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Jing Yaorong understood that Jing Yunyao would come back to the cultivation world sooner or later, and he had to face it.

He was anxious mostly because Jing Yunyao had Shangguan Yangs support.

He believed that Shangguan Yang would help if Jing Yunyao wanted to get revenge.

Although he thought that Jing Yunyao shouldnt do that, he knew that she was determined.

“Father, why dont we just threaten them with her son.

If Jing Yunyao dares to harm the Jing family, well hurt her son.

Given the current situation, I dont think there is anything for us to care about,” said Jing Yunyan when they were having dinner.

“I agree,” said Jing Yunfei.

Jing Yaorong had that idea as well.

After all, Leng Shaoting was just a mortal.

It couldnt be easier for them to injure him.

However, they couldnt find Jing Yunyao or Leng Shaoting.

So how should they make the threat

“Well see what we can do after we find Jing Yunyao,” said Jing Yaorong.

However, the man who was sent by Jing Yaorong failed to find Jing Yunyao, but he coincidentally met Miao Jingjing that afternoon.

Because he was familiar with Miao Jingjing, he quickly recognized her.

Since he recognized Miao Jingjing, he was surprised that she seemed to be a new cultivator now.

After all, she was in the Heartbeat Stage ten years ago.

Even if she didnt make any progress during the past ten years, she shouldnt have regressed either!

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Therefore, the man wondered whether she was really Miao Jingjing.

She might just look like Miao Jingjing.

Anyway, he hadnt seen her for ten years, so he didnt remember her face clearly.

Even though it had nothing to do with him, he was curious about it.

If she was really Miao Jingjing, what had Miao Jingjing been through Therefore, the man started to follow Miao Jingjing.

After all, he couldnt find Jing Yunyao or Leng Shaoting.

Miao Jingjing was a new cultivator, so she didnt know that someone was following her.

Senior Mrs.

Xu and Junior Mrs.

Xu asked Jing Yunyao to go shopping with them today, so Jing Yunyao invited Miao Jingjing to join them.

Jing Yunyao didnt come with Miao Jingjing, she came directly from the siheyuan, while Miao Jingjing came from the flower market.

About ten minutes ago, Jing Yunyao and Senior Mrs.

Xu arrived.

Miao Jingjing was farther away, so she didnt show up until ten minutes later.

Once she showed up, she was targeted.

At this moment, Jing Yunyao and the others were shopping on the second floor.

As soon as Miao Jingjing walked into the first floor, Jing Yunyao sensed her, but after a short while, she sensed another cultivator.

The other cultivator wasnt weak at all and should be in the Golden Core Stage, but the other cultivator obviously didnt come with Miao Jingjing, so it couldnt be Jiang Liluo or Si Jin.

Moreover, both Jiang Liluo and Si Jin were at work.

It was impossible to be either of them.

So who could it be

Suddenly, Jing Yunyao realized that it could be someone sent by the Jing family.

After finding out that she was still alive, Jing Yaorong would undoubtedly send people to find her.

Anyway, it was just Jing Yunyaos guess since it could just be another cultivator.

However, why did the cultivator follow Miao Jingjing Did the cultivator have a grudge against her or was there another reason

Either way, the cultivator was a stranger, and Jing Yunyao was unwilling to see him or her.

Without delay, she called Miao Jingjing.

Once Miao Jingjing answered the call, Jing Yunyao asked, “Did you come alone”

“Yeah!” Miao Jingjing was confused.

“Someone is following you.

I think he or she should be in the Golden Core Stage.

He or she might have been sent by the Jing family.

Im not sure yet, but I dont want to see the person.

Go have coffee somewhere.

Let me see how to get the person to leave,” said Jing Yunyao.

“Sure,” said Miao Jingjing.

She said nothing further, in case the person who followed her behind heard their conversation.

After answering Jing Yunyaos call, she also guessed that the person might have been sent over by the Jing family.

Because she didnt notice it and almost let the person find Jing Yunyao, she felt a little guilty.

However, she was at a low level, so there was nothing she could have done about it.

Afterwards, Miao Jingjing listened to Jing Yunyao.

She went to a café and ordered a cup of coffee.

The man who followed Miao Jingjing didnt go to the café, but stood outside and watched her from the dark.

Senior Mrs.

Xu and Junior Mrs.

Xu asked Jing Yunyao when Miao Jingjing was still absent, “Why is Jingjing so late She should have arrived earlier! Is there a traffic jam”

Senior Mrs.

Xu and Junior Mrs.

Xu didnt hear Jing Yunyaos conversation with Miao Jingjing on the phone.

After all, they talked about the cultivator, so Jing Yunyao had to avoid them.

“I suppose.

Its fine.

Lets go shopping first,” said Jing Yunyao.

Miao Jingjing waited for half an hour till Jing Yunyao couldnt feel the cultivator anymore.

Then Jing Yunyao gave her a call again and told her to come over.

At this moment, the man who followed Miao Jingjing had walked away, because he suddenly realized that it was meaningless.

Miao Jingjing was just sitting in the café and drinking coffee alone.

She did nothing.

In case Jing Yaorong learned about his meaningless behavior, he left.

Actually, he had been very close to Jing Yunyao, but Jing Yunyao found him before he noticed her.

In fact, Jing Yaorong had thought about that before, because Jing Yunyao was at a higher level than the man, but he still sent the man.

This time, the mans main target was Leng Shaoting.

During these days, he basically waited and stayed outside the Leng familys house and Leng Shaotings base all day long.

After he came back from Leng Shaotings base, he saw Miao Jingjing.

Because Leng Shaoting wasnt in the base or the Leng familys house, the man failed to see him.

In fact, even if Leng Shaoting was there, he still wouldnt be able to meet him.

Given Leng Shaotings abilities, he would discover him long before he noticed Leng Shaoting.

In the morning, Gu Ning and the others had breakfast before going to the raw jade material mountain with a rented car from the hotel.

Because the raw jade material mountain was three kilometers away from the main road, they could only stop the car by the roadside, and walk over.

Three kilometers wasnt a long distance, so they soon arrived at the foot of the mountain.

This mountain was very large.

If there were a lot of raw jade materials, it might take them five years to get those raw jade materials out.

However, Gu Ning only saw a shallow layer, and didnt know what was deeper inside.


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