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“Nothing fun.

Just because were not human, we cant show up in front of them,” said the flood dragon.

“Oh, fine!” The white flood dragon was slightly disappointed.

The white flood dragon never stopped asking the flood dragon all kinds of questions.

The flood dragon felt bothered, but still replied.

On Gu Nings way back, she asked K to find out whether there were ships that had passed by that ocean.

They couldnt get much information from surveillance cameras, so Gu Ning called Xu Jinchen next.

She told him about Leng Shaotings situation and let him take some people to conduct an investigation at the nearby wharf.

Given the current situation, it was unnecessary for her to keep it a secret from Xu Jinchen any longer.

Once Xu Jinchen received her message, he listened to Gu Ning and made the arrangements.

When Gu Ning and the others were back in the capital, they went to the evil cultivators house.

If Gu Ning and Jing Yunyao didnt punish Senior Mrs.

Jing, they wouldnt be able to get over it.

However, even if they punished Senior Mrs.

Jing for it, they wouldnt feel much better.

In fact, even after they killed Jing Yaorong, they would still be in a bad mood.

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They wouldnt feel better until they knew that Leng Shaoting was safe.

Shangguan Yang decided to not get involved, but he also followed Gu Ning and Jing Yunyao to punish Senior Mrs.


When Gu Ning, Jing Yunyao, and Shangguan Yang arrived, Senior Mrs.

Jing was awake and was glaring at Si Jin.

Senior Mrs.

Jing wanted to say something, but her lips were sealed.

She could hardly say a word.

She had tried to get rid of the ropes with her magical energy, but she was injured and knocked unconscious again.

Afterwards, she was tied up with new ropes, so she stopped struggling in order to not be injured again.

Anyway, Si Jin didnt really injure her to a very serious extent.

She just caused some minor injuries.

Senior Mrs.

Jing was shocked to see Gu Ning, Jing Yunyao, and Shangguan Yang.

Although she guessed that it might have something to do with Jing Yunyao, she didnt think it was very likely.

Unexpectedly, it was really Jing Yunyao.

As soon as Senior Mrs.

Jing saw Jing Yunyao, she became terrified, because Jing Yunyao was different now.

She couldnt easily bully Jing Yunyao any longer.

Besides, Jing Yunyao stared at her with a seething hatred.

Obviously, Jing Yunyao had found out something.

It was Jing Yunyaos personal affair, so Gu Ning didnt but in even though she hated Senior Mrs.

Jing very much.

However, she stared at Senior Mrs.

Jing with hostility, as if she couldnt wait to tear her to pieces.

Senior Mrs.

Jing recognized Gu Ning.

Although this was their first meeting, she understood why Gu Ning hated her, but that didnt mean that Senior Mrs.

Jing would accept it.

After all, Gu Ning put a lot of pressure on her and she could hardly stand it.

Nevertheless, she couldnt say anything right now.

Even if she could, she didnt dare to.

Jing Yunyao walked towards Senior Mrs.

Jing step by step, putting more and more pressure on her.

In the past, Senior Mrs.

Jing wouldnt believe that Jing Yunyao would dare to hurt her, but now she knew it was going to happen.

If she were Jing Yunyao, she wouldnt wait to take revenge.

At this moment, Jing Yunyao couldnt wait to tear Senior Mrs.

Jing to pieces, but she could still stay calm.

She didnt lose control of her emotions.

Once she was in front of Senior Mrs.

Jing, Jing Yunyao removed the tape on her mouth.

Senior Mrs.

Jing felt sharp pain, but couldnt complain.

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“You…” Senior Mrs.

Jing opened her mouth.

She wanted to ask about something, but didnt know what she could say.

“Do you want to ask how I knew you were here” Jing Yunyao sneered.

Senior Mrs.

Jing said nothing.

It was indeed a question in her mind, but she guessed the reason when she saw Shangguan Yang.

The evil cultivator must have failed when he went to murder Jing Yunyao and betrayed her.

Jing Yunyao didnt care about Senior Mrs.

Jings answer, and said directly, “The evil cultivator you sent to kill us is already dead.

Before he died, he told us everything.

And he also had evidence of your deal and your affair.

Do you think I should give the evidence to Jing Yaorong What will he do then”

Hearing that, Senior Mrs.

Jing was stunned.

What The evil cultivator had evidence of her scheme against Leng Shaoting and Jing Yunyao He even recorded their sex

No, it was impossible!

“No, I didnt.

I…” Senior Mrs.

Jing wasnt sure whether Jing Yunyao was telling the truth or whether she was just scaring her, so she denied it before she saw the evidence.

“You didnt Then why are you so scared Well, I think I can project the video on a large screen.

Everyone in City Sky will see it!” Jing Yunyao smiled unkindly.

It was actually impossible, and she would only show it to the Jing family.

However, she said that to scare Senior Mrs.


After all, Jing Jining would take over the Jing family in the future, so she had to protect the Jing familys reputation.

“No!” Senior Mrs.

Jing shouted.

Now she believed that Jing Yunyao really had evidence.

Most important, she indeed had sex with the evil cultivator.

To her astonishment, the evil cultivator had a recording of their sex.

Why did he do that

Jing Yunyao reached out her hand and seized Senior Mrs.

Jings jaw.

“Zhao, actually I had no intention of killing you when I get revenge on the Jing family, but now I changed my mind.

I was wrong.

But I wont kill you with my hands.

Ill let Jing Yaorong watch the video.

Ill watch him kill you with my own eyes…”

“No, no, no!” Senior Mrs.

Jing was extremely frightened.

She emphatically shook her head, showing her reluctance.

She didnt want Jing Yaorong to see the video, because he would really kill her.

However, she also knew Jing Yunyao wouldnt miss this opportunity.

After all, she had asked the evil cultivator to kill Jing Yunyaos son!

Jing Yunyao definitely wouldnt miss the chance to pay her back!

In fact, she couldnt wait to kill Senior Mrs.

Jing right away.

She had evidence of Senior Mrs.

Jing scheming against her and her son, so Tiandaozong wouldnt punish her for it, but she wanted to see the drama coming afterwards.


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