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It was time for dinner, so Gu Ning l finished ordering before Zheng Peng and the others arrived.

It was late, so they could immediately eat once they arrived.

After they walked in, Gu Ning also gave them the menu and told them to order whatever they liked.

None of them ordered more dishes, because Gu Ning had ordered enough food.

If they ordered more, it would be a waste if they couldnt finish the dishes.

In addition, what Gu Ning had ordered was also their favorite.

They were aware that Gu Ning just acquired a mountain here and needed to mine raw jade materials, but they didnt know that it had been done within a few hours, so they werent too surprised.

They were looking forward to seeing whether there was really raw jade materials.

Anyway, they werent in a rush to dig out the raw jade materials right away, because the raw jade material mountains in City Teng were enough for them to mine for over two years!

However, they wouldnt wait till those raw jade material mountains in City Teng were completely mined.

Instead, they would mine them at the same time.

After all, there were more potential customers in City Rui than in City Teng.

Gu Ning would establish a branch in City Rui.

The team left in City Rui would manage the exploitation and sales, so it wouldnt affect those in City Teng.

The general manager would still be Zheng Peng.

Zheng Peng needed to manage the two companies in two cities at the same time.

Luckily, City Teng wasnt too far from City Rui, so it was convenient for him to travel back and forth.

Gu Ning planned to finish building a branch in City Rui during the first half year.

It was currently at the end of February, so for the first half of the year, there were only three months left.

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Three months werent short, but Zheng Peng couldnt wait to start mining the mountain, because he wanted to know whether there were raw jade materials.

They first needed to mine the mountain to make sure that there were raw jade materials before building a branch office; it would be meaningless if there was no raw jade materials after they built the branch.

Gu Ning was sure that there were raw jade materials, but she couldnt tell them since it might arouse their suspicions.

Therefore, they had to do it step by step.

They needed to do a lot to build a branch.

For example, they had to buy a piece of land to build a warehouse, or rent one for the time being.

They also lacked an office building and a store to sell the raw jade materials.

If they could buy everything mentioned, Gu Ning didnt want to rent, since it could save a lot of trouble if they owned the buildings.

Therefore, Zheng Peng decided to finish the preparations within a week, then start mining.

After the raw jade materials were mined out, they would build a road for transportation.

Gu Ning understood Zheng Pengs abilities very well, so there was nothing for her to be worried about.

However, no matter how capable Zheng Peng was, he was just an ordinary man and they were new to City Rui.

After they mined the raw jade materials, some people might get jealous and want to scheme against them.

Therefore, Gu Ning planned to send over several excellent security guards to protect them in case they were attacked.

Gu Ning honestly spoke to Zheng Peng about these issues and Zheng Peng agreed.

“Oh, I have a good relationship with the heir of the Kang family.

Ill introduce you to him.

You can try to maintain a good relationship with him.

If you need any help, you can try to get things done through his connections in the government.

And if he needs help, you can try to help him if you are able to.

If you cant, just let me know,” said Gu Ning.

“Sure,” said Zheng Peng.

He wasnt surprised that Gu Ning had a relationship with the Kang family, because there were many important figures in her social circles.

The Kang family werent even the most influential.

Anyway, the Kang family had a high status in the jade industry.

After all, it was a major jade mining company in City Rui.

Zheng Peng had heard of the Kang family before.

Actually, he was familiar with all the famous raw jade material businessmen.

He was involved in this industry, so he naturally had to know a lot about it.

Kang Shaojies name wasnt strange to Zheng Peng, but they hadnt met before because Kang Shaojie was only learning to take over his familys business these past few years.

Zheng Peng had met Master Kang before but due to the huge gap between their social status, they had never spoken.

After the meal, Gu Ning and the others went to have a rest in their own rooms.

Zheng Peng and his team stayed in the hotel temporarily, but after the preparations were done, they would build a house at the foot of the mountain that they were going to mine.

Gu Ning would take them to see the mountain the next morning before meeting Kang Shaojie in the afternoon.

She planned to see him the next afternoon, but Kang Shaojie called her at 8 pm that night.

He asked her whether she was free tomorrow since he wanted to see her.

In that case, Gu Ning directly told him that she had actually planned to invite him for a meal tomorrow morning.

She wanted to introduce the manager of this project to him.

If the manager needed any help, the manager would turn to him for it.

Hearing that, Kang Shaojie agreed at once.

He felt honored that he could be helpful.

He wasnt trying to ride on Gu Nings coattails, he just wanted to return her kindness.

Although the Kang familys business wasnt as successful as the Shengning Organization and Kang Shaojie admired Gu Ning very much, there was no need for him to fawn on her.

Gu Ning had helped him, so he was willing to help her too.

Because the Colorful Raw Jade Material Mining Company wasnt controlled by the Shengning Organization yet and Gu Ning didnt mention names of the company and Zheng Peng, Kang Shaojie was unaware that she owned them as well.

As long as Gu Ning was alone with Leng Shaoting, they would kiss and hug each other the entire time.

This led to them getting aroused and have passionate sex till they were exhausted.

“Will it delay your work if you spend so much time with me” Gu Ning asked in case she delayed Leng Shaotings work.

“Not at all.

If there is anything important, Ill go deal with it.

However, I cant go to the cultivation world right after I finish my work this time.

I need to return to the base first before we go to the cultivation world together,” said Leng Shaoting.

“Sure, although we need to deal with the Jing family as soon as possible, we must get everything done here first.

I dont want any accidents to happen,” said Gu Ning.

It was important to take revenge, but their work was more important.

After all, they could finish taking revenge right away, but they needed to do their jobs for a longer time.

Jing Jining was still being kept in the cultivation world at the moment.

Jing Yaorong didnt bother him, so he lived a relaxing life.

He enjoyed himself all day long in addition to cultivation.

What irritated Jing Yaorong was that he couldnt find Jing Yunyao or Leng Shaoting.


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