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“Can you do me a favor My masters family is searching for him on the surface.

Can you help me bring his family down here” said the flood dragon.

If the white flood dragon was unwilling to do that, it would just have to do it on its own.

“No problem!” The white flood dragon agreed without hesitation.

It wasnt usually helpful.

It agreed to help simply because the flood dragon wanted it to do it a favor.

It hadnt seen other flood dragons for a very long time, so it got excited when it met the flood dragon, especially since the flood dragon was a male.

Even if it didnt go, the flood dragon didnt have enough strength to swim up now.

“After you swim out, youll sense some magical power.

Follow it and youll see a young girl named Gu Ning.

When you see her, tell her that I told you to bring her down here,” said the flood dragon.

“Can she understand our language” The white flood dragon was surprised.

“Of course, shes my ex owner.

And she sent me to my current master,” said the flood dragon.

“Whats their relationship” asked the white flood dragon.

“Theyre engaged,” said the flood dragon.

It lost a little patience when the white flood dragon asked it so many questions, but it couldnt get mad.

“Go now, help me bring the girl down, or she might leave!”

“Fine, Im leaving.” The white flood dragon left afterwards.

It talked with the flood dragon for so long because it hadnt met other flood dragons for a very long time.

It wasnt its fault that it was more talkative now.

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After the white flood dragon swam out, it started searching for the magical power the flood dragon told it about.

Because the white flood dragon wasnt weaker than the flood dragon, it quickly sensed the magical power and followed it ahead.

However, it suddenly lost the trace of the magical power halfway through and got confused.

What happened How come the magical power suddenly disappeared

Although the magical power disappeared, the white flood dragon still swam forward in the same direction to see whether it could find it again.

Actually, Gu Ning had released magical power for a whole day and was out of strength now.

She had to stop it and rest first to regain her energy.

Otherwise, she might pass out before finding Leng Shaoting.

The white flood dragon floated out of the surface of the water.

Because it was dark, the white flood dragon couldnt see far, but in its view, it didnt see any human beings or sense any other creatures.

At this moment, Gu Ning was already far from the white flood dragon.

Shangguan Yang and Jing Yunyao went to Gu Nings yacht one after another.

They failed to find Leng Shaoting and the flood dragon as well.

“Perhaps someone rescued Leng Shaoting.

Perhaps he fell unconscious after being injured, so he didnt contact us,” said Jing Yunyao.

It was the only possibility she could think of after failing to find Leng Shaoting.

She refused to believe that Leng Shaoting was dead.

“Its possible,” said Gu Ning.

“Should we go back now I think we can go to see whether there were ships passing by this area.

Perhaps they have rescued Shaoting,” said Shangguan Yang.

They had searched for a day around a radius of dozens of kilometers in the ocean, but still couldnt see Leng Shaoting.

Even if they continued, they might not get a result.

In that case, they had to think of another way.

Gu Ning and Jing Yunyao hesitated for a while, because they were reluctant to leave like that, but Shangguan Yangs words made sense.

Therefore, after hesitating for a while, they agreed to go back.

Therefore, Gu Ning missed the opportunity to see the white flood dragon and the chance to know that the flood dragon and Leng Shaoting were at the bottom of the ocean.

When the white flood dragon was back to its carve, it said, “The magical power suddenly disappeared when I was swimming towards it.”

“…” The flood dragon was struck dumb for a second, but it wasnt the white flood dragons fault.

It woke up too late, and it also knew that Gu Ning would have to leave after searching for Leng Shaoting for a whole day.


In that case, the flood dragon felt it was necessary for it to go out by itself.

“Please help me take care of him.

I need to go out,” said the flood dragon.

“Youre still injured.

Are you sure you can handle it” The white flood dragon rolled its eyes at the flood dragon.

The flood dragons original injuries were only slightly lighter than Leng Shaotings.

It was able to wake up so quickly because the white flood dragon gave it some breath, otherwise it would still be asleep now!

Because they were the same species, the white flood dragon could give breath to the flood dragon, but Leng Shaoting was a human being, so it was useless for him.


Hearing that, the flood dragon suddenly realized that it was indeed very weak at the moment.

In fact, when it swam over from the front cave, it already found it difficult.

But it cared too much about Leng Shaoting, so it didnt pay much attention to its own condition.

“Well, then Ill have a rest tonight.

I think I will be more energetic tomorrow.

Ill swim up then.” The flood dragon understood that Gu Ning and the others must be very worried, but it couldnt do anything about it.

It couldnt ask the white flood dragon to help it again, because the white flood dragon didnt know the route.

And the white flood dragon had never been out of the water before.

If it caused any trouble by accident, it would be terrible.

“Hey, whats your name” asked the white flood dragon.

“I dont have one.” The flood dragon replied.

“Why didnt your master give you a name” asked the white flood dragon.

“No, my master just calls me flood dragon,” said the flood dragon.

“Your body is black, so Ill call you Black Dragon,” said the white flood dragon.

“Whatever,” said the flood dragon.

It didnt care about that at all.

The white flood dragon was happy about the answer.

Actually, if the flood dragon was also a female, the white flood dragon wouldnt be so nice.

After all, people of the same gender were competitors and other creatures obeyed the same rule.

“I dont have a name either, but my body is white, so you can call me White Dragon.

Oh, you can also directly call me White, and Ill just call you Black.

We dont need to call each other dragon,” said the white flood dragon.

“Alright,” said the flood dragon.

“Hey, Black, hows the world outside” asked the white flood dragon.

It always wanted to have a tour outside, but didnt have the courage.

Although it was a flood dragon at a high level, it knew that it was a special species and it should avoid humans.


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