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Kang Yuannan was also nervous.

He didnt want Kang Shaojie to be luckier than him either.

“Alright, there are only five minutes left now.

Ive made my choices.

How about you, my nephew If youre done, lets go cut these stones.

If not, you can continue.”

Kang Yuannan asked that question when Kang Shaojie picked up his fifth raw jade material.

He simply wanted to show that he was quicker than Kang Shaojie.

“Sure, we can cut the stones now,” said Kang Shaojie.

After that, they went to two stone cutters and took out the first raw jade material.

There was low-level jade in Kang Shaojies first one, while middle-level jade was in Kang Yuannans raw jade material.

The stone-cutting immediately began and the machine worked loudly.

Before long, the outer layer of their raw jade materials was removed, but there was no jade shown.

Without delay, the stone-cutters cut open the second layer.

When the second layer was removed, jade showed from Kang Yuannans raw jade material, and it was at middle level.

Everyone was surprised at once.

There was jade in his very first raw jade material, and it was at middle level, which was cheerful news!

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Kang Shaojies raw jade material still showed nothing.

At this moment, Kang Yuannan smiled with satisfaction.

“Ha-ha, ha-ha, I cant believe I have such good luck today.

There is jade in my first raw jade material and its even at middle level.”

Although there was jade in Kang Yuannans first raw jade material, it didnt mean he could make a fortune from it.

Even though this piece of jade was valuable, it didnt mean he could cut out jade from the other raw jade materials as well.

However, he was at an advantage over Kang Shaojie right now.

Kang Shaojie had the same idea, so he was a little unhappy.

He chose this raw jade material by himself, so he didnt have much hope, but he had great anticipation for the ones chosen by Gu Ning.

Therefore, even though Kang Yuannan cut out jade before him, he wasnt totally disappointed.

Perhaps he couldnt cut out more jade!

It wasnt Kang Shaojies fault that he had such a malicious thought, because Kang Yuannan was very unkind to him.

As a result, Kang Shaojie naturally cursed Kang Yuannan and hoped that he couldnt cut out more jade.

At the same time, Kang Shaojie hoped that he could cut out jade.

He didnt want much jade, but it should be enough to defeat Kang Yuannan.

Even if he cut out jade, it wasnt his own efforts, it was Gu Nings, but Kang Shaojie didnt care about the method he used.

He only wanted to win.

“Dont be upset, my nephew.

Perhaps there will be jade shown after the next cut!” Kang Yuannan comforted Kang Shaojie, but he was just showing off.

He definitely didnt want or believe that there was jade in Kang Shaojies raw jade material.

Unfortunately, just as Kang Yuannan finished speaking, the stonecutter who was cutting Kang Shaojies stone shouted, “There is jade!”

Hearing that, Kang Shaojie was cheered up and immediately went forward to see whether it was true and what type the jade was.

Kang Yuannan, however, was disappointed.

What There was jade in Kang Shaojies raw jade material

Without hesitation, Kang Yuannan walked over to see its type.

The onlookers were shocked and full of anticipation too.

After the stone cutter cleaned the dirt on the surface, they saw the quality of the jade.

Knowing that it was just low-level jade, Kang Yuannan was relieved, but he still felt uncomfortable, because he had hoped that Kang Shaojie couldnt cut out any jade.

Kang Shaojie was slightly disappointed at first, but this raw jade material was chosen by himself.

He didnt expect to cut out jade from it, so it was a surprise.

Therefore, Kang Shaojie was a little disappointed, but wasnt too affected.

“Well, you have good luck.

There is also jade in your first raw jade material, although its of worse quality,” said Kang Yuannan.

He was laughing at Kang Shaojie after he cut out a piece of middle-level jade.

“Its just the beginning.

Perhaps there is better jade in my other raw jade materials,” said Kang Shaojie.

“Really” Kang Yuannan sneered, saying nothing further.

Even though he didnt believe it, he was still slightly worried.

Both Kang Yuannan and Kang Shaojies first jade was very large, so it took a long while to fully cut them out.

When they took out the second raw jade material, Kang Shaojie took one with middle-high level jade, while Kang Yuannan picked the normal stone which had been marked by Gu Ning.

After the first cut, jade showed from Kang Shaojies raw jade material.

Kang Shaojies face was lit up at once, but Kang Yuannan was displeased.

How could Kang Shaojie cut out jade again Everyone was surprised by his unbelievably good luck.

Kang Shaojie and Kang Yuannan walked closer, and so did the onlookers.

They wanted to see the quality and type of the jade.

As soon as Kang Shaojie saw that it was a piece of middle-high level jade, he was excited, but Kang Yuannan was shocked and couldnt accept it.

No, no, it was impossible.

How could Kang Shaojie cut out middle-high level jade

“Jesus, its middle-high level jade.”

“Right, Kang Shaojie really has good luck today.”

“I do hope he can win, so Im happy for him.”

“Me too!”


Many people supported Kang Shaojie, because he had a better reputation than Kang Yuannan.

Hearing their discussion, Kang Yuannan almost lost his temper, but his reason stopped him.

At this moment, Kang Yuannans second raw jade material was also cut open, but there was no jade inside.

Kang Yuannan understood that his second raw jade material was a complete stone, so he focused on Kang Shaojies raw jade material which already showed jade.

He hoped that it was just a thin layer.

Unfortunately, he was disappointed.

The jade in Kang Shaojies second raw jade material was very valuable, while his was a waste.

After that, Kang Shaojie cut out his second jade slowly, while Kang Yuannan turned to his third raw jade material.

There was jade in his third one, but it was at a low level, which was hard for him to accept.

A while later, Kang Shaojies second jade was fully cut out.

When Kang Yuannan began to cut his fourth raw jade material, Kang Shaojie started to cut his third one.

This time, both of their raw jade materials were complete stones.

Kang Yuannan was even angrier, but Kang Shaojie felt relieved, because he was surely going to win even if the rest of their raw jade materials was wasted.

The other people had the same opinion, so they began to talk about it.


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