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Normally, kids inherited character from their parents.

Although not every child would be as good as their parents, the members of the Meng family had a good reputation.

Just like the Tang family, the members of the Tang family were kind and easy-going.

They could be very nice, but they could also be aggressive when necessary.

The Meng family were surprised by the news that Kang Shaojie cut out four pieces of jade from only five raw jade materials, but they didnt think too much about that.

They wouldnt get jealous just because Kang Shaojie was better than them.

They had their own ambition, but they wouldnt compete unfairly.

They would rely on themselves to fight for a bright future.

The Chen family, on the other hand, had a bad reputation.

After Master Chen learned that Kang Shaojie cut out four pieces of jade from only five raw jade materials, he was surprised, jealous, and even angry, as if it was Kang Shaojies fault.

“I didnt expect him to be so good.

He easily cut out four pieces of jade from just five raw jade materials.

Im afraid the so-called friend who cut out four pieces of jade from six raw jade materials at his store the other day is him!” That was the first idea that appeared in Master Chens mind.

“I asked him about it, but he didnt admit it.” Replied Master Chens eldest son.

“He obviously wouldnt admit it.

If he did, it would mean that he lied to everyone,” said Master Chen.

Anyway, it was just their guess.

They would never know the truth.

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After having the meal, Gu Ning told Kang Shaojie to check his scar to see whether there was any change.

Although Kang Shaojie didnt think it would be that effective, he listened to Gu Ning and went to the washroom to check on his scar.

However, after a glance, he was amazed, because the scar had obviously faded.

Only slightly more than half an hour had passed! This medicine was unbelievably effective!

“Miss Gu, its unbelievable! Only half an hour has passed, but the scar has obviously faded!” said Kang Shaojie in surprise.

At this moment, Kang Shaojie was more convinced about the effect of this medicine.

Even though he still had some worries, he wouldnt hesitate to accept Gu Nings advice.

Now he only needed to persuade his father to take this medicine.

“Continue to apply the medicine to your scar once a day till its finished.

How fast you can recover depends on the severity of the scar.

If its not serious, it should be gone in a few days.

If its serious, there might be a faint scar left, but no one will be able to see it unless they pay special attention to it,” said Gu Ning.

“Miss Gu, is this medicine on the market yet” asked Kang Shaojie.

Given its unbelievable effect, it would cause a sensation around the country as soon as it was for sale.

“Not yet,” said Gu Ning.

Hearing that, Kang Shaojie felt it was a shame.

“It has an unbelievable effect.

If its put up for sale, you can undoubtedly make a fortune!”

“I know, but precisely because of that, I cant put it up for sale and let more people know about it.

Once its for sale, there might be too many people who want to own it.

I might be targeted.

I can make a lot of money, but I dont think money is that important now,” said Gu Ning.

Kang Shaojie didnt realize that until now.

He just thought about making money earlier, and completely ignored the threats.

“Im sorry, its my fault that I didnt think about it carefully.

I just thought about how much money this medicine can bring to you.

I didnt think of the harm it might cause,” said Kang Shaojie with slight embarrassment.

“Its fine.

When you have enough experience in business, youll think of the harm and good together,” said Gu Ning to comfort him.

Hearing that, Kang Shaojie felt embarrassed again.

He was almost thirty-five years old, but he somehow lacked experience compared to a 19-year-old girl.

It was his issue, but it sounded a little strange when a 19-year-old girl said that to him.

Anyway, he wasnt annoyed at Gu Ning because of that.

“This medicine has great effects, and can cure nearly all kinds of diseases.

So its very expensive.

I need a hundred million yuan for each pill.

Only rich people can afford it.

And the amount of the medicine is limited.

I might not have enough to satisfy everyones needs.

Therefore, even if there was no harm, I still cant sell a lot of it.

Ill just help people Im willing to help and trust.

I dont want too many people to know about the existence of this medicine,” said Gu Ning.

Kang Shaojie felt touched.

He knew that he didnt deserve Gu Nings trust, because they had only met each other several days ago.

In other words, he believed that Gu Ning just wanted to help him.

“Miss Gu, thank you so much!” Kang Shaojie thanked her again.

Although it cost a lot of money, he couldnt get it if Gu Ning was unwilling to sell it to him.

Gu Ning smiled and said nothing.

“Oh, medicines produced by my pharmaceutical company also contain this ingredient.

Theyre also very effective for minor illnesses, like colds.

Normally, people need to take medicines for a few days to get better, but with the medicine produced by my company, you can make a full recovery the next day,” said Gu Ning.

“Really Miss Gu, you also have a pharmaceutical company Whats its name” Kang Shaojie asked at once.

Although he was surprised that Gu Ning owned a pharmaceutical company too, he didnt think it was strange since she had such unbelievably effective medicine.


It doesnt have a direct-sale store in City Rui yet, but I think Colaine medicines are in other pharmacies,” said Gu Ning.

Although she didnt join the expansion, she read reports about it, so she knew it.

“Colaine” Kang Shaojie was astonished, because he had heard about Colaine before.

“I know about it.

There isnt a direct-sale store for Colaine in City Rui yet, but Colaine is on the shelves of all the other major pharmacies.

Ive never used Colaine before, but many people in my circle have.

It has a great reputation.

I didnt know it was owned by you! Miss Gu, youre really impressive.”

While Gu Ning was talking with Kang Shaojie, Leng Shaoting and Baili Zongxue quietly sat there and watched them.

They couldnt and wouldnt interrupt their conversation.

After all, they were talking about business, not just chatting casually.

“Oh, Ive already chosen a mountain.

We can finish the formalities right away,” said Gu Ning.

“What Youre so fast!” Kang Shaojie was shocked.

How could it be so quick


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