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Han Chenglin called Chu Peihan back, but Chu Peihan refused to answer his call.

Left with no choice, Han Chenglin could only send her a message.

Han Chenglin: Peihan, Im sorry.

I didnt know she would go to see you and say nonsense to you.

Dont take her words seriously.

She cant represent me or my family.

My parents already know about your existence.

Both of them like you very much.

They are urging me to bring you home.

Dont worry, I wont allow anyone to bully you.

Ill make her apologize to you.

Ill wait for you at the appointed place.

See you there.

After Chu Peihan read Han Chenglins message, her anger went away and she wasnt mad at him any longer.

She would go to see him, but would be late on purpose to see whether he would really be waiting for her.

Han Chenglin knew Chu Peihans character very well.

Although she seemed easy-going on the surface, she actually cared a lot about other peoples feelings.

As long as she really liked him, she wouldnt keep him waiting for her.

At most, she would let him wait half an hour or an hour.

It was true that Han Chenglin knew Chu Peihan very well.

After sending Chu Peihan the message, Han Chenglin called Han Jingxue at once.

When Han Jingxue saw his name on the screen, she knew it must be because of Chu Peihan.

Because of that, she disdained Chu Peihan even more than before.

However, Han Jingxue hesitated to answer Han Chenglins call, because she knew he would criticize her angrily.

Han Chenglin never hesitated to embarrass her after all, and he didnt have the manners of a junior.

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Han Chenglin wouldnt pick on her for no reason.

Normally, she did something that annoyed him, so he would embarrass her.

However, she didnt think she was wrong! She believed that she did everything for his own good.

Although Han Jingxue was reluctant to answer Han Chenglins call, she knew it would only cause a worse result if she refused to answer.

Therefore, she summoned up her courage and picked it up in the end.

Once she answered Han Chenglins call, Han Chenglin angrily shouted at her.

“What do you want to do I told you not to interfere in my own affairs.

Did you forget Do you have any sense of being respectful of other people My parents said nothing about it.

Who do you think you are”

Han Chenglin couldnt care less about Han Jingxues face right now, because she had humiliated Chu Peihan and him.

She wasnt close to him, yet she interfered in his romantic relationship.

“I did that for your own good!” Han Jingxue argued.

Chu Peihan was from an ordinary family.

How could she deserve Han Chenglin and the Han family

Her friends daughter, on the other hand, was born in a wealthy family and was beautiful too.

She believed that they would be a perfect couple.

“For my good Youre ruining my relationship.

Why did you go to humiliate the girl I like Dont you know that youre an outsider in my affairs I think you did that for your friends good.

I cant understand why you treat your friend so well, but would humiliate your own family members.

Do you even take us as your family” Han Chenglin sneered.

He thought Han Jingxue was too dumb, or she wouldnt embarrass her family just for her friend.

“I…” Han Jingxue wanted to say something, but didnt know what to say.

She knew Han Chenglin was right, but she still refused to admit that she was wrong.

As a result, she felt aggrieved.

“Do you really know the daughter of your friend Or do you think shes a better choice no matter what kind of person she is Let me tell you, Ive seen her many times before in hotels.

She didnt see me.

Yet every time I saw her, she was with a different man.

Do you really think shes a better choice for me Why do you want me to get together with her I dont know why you hate me so much.

Stop hurting me!” Han Chenglin criticized.

He didnt say it aloud before because he wanted to protect Han Jingxues face, but now he realized it wasnt important.

“I-I didnt know.” Han Jingxue was shocked.

She really had no idea and couldnt believe that her friends daughter would be someone like that.

However, she was afraid that it was the truth, so she didnt dare to argue.

“Let me warn you for the last time.

Stop interfering in my affairs, or Ill make you regret it.

Dont think I wont just because youre my younger aunt.

You should know my character.” Han Chenglin warned.

Han Chenglin wasnt as gentle as he looked on the surface.

He had his principles and means to solve problems.

He was only gentle to people he liked.

In front of people he liked, he was very kind and nice, but before his enemies, he would become aggressive.

As the heir of their family, he couldnt be weak.

He had to be strong enough.

Therefore, Han Jingxue was afraid of Han Chenglin.

In the end, Han Chenglin said, “Thats all I can say.

Call Peihan and apologize to her!”

Since Han Jingxue could invite Chu Peihan out, she must have her number.

If not, he could give her Chu Peihans phone number.

Han Jingxue had humiliated Chu Peihan, so she ought to give her an apology.

“No!” Upon hearing that, Han Jingxue refused.

She didnt think she should apologize to Chu Peihan.

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“Great, then Ill tell grandfather about this.” Han Chenglin didnt lose his temper, nor did he force her, but he threatened her.

“You…” Han Jingxue was mad, but she had to give in.

If Master Han learned about what she had done, she might be chased out of the Han family and have to make money on her own.

Although Han Jingxue had divorced, she didnt move out of the Han familys house.

She still relied on the Han family to live.

She did nothing every day, but wouldnt stop bothering other people.

Therefore Master Han never liked her.

And it was not only Master Han; everybody in the Han family disliked her.

Most importantly, Han Jingxue was a troublemaker.

However, if she behaved herself, no one would criticize her.

“Fine, Ill apologize to her!” Han Jingxue said through her teeth, then she went to give Chu Peihan a call.

After the call, Han Jingxue had the impulse to smash her phone.

She blamed Chu Peihan.

She didnt think she did anything wrong.

However, if she hadnt gone to humiliate Chu Peihan, Chu Peihan wouldnt bother her!

There was a reason for her misfortune.


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