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However, Gu Ning and Jing Yunyao were with him, so he didnt actually need security guards.

Either of them could fight dozens of security guards.

In Leng Yuanqians car, in addition to the chauffeur, there was also a security guard sitting in the front passenger seat.

Leng Yuanqian and Jiang Shuyuan were in the rear.

It wasnt rush hour, so they had a smooth ride along the way apart from spending some time at the traffic lights.

About twenty minutes later, they reached the hospital where Master Jiang stayed.

Master Jiang was sent to the hospital ten minutes ago and he had received a medical check up.

It was indeed a case of cerebral infarction and it was getting serious.

He needed an operation at once, but the doctor told his family not to have much hope.

It was very dangerous and he might not be able to survive.

Hearing that, the Jiang family was extremely sad, but they couldnt do anything about it.

They could only rely on the doctor to do his best.

After that, Gu Ning secretly told Master Leng to help Master Jiang take two pills right away.

In that case, the medicine would come into greater effect and Master Jiang could get better before the operation.

That way the operation could also be less dangerous.

Because the operation had to be carried out as soon as possible, there wasnt much time for Master Jiang to recover.

And there were too many people around, so Gu Ning couldnt directly put her magical power into Master Jiangs body.

It would cause unnecessary trouble.

Without delay, Master Leng walked to Madam Jiang and said, “Mrs.

Jiang, I have a medicine that can stop the illness from getting worse and make the operation less dangerous.

Are you willing to trust me If you trust me, I can help Mr.

Jiang take it.

If not, I wont force you.

Didnt you ask me about how I got healthier so suddenly I told you its a nutritional supplement, but thats not all Im taking.

I am also taking this unbelievably effective medicine.

Its just very rare and there isnt much of it, so Im reluctant to take it out unless there is a serious illness.

Im saying Im mean.

I just want you to believe me.”

Although Master Leng wanted to help them, he wouldnt force them to take this medicine.

He needed to ask about Master Jiangs opinion.

If Master Jiangs family were unwilling to use this medicine, he might have to take the blame if any accidents happened.

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Hearing that, the Jiang family were surprised and doubtful.

They werent suspicious of Master Leng, but doubted whether this medicine could really be so effective.

A single pill could help Master Leng become healthier And it could also stop Master Jiangs illness from getting worse It could even make the operation less dangerous

It sounded unbelievable!

Anyway, even though they doubted whether this medicine was helpful for Master Jiang, they didnt think that Master Leng would harm Master Jiang.

Besides, the doctor said that Master Jiang might not survive this time, so it might be their last chance.

As a result, they could only try it.

Perhaps Master Jiang could get better after taking this medicine.


Leng, I trust you,” said Madam Jiang with determination.

Even though she had doubts, she wouldnt show it.

After all, Master Leng was just being kind.

Madam Jiang had a very important position in the Jiang family, so nobody said anything after she made the decision.

In fact, they had the same idea as her and all chose to believe Master Leng.

After that, Master Leng helped Master Jiang take two of the power crystals.

The attending physician didnt dare to stop him because of his status.

In addition, Master Jiangs family agreed to use the medicine, so he couldnt say anything.

Therefore, after Master Leng helped Master Jiang take the two power crystals, Master Jiang was pushed into the operation room.

A group of people waited outside anxiously.

At the beginning, the attending physician didnt believe in the effect of this medicine.

He only believed that Master Leng wouldnt hurt other people.

However, when they did the operation, they found out Master Jiang was in a stable condition and that nothing wrong showed on the ECG.

Given Master Jiangs condition, the attending physician had to believe that it was the effect of Master Lengs medicine.

Either way, Master Jiang survived for the time being.

Three hours later, the operation was finally over and it was very successful.

Master Jiang seemed fine, and his life was out of danger.

When the other people heard that Master Jiang survived, they were greatly relieved.

The attending physician said it was surprising that the operation was so successful, and that Master Jiangs condition stayed stable during the operation.

It was the first time that they had ever seen such a situation.

Upon hearing that, the Jiang family realized that it might have something to do with Master Lengs medicine so they thanked the doctor at once.

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The attending physician wasnt sure, but thought it was highly possible.

He had done that kind of operation many times before, but only Master Jiang had a different result.

Therefore he believed that it must be the effect of Master Lengs medicine, and he admitted that Master Lengs medicine helped.

The Jiang family also thanked Master Leng.

Since Master Jiangs operation was over and his life was out of danger, Master Leng and the others left.

However, because Master Jiang was Jiang Shuyuans father and Leng Yuanqians father-in-law, they wanted to stay for a while longer.

When Gu Ning and the others left, Jiang Shuyuan watched Gu Nings back with mixed emotions.

Although it was Master Leng who gave her father the medicine, she knew that it was Gu Nings advice.

She knew Gu Ning had an unbelievably effective medicine, but she didnt expect it to cure serious diseases.

Now it appeared that Gu Nings magical pills saved her father.

Therefore, Jiang Shuyuan felt grateful to Gu Ning, but it was still hard for her to thank her.

In the mortal world, Senior Mrs.

Jing spent most of her time in the hotel.

She went out sometimes, but only stayed close because she didnt want to meet Jing Yunyao.

She had tormented Jing Yunyao before, so Jing Yunyao would undoubtedly pay her back if they met.

Actually, she took the risk and came out to find the evil cultivator just because she might have a bad result if Jing Yunyao got revenge against the Jing family.

She only hoped that she would receive a call from the evil cultivator as soon as possible.

After meeting him, she would return to the cultivation world, because if they couldnt kill Jing Yunyao, she would be in a lot of danger outside.

On the third night, Senior Mrs.

Jing finally received a call from the evil cultivator.


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