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Once Senior Mrs.

Jing saw the evil cultivators call, she immediately picked it up.

As soon as the call was answered, the man joked on the other side of the phone before Senior Mrs.

Jing could say anything.

“Oh, what a surprise! You finally called me.”

Senior Mrs.

Jing wasnt mad and directly asked, “I need to talk about something with you.

where are you right now”

“I just finished cultivating deep in the mountains and wild forests.

Im a bit far from the capital.

Why What do you want to talk to me about” asked the man.

“I need you to deal with two people for me.

One of them is at the peak of the Golden Core Stage, while the other should be in the early stage of the Yuan Ying Period,” said Senior Mrs.


“What did they do to you” asked the man.

“Theyre Jing Yaorongs ex-wifes daughter, Jing Yunyao, and her son,” said Senior Mrs.


“Jing Yunyao Isnt she already dead How come shes alive again” The man asked in amazement.

Anyway, since Senior Mrs.

Jing wanted to kill them, Jing Yunyao must be alive.

However, unexpectedly, Jing Yunyao wasnt dead and even reached a high level.

Anyway, he didnt think it was a big deal because she was only in the early stage of the Yuan Ying Period.

He was at a higher level than that.

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“She isnt dead, so she wants to get revenge.

In order to stop her, I need you to kill them,” said Senior Mrs.


Upon thinking of Jing Yunyao, Senior Mrs.

Jing couldnt wait to kill her.

“Sure, but I need to see you before that.

Where are you right now” asked the man.

Hearing that, Senior Mrs.

Jing stopped, then continued.

“Im in the capital.”

“Ill send you an address.

Go there and wait for me.

Ill arrive at the capital in about three hours,” said the man.

Because he wasnt in the capital right now, he needed three hours to rush over.

“Fine!” Senior Mrs.

Jing agreed.

Since she needed him to help her kill Jing Yunyao, she had to satisfy his needs.

After all, her relationship with him wasnt what she told Jing Yaorong.

He didnt just owe her a favor.

A minute after she hung up, Senior Mrs.

Jing received a message from him.

There was the address of a house located in a suburb of the capital.

It was the evil cultivators temporary abode in the capital.

He chose a place away from other people to prevent other cultivators from finding him.

Actually, he was at a high level now and average cultivators wouldnt notice him.

This was just his temporary abode, and he only spent two months here at most during a year, but he loved a quiet place, so he chose to stay away from the crowd.

And although he was absent most of the time, the house was cleaned regularly.

Therefore, it was always clean.

After reading his message, Senior Mrs.

Jing packed up and went there.

Although the man wasnt in the house yet, she would rather go there earlier.

Senior Mrs.

Jing took a taxi and got out of it outside the block, then walked in.

The evil cultivators house was at the corner of the block, so it was far from the gate.

At the back, there were mountains, which was for his convenience.

Although Senior Mrs.

Jing didnt have a key to the house, the evil cultivator left another one somewhere else.

He had told Senior Mrs.

Jing about it, so Senior Mrs.

Jing quickly found the key, then went inside.

In the house, Senior Mrs.

Jing didnt walk around.

Instead, she directly found the master bedroom, then lay on the bed and waited for the evil cultivator to come back.

About three hours later, the evil cultivator was finally back.

The evil cultivator seemed about fifty years old, but he was actually already four hundred years old.

He was three hundred years older than Senior Mrs.


The evil cultivator wasnt ugly, but he wasnt handsome either.

He had a plain face.

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Because the evil cultivator was at a high level, he retracted some of his evil energy.

Even if Gu Ning and Jing Yunyao were here, they still couldnt sense him from ten meters away.

Also due to his high level, the evil cultivators face wasnt as pale as that of other evil cultivators.

From his appearance, he didnt seem much different from other people.

When they met, the evil cultivator said with a smile, “Been a while! Youre much older, but your level hasnt gotten higher.

It seems you really forgot to cultivate after you married Jing Yaorong.

Arent you afraid hell lose interest in you when you look even older than him one day”

The evil cultivator was very straightforward, but it was the truth.

Therefore, even though Senior Mrs.

Jing was displeased, she wasnt mad at him.

She was actually worried about that too.

“Do you want to make fun of me when we meet” Senior Mrs.

Jing sneered.

“Of course not,” said the evil cultivator.

“Then what” asked Senior Mrs.


In fact, she knew, but pretended that she knew nothing.

Hearing that, the evil cultivator smirked and made eyes at Senior Mrs.


“I thought you knew.

Well, I know you know.

Alright, have a rest.

Ill go have a shower and change my clothes.”

He had stayed outside to cultivate for a while.

Therefore both his clothes and body were dirty, so he had to take a shower first.

Although he was already used to it, Senior Mrs.

Jing was in the room now.

It was a different situation.

As soon as the evil cultivator finished, he turned around and walked into the washroom.

Senior Mrs.

Jing flushed and felt a little nervous.

She knew that she was going to have sex with the evil cultivator tonight.

It wasnt their first time, but they didnt do it very often.

They seldom met.

Most importantly, their affair made her feel nervous and anxious, but at the same time, she was also full of anticipation and excitement.

She got bored after sleeping with Jing Yaorong for so long, and Jing Yaorong wasnt as good as this evil cultivator.

Therefore, she sometimes really dreamed about having sex with the evil cultivator.

She knew it was a dirty idea, but she couldnt control herself.

About twenty minutes later, the evil cultivator finished his shower.

He had no clothes on and only wrapped his lower body with a bath towel.

Although his real age was already four hundred years old, his body was still young and he had obvious chest muscles.

Senior Mrs.

Jing was amazed and had the impulse to rub them.

Compared with Jing Yaorong, the evil cultivator was much sexier.

Seeing Senior Mrs.

Jings reaction, the evil cultivator smiled proudly.

“So, am I sexier than Jing Yaorong”

The evil cultivator was indeed grateful to Senior Mrs.

Jing, but he didnt love her.

However, he didnt feel guilty even though she was already married to Jing Yaorong.


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