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Upon hearing that, Chu Peihan was annoyed.

She wasnt together with Han Chenglin yet, but Han Chenglins younger aunt already wanted her to leave him.

It was dramatic.

Since she didnt respect her, Chu Peihan wouldnt care about her face either.

She sneered and asked, “Did you come to say that to me on behalf of Han Chenglin and his parents Or is it just you”

Chu Peihans attitude annoyed Han Chenglins younger aunt.

She frowned and became colder.

“No matter who I represent, you dont deserve Chenglin and our family.

I know you want to marry into a rich family, but that only exists in romantic stories.

It wont happen in reality.”

“Madam, are you serious Its not me who doesnt want to leave Han Chenglin.

Its he who begged me to be his girlfriend.

If you think I dont deserve him.

Go tell him to stay away from me.

Stop bothering me!” Chu Peihan mocked.

Han Jingxue wasnt young at about forty years old, but she still got angry at the way Chu Peihan talked to her.

She thought that Chu Peihan was being extremely disrespectful.

However, she didnt bother to waste time arguing.

She directly said to Chu Peihan, “Hes been seduced by you, so he doesnt want to leave you.

Do you think he really likes you There are countless girls who are better than you.

And hell fall in love with someone better.

If you leave him now, itll be a good thing for you.

Dont waste my kindness.”

“Thank you for your compliment.

I know Im charming, but I dont need your care and you have no right to judge me,” said Chu Peihan aggressively.

“You…” Han Jingxue got angry.

She thought that Chu Peihan was rude and unpleasant, but why should Chu Peihan listen to her

“Do you want money Fine, I can give you money.

You can have five hundred thousand yuan so leave Chenglin,” said Han Jingxue.

The next moment, she took out a card.

it was prepared before she came.

Afterwards, she threw it to Chu Peihan.

“Here, there is five hundred thousand yuan.

No password.”

Before she did that, Chu Peihan was already angry.

As a result, once she did that, Chu Peihan couldnt stand it any longer.

She hit the table heavily making a loud sound in the café.

Everyone turned to look at her in surprise.

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Chu Peihan didnt care about them.

She glared straight at Han Jingxue and said, “Ms.

Han, as a lady born in a wealthy family, how can you be so impolite.

Dont you have any sense of respect It has nothing to do with me whether you have manners, but you cant have my respect if you dont respect me.

Since you dare to humiliate me, dont blame me for treating you the same way.”

Chu Peihans sudden anger scared Han Jingxue, making her feel stressed.

Chu Peihan was just an ordinary girl.

How could she be so powerful

Chu Peihan didnt give her a chance to say anything further, and continued.

“Why are you criticizing my family background It has nothing to do with you! Hang Chenglin is your nephew, not your son.

How can you throw money at my face and ask me to leave him Does he know about this Are you respecting him by doing this How will he feel about it after he knows”

Upon hearing that, onlookers gave Han Jingxue accusatory glances.

They hated selfish and self-centered rich people the most, because they always liked to humiliate other people.

Han Jingxue was extremely embarrassed.

She got angry since other people were all looking at her.

“You…” Right when Han Jingxue was about to say something again, Chu Peihan interrupted.

“Five hundred thousand yuan Do you think Im really poor Or do you believe that your family is the richest family in the world To be honest with you, I dont think your family deserves me.

In fact, if you became rich on your own, youd have my respect.

However, if you rely on your parents to have so much money, Ill only disdain you.”

Afterwards, Chu Peihan stood up and walked away.

She was unwilling to pay more attention to Han Jingxue.

As for the coffee, she would let Han Jingxue pay the bill.

Anyway, she didnt even take a sip.

“You…” Han Jingxue abruptly stood up.

Watching Chu Peihans retreating back, she was full of anger.

This girl called Chu Peihan was so aggressive! How could she do this!

Chu Peihan didnt keep it a secret from Han Chenglin.

As soon as she was out of the café, she called him.

“Han Chenglin, I dont want to see you today,” said Chu Peihan grumpily.

Han Chenglin could hear that she was mad.

He was confused and asked with concern, “Whats wrong Did anything go wrong”

“Your younger aunt just came to see me.

She said she will give me five hundred thousand yuan, but I should leave you.

She even said I dont deserve you and your family.

If so, I think we shouldnt be together, bye.” The moment Chu Peihan finished, she hung up.

She knew it wasnt Han Chenglins fault and she shouldnt blame him for it, but she was too angry.

She could only vent her anger on him.

She didnt really mean that she would leave him.

She had no intention of avoiding him.

Han Jingxue was a nobody in her eyes.

However, if it was Han Chenglins parents, she might consider leaving him.

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She didnt know whether it had anything to do with Han Chenglins parents yet, so she had to take it slowly.

Before Han Chenglins parents showed their attitude, she wouldnt easily make a decision about her relationship with Han Chenglin.

Nevertheless, Han Jingxue was too awful! She would leave her to Han Chenglin.

If Han Chenglin could handle it well, she might accept him as her boyfriend.

If Han Chenglin really liked her, he wouldnt allow anyone to humiliate her like that.

He didnt need to become enemies with his younger aunt, but he had to deal with it.

When Han Chenglin heard what happened, he was very mad, because it wasnt the first time that Han Jingxue had caused him trouble.

Han Chenglin really hated Han Jingxue ever since he was little, because she was a selfish woman.

She never stopped interfering in other peoples business.

She had divorced twice for a reason.


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