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After that, when it was completely dark outside, Senior Mrs.

Jing disguised herself and sneaked out of the cultivation world.

No one knew except for Jing Yaorong.

Senior Mrs.

Jing seldom went to the mortal world, but she had been there before, so the capital wasnt strange to her.

Senior Mrs.

Jing didnt use qinggong to reach the capital.

After all, there was a long distance, and it was strength-consuming, so she took a taxi.

Because she didnt want to pass by the populated areas under the foot of the Qianling Mountain, she went to another road.

After walking for a while, she finally saw a taxi.

She took it and went straight to the capital.

Senior Mrs.

Jing was very pretty.

Although she had lived over seventy years, she still looked about forty years old and was attractive.

After all, Senior Mrs.

Jing was a cultivator.

Even though her level wasnt very high, she could still keep her young and beautiful appearance.

As a result, she was targeted by the taxi driver once she was in the car.

Senior Mrs.

Jing was a cultivator, so she quickly noticed it, but she said nothing.

As long as the driver didnt hurt her, she wouldnt bother to injure him.

Although she wasnt a kind person, it was a rule in the cultivation world, so she had to obey it.

“Madam, its so late now.

Why are you going to the capital Do you live in the capital” asked the driver.

He tried to strike up a conversation with Senior Mrs.


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“I live in the capital.” Senior Mrs.

Jing was reluctant to talk with the man, but she felt that she needed to give a perfunctory answer after thinking for a while.

“Its completely dark outside.

Arent you afraid of going out alone” asked the driver.

At the same time, he glanced at Senior Mrs.

Jing in the rearview mirror.

He appeared very malicious.

“Why” Senior Mrs.

Jing sneered.

If she ran into evil cultivators, monsters, or ghosts which were at higher levels than her, she might be afraid, but she wasnt afraid of mortals.

She was only worried that she might kill the mortal by accident and might be punished by Tiandaozong.

In fact, they were afraid of Tiandaozong, but Tiandaozong wouldnt know everything they did.

If Tiandaozong knew all their bad deeds, she wouldnt have lived a good life for so long.

“There might be bad people,” said the driver.

“Ive only met you now.

So does that mean that youre a bad person” Senior Mrs.

Jing asked.

“Of course not!” The driver denied it at once.

He denied it because he didnt want Senior Mrs.

Jing to be suspicious of him.

He would wait till he had a chance to take action.

After that, the driver said nothing further, and Senior Mrs.

Jing could finally enjoy the silence.

From Qianling Mountain to the capital there were only broad main roads, so there were only a few forks in the middle.

When they reached a fork, the taxi driver immediately drove onto a narrow road.

Seeing that, Senior Mrs.

Jing became angry.

This mortal really planned to hurt her!

“Hey, where are you going I dont think this is the way to the capital,” said Senior Mrs.

Jing coldly.

Hearing that, the taxi driver was startled.

To his surprise, this woman knew the route, but he didnt get nervous.

Instead, he lied with a serious expression.

“This is a shortcut.”

“I dont need to take a shortcut.

Lets go on the main road!” said Senior Mrs.


She gave the taxi driver a chance to stop.

However, the taxi driver didnt stop.

On the contrary, he continued to drive ahead.

“Do you think Im easy to bully” asked Senior Mrs.

Jing, putting pressure on the taxi driver.

The taxi driver was suddenly scared.

This woman didnt seem weak at all.

However, it was just a woman.

He didnt think she could do anything.

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“You have no idea how dangerous it is.

If you continue, dont blame me for teaching you a lesson!” Senior Mrs.

Jing said.

The next moment, she took out a rope and wrapped it around the drivers neck.

The taxi driver was frightened and slammed on the brakes.

He didnt expect this woman to carry a rope with her and that she really dared to hurt him.

Without delay, the taxi driver tried to pull the rope off his neck, but the rope only got tighter and tighter as he struggled.

He was scared and didnt dare to move again, in case he was strangled to death.

“W-What do you want to do” The taxi driver asked in horror.

Because his throat was wrapped in the rope, his voice was hoarse.

“What do I want to do What do you want to do I know the answer, and I actually gave you a chance, but you didnt stop the car.” Senior Mrs.

Jing sneered.

She felt quite upset.

This was her first time in the mortal world, yet she encountered such an incident.

Mortals were indeed disgusting and useless.

“I-Its a m-misunderstanding.

I-Ill return to the main road right now!” Scared by the aggressive expression on Senior Mrs.

Jings face, the taxi driver gave in at once.

“Great!” Senior Mrs.

Jing let the taxi driver go.

She wasnt afraid that he was lying, because a mortal could never hurt her.

“Dont play any tricks again.

You wont receive mercy again.” She warned.

“Of course, of course,” said the taxi driver.

Afterwards, the taxi driver indeed became quiet.

He drove Senior Mrs.

Jing to a five-star hotel in the city center of the capital.

Senior Mrs.

Jing gave the taxi driver two hundred yuan before getting out of the car.

At the beginning, the taxi driver didnt dare to take the money, but he earned it after all, so he still took it.

Once Senior Mrs.

Jing got out of the car, the taxi driver started it again and swiftly left.

He was really frightened.

Because it was early in the morning, Senior Mrs.

Jing directly booked a room and got ready to sleep.

Back in the room, Senior Mrs.

Jing called the evil cultivator before she went to bed, but she failed to get through to him.

Obviously the evil cultivator couldnt be reached immediately.

Then Senior Mrs.

Jing stopped.

Instead, she sent the man a message and told him to reply to her once he read it.

The next day was Saturday, so Gu Ning and Jing Yunyao visited the Leng family.

All the members were at home because it was a weekend.

When Jiang Shuyuan saw Jing Yunyao and Gu Ning, she appeared a little uneasy, since she had already heard that Master Leng would let Leng Shaoming take over the Leng family.

She never liked Jing Yunyao and Leng Shaoting, because they were too outstanding, but Master Leng still decided to leave the Leng familys properties to Leng Shaoming.

Now that Jing Yunyao had saved her life and Leng Shaoting gave the heir position to Leng Shaoming, it made her feel a little guilty.

Jiang Shuyuan changed her opinion about them, but she still couldnt change her way of talking to Jing Yunyao on the surface.

After all, she cared too much about her face.


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