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Before today, she never had the thought of killing them, but now, she really wanted to.

“What evidence do you have to prove its Senior Mrs.

Jing” asked Gu Ning.

She believed the evil cultivators words, but she needed more proof.

When they went to pay the Jing family back, they could stop Tiandaozong from getting involved with the evidence.

Although Tiandaozong normally wouldnt allow cultivators to kill each other, the Jing familys behavior was indeed unacceptable.

As long as there was enough evidence, Tiandaozong wouldnt stop them from taking revenge.

Even if they didnt do anything, Tiandaozong would do something instead.

After all, what the Jing family had done broke the rules in the cultivation world.

“Evidence Of course I have.” The evil cultivator said, “In No.

XX house in XX block.

I have evidence of my conversation with Senior Mrs.

Jing and her and I having sex in my bed! Ive recorded it all.

The memory card is in the study next to the master bedroom.

Senior Mrs.

Jing should still be in my house too.”

Since he decided to drag Senior Mrs.

Jing into this trouble, he told Gu Ning everything honestly.

Hearing that Senior Mrs.

Jing even had sex with this evil cultivator, Shangguan Yang and the others were embarrassed, but they didnt have time to think about it.

With the evidence, they believed that it would be easy to solve this problem.

“Ningning, go get the evidence in his house.

Keep Senior Mrs.

Jing there.

I need to find Shaoting with Senior Shangguan right away.

Well talk more about this after we get back,” said Jing Yunyao.

She needed to find Leng Shaoting as soon as possible right now, so she couldnt pay attention to Senior Mrs.


She could only ask Gu Ning to go there.

“I also want to find Shaoting.

And I can release magical power.

The flood dragon will feel it.

It will come to us then.

Senior Jiang and Senior Si could go to the house.

Since we have already caught this evil cultivator, the Leng family should be safe,” said Gu Ning.

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This time, she didnt listen to Jing Yunyao, because it was impossible for her to not go look for Leng Shaoting right now.

She couldnt stand not seeing him anymore.

Hearing Gu Nings words, Jing Yunyao agreed, so she said nothing further.

As for this evil cultivator, he was too guilty to leave alive, so Shangguan Yang directly killed him.

The evil cultivator was unwilling to die, but he couldnt run away.

Right after Shangguan Yang killed the evil cultivator, Gu Ning called Si Jin and told her about their situation.

Si Jin would go to the house alone or with Jiang Liluo.

No matter who went, they were stronger than Senior Mrs.

Jing, so they would be able to catch her.

Once Jiang Liluo and Si Jin learned that the person who injured Leng Shaoting had been caught, they felt greatly relieved.

They immediately agreed to do what Gu Ning asked them to do.

However, Leng Shaoting was still missing so they were still very worried.

After Shangguan Yang killed the evil cultivator, they used their flying swords to rush to the ocean that the evil cultivator mentioned.

Although it was daytime and people could easily see them if they flew, they didnt care about that right now.

Filled with anxiety, they needed to get to the ocean as soon as possible.

Luckily, the sky was very cloudy today, so they could hide in the clouds.

They also did their best to avoid crowded places, so not many people could see them.

However, no matter how careful they were, someone still noticed them.

However, due to the distance, the person didnt see them clearly and couldnt believe what he just saw.

Therefore, even though he saw them, it didnt cause a sensation.

Si Jin went to the evil cultivators house alone.

After all, Senior Mrs.

Jing wasnt at a high level, and Si Jin was able to defeat her alone.

She directly took a taxi to the block, then went inside to find the house.


When she walked closer, Si Jin sensed a cultivator.

However, because of the gap between their levels, Senior Mrs.

Jing didnt sense Si Jin.

When Senior Mrs.

Jing finally sensed Si Jin, it was too late and Si Jin had already gotten into the house through the window.

Senior Mrs.

Jing subconsciously took this house as her home, so she didnt run away and Si Jin successfully caught her.

Although Si Jin was at a higher level than her, Senior Mrs.

Jing wasnt scared.

She coldly snapped at Si Jin.

“Who are you”

“I came to catch you!” said Si Jin, immediately attacking Senior Mrs.


Without hesitation, Senior Mrs.

Jing fought back, but due to the gap between their levels, Senior Mrs.

Jing was soon captured by Si Jin.

Because Si Jin knew that she was the mastermind behind the scheme against Leng Shaoting, she used a lot of strength.

Therefore, Senior Mrs.

Jing got seriously hurt when Si Jin caught her.

“I dont know you.

Why do you want to catch me” Senior Mrs.

Jing struggled and angrily asked.

She didnt know that Si Jin had a relationship with Jing Yunyao.

“Why cant I catch you as a stranger” Si Jin sneered.

“What exactly do you want to do” asked Senior Mrs.


“I wont do anything to you, but someone else might,” said Si Jin, then she took out ropes and tied Senior Mrs.

Jing up.

Because Senior Mrs.

Jing was a cultivator, Si Jin couldnt control her just with ropes.

So to prevent Senior Mrs.

Jing from running away, Si Jin knocked her unconscious after tying her up.

However, before Senior Mrs.

Jing was knocked unconscious, she heard Si Jins words and asked, “Who is the person”

Although Senior Mrs.

Jing asked that question, she actually had a name in mind

Was it Jing Yunyao

That was impossible! After she came to the mortal world, she didnt go out at all.

Jing Yunyao shouldnt have known where she was!

However, who could it be if it wasnt Jing Yunyao

Having no idea, Senior Mrs.

Jing felt a pain in the back of her neck before she lost consciousness.

Once Senior Mrs.

Jing was unconscious, Si Jin went to the study to find what Gu Ning wanted.

After she found it, Si Jin didnt open it, but carefully put it into her pocket.

She went back to the master bedroom and sat on a chair to watch Senior Mrs.


After flying on their swords for half an hour, they reached the ocean the evil cultivator mentioned, but the ocean was so large, and they had no idea where to start.

As a result, they had to rely on their feelings to find Leng Shaoting.

The flood dragon could live in the ocean, but Leng Shaoting couldnt, so they didnt think he would be in the ocean.

Accordingly, they started searching from the land.


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