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“Yeah, Im Kun.

May I know your name” Kun asked like a gentleman.

“Um, can we talk privately Dont worry, I wont waste much of your time,” said Gu Ning sincerely.

It seemed to be an emergency.

“Sure!” Kun didnt refuse.

After that, he followed Gu Ning away from the crowd to a corner.

“Miss, what is it Can you tell me now” asked Kun with the attitude of a gentleman.

“I came to tell you that you have very bad luck.

After seeing me, your life is over,” said Gu Ning coldly.

Hearing that, Kun squinted.

However, he didnt take Gu Nings words seriously.

He laughed loudly as if he just heard a joke.

“Young girl, do you think you can do anything to me”

Because Gu Ning didnt have the aura of a cultivator, Kun thought that she was an undercover agent and came to catch him!

If she was sent by the police, he couldnt care less.

“Well see!” Gu Ning said with a smile, then immediately attacked Kun.

Once she used her magical energy, her level as a cultivator was revealed, amazing Kun.

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It was beyond his imagination that this girl, who had no aura of a cultivator turned out to be one.

Kun was extremely surprised, but he wasnt scared, because Gu Ning didnt seem to be very strong.

Unfortunately, after he started fighting her, he realized that her real abilities were much better than her level and he was soon at a disadvantage.

Security guards in the club noticed their fight and hurriedly rushed over to stop them.

By this time, Kun had noticed that Gu Ning was strong, so he wanted to run away and jump over the wall at once.

Witnessing the scene, the security guards were all astonished.

Jesus, what did they just see The man just jumped over the wall so easily.

Was it qinggong from swordsmen novels

The next moment, they were surprised again, because Gu Ning did the same thing.

With an easy jump, she quickly got over the wall.

Instantly, the security guards found the world too unbelievable.

“Oh my, they just jumped over just like that.

This wall is two meters high! Even if theyre good at jumping, shouldnt they run several meters before getting over it It seems too easy for them.”

“Right, I cant believe my eyes.

Are they kung fu masters”

“You must have watched too many TV shows.”

“Then how to explain their behavior”

“No idea, lets report it to the manager!”

They all agreed on that, so they immediately went to report it.

Actually, they only witnessed Gu Ning and Kun jump over the wall.

If they saw how fast they moved on the walls, they would be even more amazed.

Nevertheless, they didnt see it.

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Before long, Gu Ning caught up with Kun.

Because there werent many people around the club, there was nothing for Gu Ning to be worried about so she directly attacked him.

However, although there werent people around, there were different blocks, so Gu Ning forced Kun to a remote area.

After all, they were going to have a violent fight so they might cause a lot of damage.

Kun wanted to run to a crowded place, because it would be more convenient for him to escape, but unfortunately, there was no way out.

He was forced to go where Gu Ning wanted.

Kun didnt want to accept this, but he was left with no choice.

After Kun found out that Gu Ning was a cultivator, he didnt bother to ask her why she attacked him, because good cultivators and evil cultivators were bitter enemies.

Whenever they met good cultivators, they would attack them too.

They would only control themselves if they knew that they couldnt win.

There were mountains behind the club, so Kun was soon forced into them.

Gu Ning observed for a while, and saw nobody there.

There werent surveillance cameras either, so she let the white flood dragon out.

When Kun saw the white flood dragon, he was shocked.

He wasnt surprised by the existence of the flood dragon, but that there was a flood dragon by Gu Nings side.

“White, kill him!” said Gu Ning.

Hearing that, White immediately went to attack Kun.

If White could absorb Kuns energy, it would become stronger.

After all, flood dragons were monsters so evil cultivators energy wouldnt hurt them.

Kun was no match for White, so he lost within ten minutes and White absorbed all of his energy.

Finally, Kun was killed.

From the beginning to the end, the battle lasted about twenty minutes.

It wasnt long, nor was it too quick.

After killing Kun, Gu Ning put White into her telepathic eye space again.

Then she took out the black jade pendant.

She damaged it with her magical energy before going back to the club.

As soon as Gu Ning entered the club, she was stopped by a security guard.

“Sorry, miss, because you just had a fight here.

You arent allowed into our club right now.”

Although the security guard was surprised by Gu Nings skills and admired her, he had to listen to their managers order.

“I know its my fault that I had a fight with the man in your club, but the man is a criminal wanted by the police.

I did it out of a sense of justice.

Im sorry I didnt have time to choose a better place.

Please forgive me.

If not, Ill just leave,” said Gu Ning.

If she wasnt allowed in, she wouldnt insist.

She didnt want to make it difficult for the security guard.

After all, she indeed caused them trouble.

Even though it didnt have a big impact, it was understandable that the security guard didnt want her to cause more trouble by stopping her outside.

However, she would have to leave Chen Jialin alone then.

Upon hearing Gu Nings explanation, the security guard admired Gu Ning more than ever.

He felt embarrassed to stop her again, but couldnt let her in without permission.

“Please wait for a while, Ill go to ask our manager,” said the security guard.

“Sure.” Gu Ning replied.

After the security guard went inside, he found their manager and told him what Gu Ning said.

The manager was considerate so he didnt stop Gu Ning from going inside again.

When Gu Ning walked in, the manager saw her and was shocked.

He didnt expect the person to be Gu Ning.


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