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Why did she hate Chen Jialin so much and even wanted to kill her In fact, Chen Jialin had never hurt her before, she was simply jealous of Chen Jialin for having a better career than her.

Both of the men she liked admired Chen Jialin, so she felt as if Chen Jialin was a stumbling block on her way.

How did Feng Lili get to know Kun

They had had an improper relationship.

At the same time, Feng Lili was very surprised.

Why was Chen Jialin aware of the truth behind the black jade pendant How did she find out

Feng Lili called Kun at once, wanting to ask him about it, but she failed to get through to him.

Was he avoiding her

Chen Jialin and Kun refused to answer her calls.

Was it possible that Kun told Chen Jialin the truth about the black jade pendant If it wasnt Kun, who could it be

Thinking of this, Feng Lili thought that that was very likely the answer and became even angrier.

Why Why would every man she like start to admire Chen Jialin Even Kun sided with Chen Jialin.

Chen Jialin, lets go and see! Feng Lili said to herself.

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On the third day of his recovery, Leng Shaoting was feeling much better.

Nevertheless, they didnt rush to go to the cultivation world.

Instead, that afternoon, they went to the Leng familys house to see Master Leng.

Only they knew that Leng Shaoting was injured.

Master Leng had no idea.

They didnt want him to feel concerned, since it wasnt good for his health.

Now it had already been resolved, so there was no need for them to tell him about the incident.

“I heard from Zhan that Shaoming is getting along well with Zhiyin.

If they can get together, itll be a good thing,” said Master Leng.

He was happy for them.

“Right!” Jiang Shuyuan chimed in.

It was rare for her to say something in front of them, but they were talking about her son.

If she said nothing, it would seem as if she disapproved of their relationship.

In fact, Jiang Shuyuan hoped that Leng Shaoming could marry a girl from a powerful family in the capital, since it would be helpful for his career in the government.

The Leng family had a lot of influence, but still needed support.

After all, she had always wanted Leng Shaoming to surpass Leng Shaoting.

Especially after she learned about Gu Nings family background, she urged Leng Shaoming to marry a girl with an influential family background.

However, not many families in their country could be comparable to the Tang family.

The Zhan family wasnt that much poorer than the Tang family, and Jiang Shuyuan had given up the idea of competing with Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting.

Therefore she was satisfied with Zhan Zhiyin.

She didnt know much about Zhan Zhiyin, but Zhan Zhiyin was very pleasant.

On the other hand, Gu Ning and the others who were aware that Zhan Zhiyin actually was a monster, werent sure whether she was really a good person.

Leng Shaoming had a good impression of Zhan Zhiyin and gradually fell in love with her, but it wasnt deep yet.

If he learned that she was a monster, he might not accept her.

Although Zhan Zhiyin was a half monster, she was allowed to marry a human.

After all, her body was that of a real woman and only her soul wasnt.

Therefore, as long as Leng Shaoming could accept her, there wouldnt be any problems with them being together.

Anyway, it was their personal affair.

Gu Ning was a little concerned, but she wouldnt ask too much or interfere.

However, if they needed her help, she wouldnt hesitate to help them.

As long as Leng Shaoming didnt hurt Leng Shaoting, she would still see him as one of her family members.

After all, they belonged to the Leng family.

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“Did you ask Shaoming about his relationship with Zhiyin” Master Leng asked Jiang Shuyuan.

“I did, but he refused to tell me.

He doesnt want me to interfere.

He can handle it by himself,” said Jiang Shuyuan.

Speaking of that, she felt upset.

Even though she wasnt a helicopter mother, she thought that she should know about her sons romantic relationship, but Leng Shaoming refused to tell her anything.

It made her slightly unhappy.

“Fine, just let him deal with his own relationships.

After their relationship becomes steady, hell tell us.” Master Leng understood.

Leng Shaoming and Zhan Zhiyins relationship wasnt steady yet, so Leng Shaoming might not want to talk about it.

In regards to romantic relationships.

Chu Peihan and Han Chenglin werent together yet either.

Chu Peihan was supposed to have a day off today so she had an appointment with Han Chenglin.

They would have dinner and she planned to accept him as her boyfriend at that time.

However, what happened that afternoon stopped her from doing that.

Although it wasnt Han Chenglins fault, she was still unhappy.

Han Chenglin had two aunts.

One was Shi Xiaoyues mother, who was Han Chenglins elder aunt.

What happened that afternoon had something to do with his younger aunt.

Han Chenglins younger aunt wanted him to get together with the daughter of her good friend.

The daughter of her good friend liked him and was born in a rich family.

Her family wasnt comparable to the Han family, but they were also very wealthy.

After Han Chenglins younger aunt found out that he fell in love with Chu Peihan and that Chu Peihan wasnt born in a super-rich family, she went to see Chu Peihan and offered to give her five hundred thousand yuan, then asked her to leave Han Chenglin.

It was extremely humiliating for Chu Peihan.

The situation was like this…

After Han Chenglins younger aunt found Chu Peihan, she invited Chu Peihan to have coffee at a café.

Originally, Chu Peihan was respectful of her because she was Han Chenglins younger aunt, but once Han Chenglins younger aunt opened her mouth, she was extremely arrogant and embarrassed Chu Peihan publicly.

“Ive collected some information about you.

Youre from an ordinary family in a small city, City F.

Both of your parents have already passed away.

You only have an older brother.

So I dont think you deserve Chenglin.

My friends daughter, on the other hand, was born in a wealthy family in the capital.

She and Chenglin will be a perfect couple.

I think you should be smart and leave Chenglin right now.”

Even though Han Chenglins younger aunt had collected some information about Han Chenglin, she didnt know everything about her.

If she knew, she wouldnt think that Chu Peihan was from an ordinary family.


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