said Chu Peihan.

There was no sign of anything happening yet.

“Well, theyll see you sooner or later,” said Han Chenglin.

He was sure that he really liked Chu Peihan and wanted to be together with her.

As for the future, he wasnt clear about it now, but he would take it seriously if they became girlfriend and boyfriend.

“Why are you so confident” Chu Peihan rolled her eyes.

“Its not confidence, but belief.

I believe we can be together as long as there is love between us.” Han Chenglin didnt have much confidence, so he could only believe it would come true.

He couldnt make Chu Peihan do what he wanted, but if she really liked him, she would agree to be his girlfriend.

Hearing Han Chenglins reply, Chu Peihan didnt know what to say.

It was true that two people would be together as long as there was love between them.

At 5 am on the fourth day, before daybreak, Jing Yunyao, Leng Shaoting, Shangguan Yang, and Gu Ning went to the cultivation world.

They went there with Senior Mrs.


They set off so early because they needed to fetch Senior Mrs.

Jing and didnt want other people to see.

Jiang Liluo and Si Jin stayed to take care of the Leng family.

Although a day was enough for Gu Ning and the others to take revenge in the cultivation world, they were still worried about the Leng familys safety.

If the Jing family heard what they did, they might try to harm the Leng family.

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Although Gu Ning and the others set off early, they didnt fly with their swords, and instead drove there.

As a result, it was nearly 8 am when they finally arrived and the sky was already bright.

In case they attracted too much attention, they didnt drive straight into the parking lot of Qianling Mountain.

Instead, they drove till there were few people.

They got out of the car and Leng Shaoting drove the car back to the parking lot alone.

After that, they walked on the road towards the cultivation world.

They met up halfway, then continued to climb up the mountain.

It had been torture for Senior Mrs.

Jing these days.

She knew that she would be killed after Jing Yunyao took her back to the cultivation world, but she didnt have the courage to kill herself.

She still had hope, and hoped that Jing Yaorong could have mercy for the sake of the three kids she delivered for him.

Actually, when she saw Leng Shaoting, she was very upset.

Why Why werent they dead Why

Yet she, unfortunately, was going to die.

She was reluctant to accept this result!

After they reached the boundary, they entered the cultivation world.

This time, Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting didnt disguise themselves.

They used their own faces.

After all, a disguise couldnt last forever.

Along the way, they didnt meet anyone and they arrived at the City Sky.

Even though Senior Mrs.

Jing was seriously injured, she was much better after a few days.

She could walk on her own, so Jing Yunyao only carried her when they needed to fly with their swords.

Some people in the crowd recognized Senior Mrs.

Jing, and they were all surprised.

How did Senior Mrs.

Jing get injured all over

They didnt know what she had been through and didnt even think that one or several of the people around her did that.

Instead, they believed that Senior Mrs.

Jing had been rescued.

Before long, someone recognized Shangguan Yang as well, and walked to greet him.

Afterwards, Jing Yunyao was recognized too, shocking the crowd.


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