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“After all, a large business group needs a capable leader to lead it to a better future.

Ive worked in the Kang familys business for twenty years.

My nephew just joined us a few years ago.

I dont think hes able to do the job.

If hes the new chairman, Im afraid our company will lose its advantage over time.”

“Therefore, the board of directors decided to hold a competition between me and Shaojie.

Whoever wins will be the new leader of the Kang familys business.

If I lose, Ill still assist Shaojie with the management of the company.

After all, were a family!” said Kang Yuannan.

He seemed to be very fair, as if he wanted to do everything for the sake of the company.

Kang Yuannan kept a good image when he was outside.

At least, he knew how to protect his face, so not many people knew what kind of person he really was.

Only people who were familiar with him knew his true color.

Therefore, they felt it was ridiculous, but it wouldnt change anything.

Nobody didnt disguise themselves nowadays, so nobody bothered to deny Kang Yuannans words.

Only Kang Shaojie felt it was extremely funny.

However, Kang Shaojie couldnt argue with Kang Yuannan right now, because it would embarrass Kang Yuannan and the Kang family.

For the sake of the Kang family, he had to tolerate it.

“My uncle is right.

Although I lack experience, as the heir of the Kang familys business, Ill do my best to lead the company to a better future.

I dont want to disappoint any of you and my father as well.

So I accept the challenge this time,” said Kang Shaojie.

Hearing that, Kang Yuannan gave Kang Shaojie a glance, then continued.

“Great, Shaojie.

Im looking forward to seeing your performance.”

Staring at Kang Yuannan, Kang Shaojie put on a vague smile.

“Uncle, just do whatever you can.

Ill do my best too.

It depends on our own abilities to win.

Its almost time.

Lets begin now!”

“Great, each of us can choose five raw jade materials within an hour.” Kang Yuannan answered.

Afterwards, they walked to the pile of raw jade materials and began to choose.

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Comparatively, an hour was a very short time to choose five raw jade materials, and many people could only choose one or two within the same time.

In order to make the competition difficult and to not keep other people waiting, they only had an hour.

After Kang Shaojie and Kang Yuannan went to choose raw jade materials, the crowd started to talk about it.

“Which one of them will win”

“I think Kang Yuannan will win.

After all, he has dozens of years of experience.”

“I agree, but I hope Kang Shaojie will win.

Hes the Kang familys heir.

If he can take over the position, it will seem more natural and reasonable.

And I have a feeling that Kang Yuannan isnt a good man.”

“Right! Kang Shaojie has 60% shares, so this competition isnt necessary at all.”

“Obviously, Kang Yuannan wants to steal the position.

The situation in a super-rich family is much more complicated than we think.”

“Yeah, I have sympathy for Kang Shaojie.

Its his position, but now his uncle wants to steal it from him.

No one would accept that.”


Although Kang Yuannan made a speech of justice, no one was dumb.

If he was really a good man, he wouldnt ask for a competition to decide which one of them would be the new leader.

If they really had a good relationship, Kang Yuannan should assist Kang Shaojie even though Kang Shaojie lacked experience.

Therefore, most people shared the understanding that Kang Yuannan was very ambitious.

Upon hearing their discussion, Kang Yuannan was angry, but he had to curb his anger because he needed to keep his positive image.

Besides, they were in a competition now.

He didnt want to cause trouble.

As a result, he had to tolerate it.

However, how could they judge him like that

Kang Yuannan didnt think it was wrong that he wanted to compete against Kang Shaojie for the position of chairman of the Kang familys business.

He wanted it, and he would get it by hook or crook.

Although Kang Shaojie remembered the marked raw jade materials Gu Ning chose for him, he couldnt pick them up right away.

Or it would arouse suspicion.

Accordingly, he made his choices slowly, but he was afraid that Kang Yuannan would accidentally pick up the raw jade materials Gu Ning chose for him, so he glanced at Kang Yuannan once in a while.

After seven minutes, Kang Yuannan chose a raw jade material, and Kang Shaojie made his first choice too.

It was the raw jade material containing the top-level jade!

In fact, Gu Ning was also nervous, watching from the side.

She didnt want Kang Yuannan to pick up the raw jade materials which she chose for Kang Shaojie either.

When Kang Shaojie successfully picked up the raw jade material containing the top-level jade inside, she felt greatly relieved.

Half an hour later, both Kang Shaojie and Kang Yuannan had three raw jade materials.

Among Kang Shaojies three raw jade materials, two contained jade, and one was a normal stone.

Kang Yuannan only had a raw jade material with low-level jade, while the other two were normal stones.

Kang Yuannan was skilled at stone-gambling, but it really relied on ones luck to cut out jade.

It was hard to tell whether there was jade from the outer layer of a raw jade material.

When they went to choose the fourth raw jade material, Kang Yuannan accidentally picked up one marked by Gu Ning.

Seeing that, Kang Shaojie became nervous.

Although he didnt know whether there was jade in it, he believed it was highly likely because it was Gu Nings choice.

Kang Shaojie didnt know, but Gu Ning was aware that there was no jade in the raw jade material picked by Kang Yuannan.

Kang Shaojie was upset, but didnt think he would lose just because of that.

So he continued to choose raw jade materials.

In case Kang Yuannan took the last marked raw jade material, Kang Shaojie swiftly went to get it.

As for the last one, Kang Shaojie made the choice by himself.

With good luck, he chose a raw jade material containing low-level jade inside.

In the end, among the five raw jade materials Kang Shaojie chose, there were four pieces of jade.

Kang Yuannans last raw jade material also contained middle-level jade.

Therefore, Gu Ning already saw the result of the game, but the rest of the people had no idea yet.

Although Kang Shaojie trusted Gu Ning, he was afraid that Kang Yuannan might have better luck than him today.

As a result, he was anxious before the result came out.


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