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Once Gu Ning arrived at the shore of the ocean, she released magical power to see whether the flood dragon could feel it.

Unfortunately, she didnt see it even after a long while.

Gu Ning was slightly disappointed, but she wasnt in despair.

Instead, she continued to search for Leng Shaoting.

Because this was a desert island with no one living on it, Jing Yunyao and Shangguan Yang took their flying swords to search farther away.

Gu Ning remembered that there was a yacht in her telepathic eye space, so she took it out and drove it around the island.

Although it was impossible for Leng Shaoting to be in the ocean, there were many small caves by the sides of the island.

They could accommodate people.

Perhaps Leng Shaoting hid in a cave in order to avoid the evil cultivator.

Normally, when cultivators were covered by water, their senses were covered too.

Only Gu Nings pure magical power could spread abroad in the water.

Gu Ning searched and called Leng Shaotings name along the way as her magical power was released, but they still failed to find him the whole day.

Both Gu Ning and Jing Yunyao had cried countless times.

Right at this moment, at a certain part of the bottom of the ocean, the flood dragon sensed Gu Ning.

It immediately woke up, then tried to go to see her.

The next second, it remembered Leng Shaoting, so it decided to swim around to find him first.

However, it couldnt see Leng Shaoting.

The flood dragon blamed itself for failing to send Leng Shaoting to the surface of the water, and now he was lost.

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Even though the flood dragon couldnt find Leng Shaoting, it still needed to see Gu Ning.

It had to tell her where it and Leng Shaoting fell.

If they went to look for Leng Shaoting together, it would be quicker for them to find him.

Most importantly, it knew that it was nearly impossible for Leng Shaoting to still be alive after they fell into the water.

However, it wanted to see his body even if he was dead.

After that, the flood dragon swam to the entrance of the cave, but a white female flood dragon stopped it all of a sudden.

Watching this white female flood dragon, the flood dragon was a little surprised.

It didnt expect to meet another flood dragon, although it wasnt the only flood dragon in this world.

After all, it was rare for them to meet each other.

Therefore, it was surprised at their meeting.

“What You cant wait to leave right after you wake up Shouldnt you thank me for saving your life” The white flood dragon criticized angrily.

Hearing that, the flood dragon realized that this white flood dragon had saved its life, and it should return the big favor.

Therefore, it said, “Thank you so much for saving my life, but I…”

Actually, the flood dragon wanted to say that it needed to deal with something right now, but the white flood dragon should have seen Leng Shaoting too since it saved its life.

Therefore, it immediately changed its words.

“Oh, when you saw me.

Did you see a human by my side Where is he now”

“Hes dead, so I didnt take him back,” said the white flood dragon.

“What I need to find him.

Ill return your kindness in the future,” said the flood dragon, then immediately went to find Leng Shaoting.

It couldnt blame the white flood dragon for leaving Leng Shaoting behind.

After all, it wasnt its duty.

And the white flood dragon had already saved its life.

It should be grateful.

“Wait a second!” Seeing that, the white flood dragon stopped the flood dragon once again.

“I lied to you.

He isnt dead.

And I took him back.

I put him somewhere without water, but Im not sure whether hes still alive now.”

Since the white flood dragon saved the flood dragons life, it didnt mind helping Leng Shaoting out as well.

However, it couldnt cure a human being, so it put Leng Shaoting down in a place without water so that he wouldnt drown.

However, Leng Shaoting hadnt received treatment, so the white flood dragon wasnt sure whether he had survived.

“Really Thank you so much! Please take me to see him.” The flood dragon was cheered up at once.

Although it didnt know whether Leng Shaoting was still alive, at least Leng Shaotings body was saved.

“Lets go!” The white flood dragon nodded, then took the flood dragon over.

Currently they were in a big cave with all kinds of colorful coral and seaweeds.


There werent any other creatures.

Perhaps they were afraid of the white flood dragon and stayed away from its place.

Although the white flood dragon wasnt very aggressive, it had a higher status than other creatures in the ocean.

It didnt put Leng Shaoting far away, so they soon arrived.

He was in a cave about twenty square meters large.

There was a lot of jewelry inside, especially pearls.

They were collected by the white flood dragon over the years.

Some were from shipwrecks that transported jewelry and jadeite, while some came into being by themselves under the sea.

All of them contained magical power, so the white flood dragon and the flood dragon could see the magical power flowing to the top of the cave after they arrived.

The two flood dragons subconsciously looked up and saw a transparent round barrier.

There was a man lying inside, and it was Leng Shaoting.

“What happened How did the barrier go up there And the magical power is flowing inside…” The white flood dragon was amazed, because the barrier should be on the stone bed, now it was high up in the air.

“He should be curing himself with the magical power,” said the flood dragon.

Although it couldnt feel Leng Shaotings breath in the barrier, he should be fine since the magical power was going into the barrier.

“Hes curing himself by absorbing magical power” Hearing that, the white flood dragon was surprised.

At the same time, it understood what was happening right now.

This human being in front of it wasnt an ordinary person, so it was very normal that he could cure himself by absorbing magical power.

In that case, the flood dragon didnt bother Leng Shaoting, because it could easily cause an accident.

It was impossible for the flood dragon to take Leng Shaoting away right now, so it could only go to see Gu Ning first.

However, at this moment, Leng Shaoting needed care.

The flood dragon didnt want to leave Leng Shaoting here and go to find Gu Ning.

Although the white flood dragon had saved them and it should be nice to Leng Shaoting, the flood dragon was still worried.

As a result, it could only ask the white flood dragon to go find Gu Ning for it.


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